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Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. This article guides you in understanding the value of the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (notice the repeated emphasis on Marketing, not just Measurement), and how to create one for yourself. The root cause of failure in most digital marketing campaigns is not the lack of creativity in the banner ad or TV spot or the sexiness of the website. Step one is to force us to identify the business objectives upfront and set the broadest parameters for the work we are doing.
Step four is to set the parameters for success upfront by identifying targets for each KPI.
My sincerest hope is that these questions will seed your discussions as you go through the five steps below. With that macro thought out of the way, let’s get going and look at a real example of the five step process to solidify this concept. This is a difficult question to answer because it requires more thinking that you might anticipate. Based on those discussions, in our case, we’ve identified three objectives: Create awareness, generate leads for the builders and highlight community events. Pro Tip: One way to ensure success is to forget that you are creating a set of videos or that you are building a site to host downloads of pdfs or that you are trying to mimic a campaign from Europe. These goals provide clarity, but they also contain large chunks of specific marching orders for what the Marketers and Analysts need to get done.
My definition: A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objectives.
I am sure your head is buzzing with all the possibilities for custom reports and things to report on, and how much clearer it is what you are supposed to do!
My definition: Targets are numerical values you’ve pre-determined as indicators of success or failure. Seek people who are accountable (client, management, Finance), they will help you identify targets for each KPI.
This last part is one that is particularly meaningful to me because of its incredible value. When you log into Google Analytics or any other data source you are deluged by data and you could go in a million different directions.
Identify the sources of traffic, types of people desirable, their attributes, their behavior, business outcomes that they care about the most.
This was a lot of work, but I assure you that at this point you will thank God and your Cat that you worked this hard. I hope that the two examples in this blog post will help inspire you to use the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model as the foundation of your web analytics efforts.
Lia Productions brings over 18 years of Product Marketing and Product Management experience that takes the best from the different strategic approaches to offer a versatile and agile approach to Product Design and Marketing Trends that can help your new or existing business respond to the market and implement your product with purpose. For New Business Owners and Innovative Ideas, Lia Productions offers a diverse range of strategic solutions to help you realize your product vision, turning that initial innovative idea into something viable by defining your business objective, underlying purpose, building the conceptual design, assessing the ROI and developing an innovative idea through to fruition. Previous Industry Expertise include Small Business Owners across a variety of industries (health, retail, furniture, electronics, services, automotive and culinary arts), Enterprise Software, ISPs, Hospitality, Travel, Health and Entertainment. The campaign, featuring the slogan "This is my TRYPSM," will be seen online and in print and already is embedded in the brand's website, hotel collateral and signage.
By reintroducing the new website in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, the brand now better accommodates travelers in key feeder markets and connects with its customers in their own language.
Visitors to the site also have the ease of sharing hotel information and offers via social sites including Facebook and Twitter. The new "This is My TRYP" campaign, created by the brand's marketing agency, Miami, Fla.-based Navigant, is part of a broad, multifaceted effort to market TRYP by Wyndham as a global cosmopolitan brand that resonates with travelers around the world. The campaign reflects extensive consumer research, which considered current consumer trends including what travelers expect from midpriced hotels and already like about the TRYP by Wyndham brand.
Continuing its global expansion, the TRYP by Wyndham brand will introduce its first location in North America with the fall 2011, the 173-room TRYP New York City Times Square South; the brand also expects to open hotels in Panama City, Panama, and Bogota, Colombia, later this year. TRYP by Wyndham hotels offer signature family rooms, which feature a large bed for parents and bunk beds for children, as well as specialty fitness rooms, equipped with elliptical machines, treadmills or stationary bikes and a complimentary fitness kit complete with a workout outfit, exercise mat, mineral water and extra towels. TRYP by Wyndham represents over 90 hotels and approximately 13,000 rooms across Europe and the Americas. All hotels are independently owned and operated excluding certain Wyndham and international Ramada hotels which are managed by Wyndham Hotel Management, Inc., one of its affiliates or through a joint-venture partner.
Wyndham Hotel Group is the world"s largest hotel company based on number of hotels and is one of three hospitality business units of Wyndham Worldwide (NYSE: WYN). A website campaign for your Advertising Agency can certainly benefit from this Flash Template as a low cost way to beef up your Marketing Strategies. Television and magazines have a strong place in advertising, but the internet is a major player now in ads campaigns.
