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Please download the following notes below for your references and guidance for coming final semester exams.
The file are zipped with WINRAR software, so you will have to retrieve it by extracting the files through your pendrive or any medium that you want to use. Dave Chaffey of Marketing Insights has has an established approach to consulting and training for E-marketing developed over ten plus years of Internet marketing experience. Insight-based – I am competent in data analysis, so I identify Quick Wins based on insights from a range of specialist digital marketing sources including market analysis, customer data, campaign data and web analytics. Process-based – I use the most appropriate strategic analysis frameworks for strategic analysis which you can use to explain strategy to colleagues. Integrated – I have expertise in many areas of E-marketing from strategy development through to detailed knowledge of best practice in the most important tactics including search engine marketing, email marketing, web site design and web analytics. Taken from Chapter 4 of my Internet Marketing text, this framework gives an overview of the stages of Internet marketing strategy that are reviewed in a consulting assignment.
My process for in-company training follows these steps to make sure the training is tailored and makes an immediate difference to the company. Action-oriented-active learning.Each participant will be encouraged to develop a personal action plan.

These are the stages of an "active learning" in-company digital marketing training project.
This will also highlight the importance attached to the training by management and will enable the 1 or 2 day workshops to cover more advanced topics rather than introductory material.
Delegates will be encouraged to make notes on action points that they can apply when back in the office.
For implementation I also have developed detailed checklists for different E-marketing tactics for analysis. New thinking is prompted by relating in and out of sector best practice to current organisational practices to identify new ways of working. The training content gives practical insights about developing and executing plans and campaigns which can be applied as soon as the participants are back in the office to increase campaign response.
Example campaign plans, creative and metrics from HSBC campaigns will be used within the presentation and activities to illustrate best practice and areas for improvement.
Best practice will developed through review of e-marketing from other leading organisations.
The workshops are interactive and will facilitate sharing examples related by experienced staff.

Activities will focus on previous company campaigns to learn from these for future campaigns. After the workshop, brief evaluation questionnaires will be used to assess the quality of the training. Individuals will encouraged to prioritise their future actions in the workshop through an action planning sheet which will be reviewed by the trainer and colleagues. This is intended to ensure marketing practices actually change and to enable further learning from changes made since training. This is based on 8 core sessions which are key areas of knowledge required by online marketers.

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