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We asked over 20,000 consultants how they are marketing their services and growing their business. Does it mean, that refferals and networking are the most powerful tools for the lead generation?
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BMW Marketing Consultants is a full service advertising and marketing firm that specializes in helping small to medium businesses grow and succeed. We think a pretty ad is useless unless it speaks directly to your target audience and motivates them to take the desired action. IMPROZ is unique team of Internet Marketing consultants that has its head quarters in Houston Texas.
Brian is a passionate writer who produces top quality, 100% unique and thoroughly researched content. When introducing yourself to prospective clients, you want to open by describing the problem your audience is likely having – the problem that you’ll be able to solve if they hire you.
This is the most visible part of marketing your consulting business, but it’s not about promotion and hype. Because your objective is to generate leads, you don’t need or want to tell your whole story. You do want to provide some introductory information about yourself so there is some context for your offer, but this should be minimal. Although your offer comes last in the above formula, you don’t want to treat it as an afterthought. It’s okay to put it in the closing paragraph as a call to action, but that shouldn’t be the only reference. You also want to place it near the top – maybe even part of your headline – and make it very visible. Another option (as indicated above) is to make your offer the hero, or the centerpiece, of your message by presenting it as a first-step solution. It’s easy to get bogged down in your writing style working over many drafts – and sure you want to get it right – but you really need to focus on your message more than your style.
One of the advantages of one-to-one marketing is that you can adapt your message to each individual to be more relevant to their needs. Look at your audience and see how it might be segmented into different groups – by industry, by company size, by job title, by geographic location. A brochure is not recommended in a lead generation mailer because it provides too much information too early.
If you are using direct mail, you will soon ask yourself which format works better – a letter mailer or a self-mailer.
For letter mailers, I would lean toward a more sophisticated package with a personalized envelope and letter.
When you reach someone who is interested in your offer, you want to make it easy for them to respond.
Today, the most popular response channel is the website landing page (including personalized landing pages called PURLs). One major advantage with landing page is that the entire lead capture process can be automated.
One of the really interesting points in all of this one of the major causes of stockouts is promotions.
Time and again in workshops, consumer marketers, shopper marketers, trade marketers and customer managers tell me that managing promotions takes a huge share of their time. Promotions are a way of life for those working in consumer goods companies, and I realize it is unlikely that will change soon. For more on the challenges facing the consumer goods industry and how shopper marketing can help, check out The Shopper Marketing Revolution.
There is an almost universal desire among trade marketers to create a more strategic Trade Marketing function. We’ve worked with hundreds of consumer goods companies, and we’ve found that they work most effectively when they can integrate effectively their sales and marketing activities.
The next part of the role of a strategic trade marketing team would be to define the shopper marketing mix for each of those priority channels. In a marketing world which seems to be ever-increasingly digital, it is easy for elements of the marketing mix such as packaging design to get forgotten. Packaging is one of the most important, and yet often under-valued elements of the marketing communication mix for a CPG company. It might sound obvious, but too often the packaging design process is led by marketing, with input from supply chain and legal departments.
Often the person consuming the product is also the shopper, but that isn’t always the case. Different shoppers buy in different channels, and different channels deliver quite a different shopping experience. Even in more conventional outlets, there are a fair number of variations which might impact the way packaging is developed. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked a number of times about the differences between trade marketing and shopper marketing.
There’s no doubt that in most companies the support of trade marketers is valued by their colleagues in sales and marketing. No surprise then that with the advent of the term ‘Shopper Marketing’ over the last decade we have seen many managers re-branding trade marketing as shopper marketing. As a result, and unlike trade marketing, shopper marketing is not the sum of all the potential activities that could be applied to influence shoppers. This is more than a semantic distinction – consumer goods companies need to market to shoppers more effectively now than at any time in the past.
Consumer goods brands face a barrage of competition, more so than at any other time in history, and the traditional mechanisms of above-the-line and below-the-line are faltering as communication becomes digital and mobile.