See an astounding collection of beautifully designed Flash Templates for advertising any type of business here. Televison Internet Advertising for Flash Template Agency Marketing Office Business Strategies. So, thanks in Advance for your Questions and Answers to me to help me train my English…. The sources used to generate website subscriptions are very different from those used to generate print subs. While this report will not attempt to cover all there is to know about successful online marketing and publishing ( browse topics for Mequoda’s comprehensive list of reports on the topic), we will share the 17 steps recommended for a successful launch of a new subscription-driven website. To prepare this report, we are relying on our experience of launching and re-launching more than 100 subscription websites. The 17 steps have been revised and modified over time, and we can now safely say the list is comprehensive, if not exhaustive. Discover how to build a profitable subscription website when you download our FREE Subscription Website Publishing handbook today. Start with a Google search for the keywords your prospective customer might use to look for the information and services you plan to provide. Many of the websites you find will be run by print publishers who are also competing for your prospect’s time and money. All the data we reference above is available online through their own subscription-driven websites. Once you know who your competition is, comb their websites, request sample copies or purchase copies of appropriate publications. This analysis should be done with numbers that represent your website in a mature, developed state—perhaps three to five years old. You are looking to develop a website prototype and a full, professionally prepared business plan.
Start with the test phase (the next step) and determine how much money and time it will require. Adding it all together, a small niche could be tested for as little as $100,000, with $500,000 being the average.
Most mid-size subscription-driven websites require modest investments when compared to magazines or other periodicals. The trick: to identify the right opportunities and find the people who can make those opportunities happen—particularly for subscription-driven websites, whose only assets are its personnel and its subscriber base.
The key functions include: editorial (the product), marketing management (the revenues), information technology (the distribution) and finance (the bottom line). It’s also never too early to start the search for strategic partners who can supply content, give you access to the market and build and host your website. On the marketing front, many of what may at first appear to be competitors will end up being your partners. While qualitative, anecdotal data is useful, you may also want to get in the heads of your prospective customers where you’ll meet them in the future—on the pages of Google and Yahoo! A Keyword Intercept Market Study is used to catch users who have searched using a keyword that indicates interest in your website idea. A subscription-driven website offers its design team the challenge of creating an entity that includes all the functionality of an encyclopedia, newsletter and desktop software application—rolled into one easy-to-use website. The functional specification describes in words what the user can do on each page of your website.
Outline your editorial content for your website and email newsletters in as much detail as possible. Also, make it clear who will be creating the content for the website and email newsletters: how much via staff and how much via freelance. Editorial content may be the blood and guts of your magazine, but its name and design are the skin that gives your backers and subscribers their first impression of your effort. Next, it must match up to, and speak the language of, the demographics you are trying to reach. Now its time to take everything you’ve learned and make it real, or at least as real as the facades in a Hollywood movie. Once your non-working prototype is ready, it’s time for another round of usability testing. While it is possible to do your own usability testing, it’s difficult to achieve the level of impartiality required to get honest, helpful feedback from your test users.
Online subscription marketing requires you to focus on either email marketing for publishers with access to the appropriate opt-in email list, or pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing. Each of these tests will give you information that will help make the decision to launch and move you to profitability faster when regular publication begins.
If the results vary dramatically, compare the cost-per-order or your best combination with your economic needs. This is the last step of the testing phase, where all findings from the previous steps are put together in a professional, compact format, projecting the first five years of operation.
In addition, the plan should spell out revenue strategies for selling other products and services to your subscribers.

Remember, a supportive attitude and solid experience in your investors is the thing that lets you sleep at night.
A feeling of excitement and enthusiasm has undoubtedly been building since the early part of the test phase.
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If you were responsible for getting 5 million visits in a month would you execute your campaign differently than if that number was 500k? They can come from other efforts (if my one hour long boring video can get 30k views in a week, should your two min peppy video get 1.2 million views?). When you crack open Google Analytics, or other tools you’re using, you'll immediately jump with joy or weep when you see the KPI.
