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There are plenty of online marketing consultants, internet marketing companies, internet marketing specialists, and self-proclaimed marketing strategists out there. As I mentioned in my previous blog post Is Your Business Sinking Because You Won’t Outsource Marketing?
When you need to set marketing and business goals, improve your visibility online, gain website traffic, convert website traffic into paying customers, and achieve more success overall, you’d be wise to do your due diligence and find a local online marketing consultant who has the experience and track record to match. Content brought to you by Tanya Roberts, a Vancouver-based online marketing consultant that specializes in slick content strategy to rock your website traffic, build your brand, gain leads, and increase sales. Request My PortfolioInstead of pitching like a rogue telemarketer at dinnertime, I'll craft content of value that positions you as a thought leader in your industry.
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Our initial consultation involves a 3 hour strategy planning training workshop wherewe will discuss: The 13 Key Segments to Grow Your Business Online 1.
Will my company benefit • Our services are ideal for small and medium businesses (from estate agents, guest houses to manufacturers) who want to benefit from marketing their products and services online.

Profissional de internet marketing, ensinando as pessoas a como trabalhar a partir de casa usando apenas um computador com conexao a internet. The right marketing consultant should have solid experience helping businesses like yours, and should have a list of tangible results and successes to prove it. The right marketing consultant should have a good understanding of how marketing and business works as a whole.
A good marketing consultant will understand how a variety of marketing strategies and tactics work on a practical level.
A good marketing consultant should have more than a general understanding of a few marketing strategies and tactics.
Hiring a specialized marketing consultant (such as a social media marketing consultant) is also an option if you have a good handle on all other areas of your marketing strategy.
Hey, it’s nice to have loads of Facebook fans and friends, but when it’s all said and done, how does that translate into revenue for your business? The right marketing consultant will have a solid grasp on how a variety of marketing vehicles work together to contribute to the overall success of a business.

Ideally, a good marketing consultant should have a broad understanding of how business works as a whole, and specialize in 1-2 areas (such as online marketing) on a more granular and focused level. On a personal level, a good marketing consultant should be highly analytical and able to make connections based on observations. Your current online presenceAfter the strategy planning training workshop you will receive a detailed report andproposal explaining our findings with suggestions to reach your objectives.In the Report 1. Critical Keywords to rank on 1st page of Google (and what you need to do rank on the 1st page of Google) 3.

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