In this environment the ability to understand, target and change the behavior of specific shopper groups is as commercially important today as being able to market products to consumers and sell them to retailers. The function could develop deeper specialization in the trade space: focusing more on marketing to the trade, rather than marketing in the trade.
The function could remain largely in its existing space but focus more on effectively engineering trade investments. The function could take a more strategic role and take on accountability for the execution of the shopper marketing process. In any instance, the advent of shopper marketing is anything but the creation of a new name for trade marketing!
If you’d like to learn more about shopper marketing, trade marketing, check out our free e-books on Managing Channels and Shopper Research, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog (take a look to the right for a sign-up box!)  for free info most weeks!
Even more than speaking and presentations which many of these consultants said they spent time on.
Unfortunately over 21% of consultants are still using an hourly fee and just 3.4% know how to use an ROI based fee model.
Higher-earning consultants definitely focus more on establishing their authority and expert status. Will like to see some more cross analysis of some responses e.g number of years as a consultant VS Marketing that made your business most etc. Meanwhile, my message was sent immediately I got the study report which was over 4 month ago (2015). Referrals are always the best, but if you focus on another strategy or tactic that works better for your situation you may see better results.

Packed with strategies, techniques and action steps to help you land more clients and increase your income. The blog includes hundreds of articles, case studies, videos, interviews and products for consultants by consultants. We strive to be an extension of our client's marketing department when there is one, but we have found than many of our clients do not have the luxury of a marketing department.
As the team develops concepts and ideas about a marketing plan or project, he creates the graphics that make them come to life. With more than 14 years of web design and software development for Fortune 500 organizations, Ade brings valuable programming skills and real-world experience to IMPROZ. But he does much more than code. Building his first website at age 14, Brian currently runs his own award-winning travel blog; he understands the importance of writing great, engaging and informative content. Focus on being clear and straightforward – and delivering something meaningful and relevant to your readers. You may want to include a photograph or an illustration of the report cover to draw more attention. With this approach, you dedicate almost your entire message in promoting your offer and you spend almost no time in talking about your expertise. If you target different job titles, change your message to reflect the individual needs or demands of those job titles. Self-mailers, including postcards, are more graphically pleasing and are less expensive to print and mail. Reply cards are still a good idea even though many people prefer to go online to download the report. One way to do this is to provide multiple response channels – including reply mail, telephone, fax, email and website landing pages – and let your prospects decide. If, as brands and retailers we want to reduce sales lost to stockouts, it appears there are two things we can do. In all the workshops and seminars we’ve conducted, trade marketers are frustrated that they are often left out of strategic processes and left to execute strategies developed by consumer marketing teams. It’s all very well for trade marketers to desire to be more strategic, but is it good for the business? This requires an integrated path that connects consumer marketing efforts to the relationships and investments made with retail customers (see below). Understanding where target shoppers can be found, and critically, where they can be influenced, helps a strategic Trade Marketing team to prioritize channels: to choose which retail outlets they should focus on for which categories and brands. The shopper marketing mix is a blend of activities that will, based on the understanding of shoppers that we have, be most effective in encouraging the target shopper to behave in the way that we want them to. Investment should be focused on the identified activities as these are most likely to produce the desired shopping behavior and therefore fuel the consumption growth our marketing team is aiming for.
The decision on a role for Trade Marketing is not one that can be taken unilaterally by Trade Marketing, or even by sales. By defining a new, value-adding role for Trade Marketing you have taken the first steps towards transforming the function and the business. Yet packaging is one of the most powerful parts of the marketing mix, or could be if it was managed effectively. It needs to resonate with consumers and deliver a great consumption experience (we all have memories of milk cartons that spill everywhere, or sachets of various powders that split and spill everywhere). Packaging is a remarkably efficient shopper communication tool, taking your message to every outlet your product is stocked in. But packaging needs to do more than that, and it needs to work on the shelf, in front of a shopper. In some stores in Vietnam, for example, shoppers approach the store on a motorbike and rarely dismount to make a purchase. These days virtual store technology is a useful shopper research tool and is great for packaging testing.