Have a discussion with them about what the most important segments to focus on are for each goal. Get the DMMM signed (preferably in blood!) so that all parties are clear on what everyone is supposed to be solving for. It is TRYP by Wyndham's first new global marketing campaign since Wyndham Hotel Group acquired the brand last year from Melia Hotels International of Spain. The website will be updated frequently to feature brand promotions and offers aimed at consumers who shop online for urban hotels in key cities globally. The site's "Our Cities" section provides visitors with a variety of travel tips, information on city hotspots and the best ways travelers can take full advantage of the cities in which TRYP by Wyndham hotels are located. Based on the research findings, the marketing copy reflects colloquial verbiage used by its Gen X and Y target audiences as well as imagery that captures the notion of traveling throughout the world's best-known cities. Guests can enjoy TRYP by Wyndham's signature breakfast each morning, a rich buffet that includes a wide variety of items with special emphasis on healthy, fresh ingredients. In addition, the company has a license agreement to franchise the Planet Hollywood Hotels, Dream® and Night® brands and provide management services globally. While all the traditional revenue streams apply (subscriptions, advertising, classified listings and product sales), website publishers also rely on affiliate marketing programs.
While print publishers rely on direct mail and inserts cards, online publishers use search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and co-registration marketing to build a subscriber base. A very successful B2B subscription website (like the one referenced in Figure 1) may have 75,000 basic subscribers who get limited content, and only 5,000 to 10,000 paid subscribers who have access to full content.
In the process, we’ll cover the concepts required to publish a successful website at a basic level. We hope these steps make your journey into website publishing more successful, enjoyable and profitable.
If you’re on a tight budget, the public library will have both the Oxbridge and SRDS directories. A complete business plan usually requires you to perform a market test, to line up key personnel, and to prepare and test a non-working website prototype with potential customers. If you are externally funded, your investors will pay more attention to your staff lineup than to your idea or your business plan.
Most website publishers, at a minimum, will outsource the market testing, website creation, website hosting and search engine optimization for their venture. Website publishers who serve the same market need each other to gain cost-effective access to new subscribers. Using pay-per-click ad words, you’ll offer the searcher the chance to voice their opinions and earn a small incentive for their trouble. Based on hours of website usability testing, we can tell you that most websites are very difficult to use.
A wire frame is used to track where each click takes the user, or simply put, how your website pages connect. First, it must be easy to use and navigate.  In some market niches, the usability of your site may be your strongest competitive advantage. You’ll isolate three to five tasks and let someone who fits your target customer model try to complete them without help. Planning, executing and facilitating a usability study is as time consuming and difficult as conducting a full-scale marketing research study that entails surveys and focus groups.
While you’ll use other sources to acquire subscribers for your website, email and PPC marketing are best for new product testing because, as we mentioned earlier, they can be planned and executed as a campaign before your website exists. If the cost-per-order is too high for all keyword and creative combinations, it could be time to forget the idea and move on.
It should document and expand your preliminary research, detail how your test will be interpreted to create an on-going program with multiple sources, lineup key personnel, and finalize your website prototype.
While sources of earlier testing money may also be sources of launch capital, you will undoubtedly have to add others. In fact, they may have been interested in a product similar to yours, but hadn’t found that perfect person with your energy and dedication. Both your business plan and website should be allowed to evolve as you and your team gather data and experience. Don’t let the details or problems of the launch decrease that level of enthusiasm, both outside and inside your office. Not only must their dedication and talent be tops, but their attitudes must be unerringly positive. For a startup, what makes a website special and good and true for its readers is that there is an editor who is focused solely on those readers and isn’t worried about other business considerations. It is quite simply the lack of structured thinking about what the real purpose of the campaign is and a lack of an objective set of measures with which to identify success or failure. Or if you were supposed to reach 1,000 CMO’s would you remember not to use Social Media as your primary acquisition strategy?
The insights you derive will be of value because they are grounded in what’s important to the business and the leadership. Campaign test results indicated that after seeing the new marketing campaign, two thirds of all test participants in the United States agree that TRYP by Wyndham hotels are located in "cool" cities and that TRYP by Wyndham is the kind of hotel brand with which they'd like to stay during their travels. Wyndham Rewards, the company"s guest loyalty program, offers more than 40 million members the opportunity to earn and redeem points at thousands of hotels across the world.
Over the past 10 years, my partners and I have worked on over 100 successful website startups, as well as several that were not successful.
Successful online publishers also give away 10 to 20 percent of their content for free—via email newsletters and article summaries as a key strategy.
The basic subscribers are valuable, because some percentage will become paid subscribers and they do generate some revenue from advertising, affiliate or product marketing programs.
For example, while there are dozens of ways to market a website, this report will focus on the use of search engine advertising, also known as keyword marketing or pay-per-click marketing. A B2B launch can be somewhat easier, since the subscriber and advertiser audiences are usually easy to define and quantify.
If you find many paid listings on the top, right side of the search results page, it may mean that customers who want this information are willing to pay for it. To discover the size of their print audience, audit reports (postal, ABC, BPA), the Statement of Ownership, Standard Rates & Data and media kits should all be scoured for circulation clues.
Your search will begin with directories that list the media we’ve mentioned, and then move on to collecting sample copies and other information the publishers can supply. You may very well be a future advertiser, so it will become important to understand each magazine’s advertising pricing.
Use a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to evaluate the websites, print periodicals, books and service providers that will be your closest competitors.
As a rule of thumb, any business that will generate less than $5 million in annual sales is of no interest to a corporate publisher. You’ll also use your prototype and business plan to raise funds for the launch phase. This is all in addition to preparing the financial projections and writing the business plan itself. Keep in mind that the intense time required might also cost you money (in lost income) if you have to leave or curtail your current employment.
The dot-com bomb has come full circle and many companies and investors are looking for reasonable business plans that will give them online access.
They quickly become self-funding because of their modest, fixed overhead and subscription-driven economics. Their dedication and enthusiasm must be complete, but they should also be experienced in startups. More so than any other business, subscription-driven websites can operate with a very small staff and outsource specialized functions to a variety of partners and vendors. Many of these relationships will be reciprocal revenue-sharing deals where you recommend and sell the other publishers products and subscriptions. Both paid (pay-per-click) and free (organic) search are the backbone of every subscription-driven website’s new member acquisition program. The survey should take less than 15 minutes and can include 50 to 60 easy-to-answer questions. A good functional specification and well-tested paper prototype will help you produce a website that is customer-friendly—a rare thing in late 2004.
A paper prototype (see Paper Prototyping by Carolyn Snyder) and usability testing are used to fine-tune your functional spec and your wire frame before you begin spending time and money to build HTML webpages or the programs that will run them. Provide a brief description of enough editorial material to cover three to five months of website updates and weekly email newsletters.

If the domain URL for the nameplate you want is taken, but not used, don’t hesitate to go after it. People are willing to put with inconvenience when it’s the only place they can go for the information they are seeking.
However, in your effort to stand apart, be careful to not move away from standard web conventions that actually enhance your site’s usability. If significant problems are found, you may continue to iterate the process until the average user can navigate your simple website tasks with ease. In addition, accurately interpreting results requires a good deal of background knowledge in web site best practices. If you plan to take display or directory advertising, or generate revenue as an affiliate for other websites, detail the revenue model and potential participants.
Keep in mind that the intense time required might also cost you money in lost income if you have to reassign current personnel.
Now you just need to convince those with the big bucks to back you for the first three to five years. Be constantly on the lookout for better ways to run your business and new ways to sell subscriptions and ancillary product opportunities. Unless you have deep pockets, gaining outside media attention usually requires imagination to get the most for your limited promotion dollars. Laughter and camaraderie, as any military veteran will tell you, is as important to winning a battle as strategy and tactics. The Internet also offers unprecedented opportunities for the subscribers to contribute content, which is the ultimate form of reader involvement. We offer professional SEO services in India by paying the same level of attention to detailing, irrespective of project size. Go for real world, clear, executable and those that deliver value to the company (short term and long). What’s important is that you never measure without having some sense of what good or bad performance looks like. Our understanding of website publishing is rooted in the world of print, which has given us insight into the similarities and differences between the two types of launches. The mix of revenue can also be quite different from print publishing, with advertising being less dominant than in magazine or newspaper publishing. Your goal is to locate a target market focused on people who (1) have an established interest in what you’ll be writing about, (2) are proven website users and subscribers, (3) are part of either a growing or very stable audience and (4) are not adequately served by existing publications and other websites.
It could also mean that there are online retailers, direct marketers or other non-website publishers who will be competing for your customer’s attention. You are looking for information on frequency, rate base, sources, sales levels, premium use, price, discounting, renewals and seasonal fluctuations. New York-based Oxbridge Communications publishes annual directories of newsletters, magazines, catalogs and mailing lists.
You’ll also find that many media kits include a wealth of data about your publication’s market—including estimates of size and purchasing power, plus readership demographics.
Business units that small will not support the weight of corporate overhead imposed by larger companies.
If most of your ideas already exist, you probably need to rethink everything and return to Step 1.
While 12 to 18 months is the average timeline for a website launch, we have seen successful ventures get up and running in six months. Keep in mind that outside investors experienced in direct marketing who are available to support your launch will look for control and big returns.