At the very least packaging development (and that includes design) should be a collaborative effort involving both consumer and shopper teams. Many questions come from managers struggling with organizational questions like “Where should shopper marketing sit?” and “Isn’t it really just a new brand name for trade marketing?” The reality is that the differences between shopper marketing and trade marketing are more than just semantic and there are major issues in believing them to be interchangeable. Initially conceived as a function which would organize tailored promotions for large retail customers, it became increasingly important in the ‘90’s.
But this fact alone does not mean that all businesses have a common understanding of trade marketing. While many trade marketing activities involve shoppers, or at least thinking about shoppers, simply changing the name of the function without really considering its role is in our experience, a bad idea!
Rather, it is the process of defining activities:  the activities that are executed are the product of the shopper marketing process itself. At the same time retailers which have been growing and consolidating over the past 25 years now find that they need new business models to attract and retain shoppers. Those businesses that excel in integrating their efforts with consumers, shoppers and retailers find that internal decision making is faster and marketing investment decisions are easier. This would require it to build stronger capability in shopper research, shopper insights and strategic planning and would bring the function much closer to the consumer marketing function.
Below you’ll find an infographic with the results from the survey as well as a breakdown with some key insights.
I also see a lot of opportunity for people to improve their fee structures and offerings so they can earn more per project.
Our first step is learning about you and what you do…and why your business or product should be the one that customers will want to choose.
IMPROZ is his third successful business so he has an in-depth understanding of how business works and that’s useful for the IMPROZ clientele. Here are skills he has and offers to the team: Creative Writing, Web Design, SEO, and Pay Per Click. He’s spent nearly a decade working with big business budgets and making key growth decisions. Ade has the rare combination of software skills while also possessing a keen understanding of a business’ needs.
An accomplished writer, Brian has had articles published in both print media and on numerous websites. You may want to reference your process to make the outcome more credible, but your reader is still focused on the outcome. In my experience, letter mailers perform better than self-mailers for business-to-business communication.
Yet time and again as I go around stores, it appears that as an industry we are failing in this fundamental task. As a marketing team you have invested heavily in your consumer marketing campaign: created the perfect product formulation, communicated its benefits across TV and digital media.
Some may switch brands immediately, costing the manufacturer dearly, and moving all of that marketing spend from the pile marked ‘investment’ to a pile marked ‘cost’.
While I was there I watched a shopper, with her husband and daughter, search for a specific Horlicks product. In our work we’ve found that typically 70% of promotions lose money for the manufacturers (as they typically fund them). There is a feeling (which we empathize with) that some consumer marketers don’t really ‘get’ shoppers and channels, and so their strategies aren’t really optimized for retail. If there is a shopper marketing team, they may well be already addressing the understanding of shopper behavior. In our example above, we’re looking to get younger consumers, when they are shopping, to try our brand instead of their usual brand. It needs to be something that works for the entire business and is bought into by everyone.

You have identified not only what trade marketing will do, but how it will work with others, how it adds value to other functions and the business in total. If you’d like to learn more, download our free e-book on Managing Channels in the Age of the Digital Shopper. Yet I’m pretty sure that when the in-store marketing mix is being defined, packaging as a communication tool is often forgotten.
So it stands to reason, surely, that if there is shopper expertize in the organization it should be accessed during the packaging design process. The amount of space dedicated to the category may influence the number of facings which will completely change the way a shopper sees (or doesn’t see) your product. The costs of such an activity are significantly lower than they might have been in the past. For more on trade marketing, shopper marketing, and customer management, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog.
Indeed one of my colleagues urged me to check-out the definition of trade marketing on Wikipedia; the long, rambling and incoherent ‘definition’ is accompanied by a request for help in improving it! For some it’s a strategic stand-alone function, for others it’s an administrative support function.
It would also require the sales function to be much more focused on execution with customers. Thanks for being a part of the community and let us know how we can help you on your journey. Our determination is to ensure our clients have a lasting brand that will resonate throughout time.
These talents combined with the rest of the team ensure that IMPROZ client’s will have great success.