While most banks won’t loan money for the initial development, they will loan money for operating capital once a track record has been established. Use the survey to discover who they are, what other websites and media they use and to explore the unmet needs your venture will attempt to serve. It can, for the time being, be a powerful source of competitive differentiation and advantage while the rest of the world catches up. Make sure you have enough material to publish at your chosen frequency—weekly for most websites, daily if you have the content plan to support contacting your customers that frequently. This lends credibility to your efforts and its members may provide some very valuable advice.
Domain squatters will often sell you the name for a few hundred, or a few thousand, dollars.
As much as possible, exploit your audience’s prior knowledge and the mental models they apply your topic. During this stage you’ll explore the paths a user might take to do all the things they can do at your website. Be on the lookout for confusing language and functionality that the user expects and does not find. This is one area where time and money spent up front saves development and, more importantly, redevelopment dollars down the road. For a mid-size website that will ultimately attract thousands of subscribers, a test that generates 500 to 1,000 gross credit card orders would be about right. In fact, they pointedly stay away from direct marketing; most don’t know anything about the peculiarities of the industry, and the incredible array of cost and revenue streams boggles their minds.
As the market changes, make sure your editorial and functionality changes with it, or in front of it. Your goal is to simply and clearly get the message out about who you are and what benefits subscribers will gain from your website.
This report will document the best practices we’ve seen, and been part of, over the past decade.
Not only is it a major source for marketing your website, it is actually possible to plan, execute and analyze a search engine marketing campaign for a website that does not yet exist. Nonetheless, the steps required for launching a B2B website and a B2C website remain similar. The biggest mistake website publishers make is overestimating the number of people who will subscribe to their website – most print newsletters, for instance, never reach more than 10 percent of their potential audience and many run quite profitably with only one or two percent of the market.
You’ll want to create a comprehensive, competitive analysis to understand the marketplace you’re going to enter.
Pay particular attention to the relationship between their print magazine or newsletter and the companion website.
Chicago-based Standard Rate and Data Services publish monthly directories of magazines and mailing lists. This places you on a level playing field with other entrepreneurial organizations where your star power, enthusiasm and great execution can be enough to create a profitable Web-based information business. You can use the model detailed in Step 5 to figure out approximately how much revenue competitors are bringing in.
Anything less would be extremely rare and would require shortcutting many of the steps we’re recommending.
Meet with your accountant and lawyer to discuss possible tax savings the test phase may offer individuals or companies. These paths are often called use-cases, or task scenarios, and are captured in sequence as storyboards, another term borrowed from movie-making. Your editor should implement an ongoing research program that includes one-on-one reader contact and statistical research. You want to create a sense of community with your subscribers, partners, staff and investors. The examples and costs we use to illustrate the best practices we’ve identified are geared toward a website that will generate $2 to $5-million per year in total revenues after three to five years. Start by finding all the websites that show up on the first three pages of search results for the top 10 to 100 keywords that are associated with your topic.
For very small markets with a clear need and little or no competition, this may be the best approach. While some may welcome you based on reputation alone, others will wait for you to prove your commitment to the market and establish your subscriber base before they’re willing to promote your products. A clever survey can also gauge reaction to certain language and copy that will guide the subscription acquisition wizards in the creation of your marketing landing pages and order flows. Four panels might explore three price levels and two trial periods, while the fifth panel should test a different creative format. Your website, like any successful business, should be allowed to take on a life of its own. In fact, a willingness to pay for print newsletters is one great indicator of demand for a subscription-driven website. Explore each website and categorize their business models (see Mequoda’s Generating Website Revenue) using a computer spreadsheet. Later, these print and online media will provide the free (and paid) marketing access you’ll need to sell subscriptions to your website. At the same time, the interactive nature of the Web has created many very successful subscription websites that have no newsletter counterparts.
In addition to website publishers, pay close attention to vendors who give away free information and services to the customers you will jointly target. Select a firm with experience in online survey research and subscription-driven website development. Your website should be targeted to a specific group of readers who share very specific information needs, and are willing to pay a premium price for that information.
Still, there is always an offline competitor that must be identified to properly understand your online opportunity. Study what they’re doing and figure out how your concept will position against theirs.
Remember, a great website offers its readers news and reference information, making it part periodical and part encyclopedia. It can also offer a software application that is Web-based and provide interaction between your data and personal data supplied by each user.

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