So in addition to his creative skills, he offers the IMPROZ clients an un-measurable value. He has written content across a broad number of industries and niches and enjoys the challenge of writing on topics he is not familiar with, learning about these industries in the process. You’ve designed marvelous packaging which not only resonates perfectly with the brand but looks great on the shelf. They may switch to another pack size, which clearly could be good or bad depending if it is a trade up or not. Lines in dual locations in a store are hard to keep in stock, on shelf in both locations as inventory systems will only measure the total stock in the store. Yes, in that there is a strategic role that the organization requires, and that in many organizations isn’t really covered by other functions. In every organization, decisions in this space are owned, unsurprisingly, by the consumer marketing team. But if (as in many cases) there is no formal shopper marketing function, then there is a clear role for the Trade Marketing function to take on. Discount chains might be high value when it comes to driving consumption frequency but lousy for driving penetration amongst young consumers. Trade Marketing teams should therefore identify the ideal mix of activities: what is the right range, how and where should they be displayed? A change in the role of Trade Marketing will impact other functions, most notably consumer marketing and customer management teams.
Here are five tips on how to make sure your packaging design really works for you in your shopper marketing. And when considering the costs, do bear in mind that the packaging design will be seen by every shopper in every store, probably for many years. So trade marketing developed into a specialist function supporting marketing and sales, charged with the development and execution of point of purchase activities. Indeed there appear to be four common forms of trade marketing in operation globally, all with quite different roles and responsibilities.
Then we help you select the best methods of getting your message to the people you want to reach.
He’s able to look over an entire marketing plan and or business plan and measure the return on investment unlike many others in this industry. Over the years he has served a diverse clientele; spanning large firms to small businesses. Brian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems giving him a great base to tackle tech, web design, marketing and business-orientated material.
In a recent visit to a Tesco store in India, category after category had half-empty shelves. They might not buy the category at all, potentially costing the retailer and the manufacturer.
The husband reached for a number of products and showed them to his wife, but they were clearly the wrong variant. And worse than this, all that time spent on promotions means that shopper marketers and trade marketers are not focusing on what is nearly always the most influential part of the shopper marketing mix: Availability. It is a strategic role that, in our experience, can certainly be covered by Trade Marketing.
That role is to take clear consumption opportunities identified by the consumer marketing team, and to use these to frame up an understanding of who is the target shopper. It is critical that these parties are engaged, and see the value that this new way of working will create.
If the shopper hasn’t been built into packaging design process, it is likely that performance is not being optimized in terms of visibility or communication in the store. As a result, for many companies the role of trade marketing is the sum of its current activities, rather than its activities being driven by a coherent, clear role. We try to help you spend your advertising and marketing dollars so that they reach your target audience. He has translated myriads of ideas into effective visual elements for web, print design and motion graphics.
Working with the IMPROZ team, Brian’s writing abilities help clients get their message across in the best way possible. Why is it that some of the best brands and retailers in the world are still struggling with stockouts, and what can be done about it? Weighing it all up, and out of stock is a high risk, and potentially high cost situation for both retailer and brand. In audits, we’ve found that up to 80% of out of stock lines in a store were on promotion at the time! This strategic role does not necessarily need to be covered by Trade Marketing, but assuming that there is a desire to create a more strategic Trade Marketing role – here is the outline of what that role could be.
Therefore, that leaves three steps in the middle: shopper behavior, channel priorities, and the shopper marketing mix. For each consumption opportunity (let’s say, driving brand penetration amongst younger people as an example), a target shopper can be identified (bear in mind that the target shopper may not be the consumer). The impeccable set of skills that Luke has makes it possible for IMPROZ to be able to provide valuable reports to its clients.
A more strategic trade marketing team can work with insight colleagues to create a much better understanding of how these target shoppers behave: how they shop, what influences them, and critically where they shop. With an architectural background, his design outputs illustrate strong and intelligent detail. But mainly because the product above was promoted, and the promotional tag was blocking the Horlicks product from the shopper’s line of sight.

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