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Ein Redesign der bestehenden Webseite steht an oder sogar ein Erstauftritt und damit auch die Frage, mit welchem Content Management System (CMS) man arbeiten will.
Bitte beachten Sie unseren PDF-Ratgeber fur die Evaluation von Content-Managment-Systeme, den wir fur Klein- und Mittelunternehmen erstellt haben. Die Wahl der Keywords - sei es fur den Content auf der eigenen Webseite, fur AdWords-Kampagnen oder fur SEO - hat Auswirkungen auf die Absprungrate und auf den Erfolg. berichtet, das laut eines aktuellen Transparenzberichts, Google gegenuber dem Vorjahr 100 Prozent mehr URLs loscht, die auf urheberrechtlich geschutzte Werke zeigen.
Looking back at decades of goal setting, I can honestly say that formal goal setting has not helped me achieve more, or made my life any better. So instead of setting formal goals this coming year, with specific details and deadlines and metrics and such, I’m going to be much more relaxed about everything. I’ve had the amazing pleasure of meeting with over a dozen of the largest companies on the planet over the last six months.
But here’s my issue: Not one of those companies (not one) was working on an audience-building program focused on subscriber growth. Now, I’m not sure if this is a failing of the research, but the mindset is clear … building an audience is not even on the minds of most large enterprises today. Matthew Patrick, founder of Game Theory, delivers a 10-minute video per week to his audience of gamers. My friend Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media, went from “just a blog” to becoming one of the fastest SaaS companies on the planet. While larger enterprises are fighting silo battles, politics, and tearing each other apart focusing on (sometimes) meaningless metrics, small players with patience and passion are building audiences and winning. You may think that if you have a lead generation strategy you are building a subscriber base. What might help is to first think about building an audience through subscription, then mine that subscription list for leads (as they engage in your pieces of content). Jeff Rohrs, Vice President of Marketing at Salesforce and author of the excellent book Audience, is adamant that no company “owns” its audience. Regardless of your industry or what you ultimately sell, you need an email offering to attract subscribers. Business media outlet Fast Company includes this nice little email call to action at the bottom of every article. TD Ameritrade found out that subscribers and readers of the magazine traded FIVE times more than non-subscribers.
What is the difference between those who subscribe to your content versus those who do not?
You can be at the launch of Joe’s latest book, Content Inc., and boost your content marketing knowledge this September at Content Marketing World 2015. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! What happens WHEN the Can-Spam law gets more strict and goes by way of Canada’s CASL law? Those who build an opt-in audience through compelling content will surely be glad that they did. For the last several years, the demise of the yellow pages has been repeatedly predicted, but they will never die. If you previously spent $1,000 a month on yellow pages ads, that same $1,000 spent online could yield a much greater return.
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I suggested he continue having the paralegal do the interview but that he come into the room at the end, shake hands, review the file, and say something wise and reassuring.
It is important to meet clients personally, to let them know they made a good decision in choosing you, and to give them some encouraging words about their case.
But this post isn’t about the value of building relationships so much as getting back to basics, about doing what worked so well in the past that you stopped doing it. Football coach Vince Lombardi began every new season with a lecture to both veterans and rookies alike on the basics of football.
If your business has declined, the economy could be a factor, but there’s nothing you can do about that. A coach can provide training and mentoring and yes, some hand holding, but perhaps the most valuable service they offer their clients is providing a mechanism for accountability.
My coach taught me that accountability is one of the most powerful forces in motivating human behavior. If you want to get more done, especially in the area of marketing your legal services, you should consider hiring a coach.
As an attorney, I built a successful practice by implementing marketing strategies and techniques that I learned through a lot of trial and error and a lot of study. If you are on my newsletter list, you will be notified when the next group coaching program is open. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, please call me at (949) 888-2800 or use this contact form.
If you want to be at the top of your profession, surround yourself with experts who can help you achieve more than you can achieve on your own. The first part of the answer is that they don’t know how to set goals in the first place. On Wednesday, January 19, I’m hosting a webinar featuring David Byrd who will teach you how to set goals and achieve goals. The webinar is 100% free and I promise you will learn a lot that you can use to achieve more in 2011. My site has grown because I focused on creating content, not on the latest bells and whistles. A blog may seem to be a big commitment but think of it as the front door to your online office.

In a previous post, I wrote about how I dramatically cut my work hours (and stress) by delegating. About a year ago, I started working with David Byrd, an executive coach, who helped me get clear about what I wanted to accomplish. In short, the system helps me put one foot in front of the other and continually move forward towards my destination. If you are driven by vision, have goals that support that vision and a plan for achieving them, you’ll have clarity about what to do and what you can let go of. Tilt Marketing - Marketing Consultant for Design and AEC FirmsOne-stop marketing solutions for architectural, engineering and construction firms (Atlanta AEC industry) and Atlanta’s top residential remodelers, builders and interior designers. Atlanta, GA, February 25, 2014 – Lori Tilt, owner of Tilt Marketing, is speaking about SMART Marketing at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s Remodelers Council meeting being held on February 26, 2014 at 11:30 am at the ProBuild Buckhead showroom  located at 721 Miami Circle, Atlanta, GA 30324.
This session is designed for business owners who are confused about their marketing options. The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (HBA) is a not-for-profit professional trade association dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the homebuilding industry as a viable economic force in the Atlanta area. The HBA was founded in 1945 by a group of builders looking for an organization to serve their interests and needs within the homebuilding industry. I know what I want to do this year, or at least the direction I want to go, and I’m going to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking in that direction. These companies are some of the most innovative in the world, and create many of the products you use on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. Sure, there were brand awareness goals, perception goals, brand lift goals, lead generation goals, and lead quality goals … but no subscriber goals. And recent Association of National Advertisers findings on native advertising didn’t even list subscription growth as a possible metric.
I want to share two examples of why I believe that subscription, or the idea of building groupings of valuable audiences, is the present and future for enterprises. She differentiates herself by focusing on impossible food creations (like the Instagram Logo Cake), and now has approximately 1.5 million subscribers. While you are getting permission to reach out to someone, it is different than having someone opt in to receive ongoing communication from you – be it an email newsletter, a print magazine, or any of the other subscriber-based content vehicles. While I’m a firm believer in building our digital footprint as brands, we need to be wary of building our audiences on land we don’t own. If you have your choice, email subscription is the most important type of relationship you can have with your subscriber, simply because we can control that connection the most. BuzzFeed, the new-media entertainment and news site, gained its popularity due to social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. And to you enterprises, this is not a six-week lead nurturing program to get them to sales.
In the early days, the program was under ongoing review about whether it was worth spending budget money on the magazine. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc.
I talk to B2B companies regularly about building a subscription base and none see this as a priority. Just one thing got me curious: In the Subscription Hierarchy, why Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest comes before LinkedIn? These new and improved directories allow advertisers to have a bigger presence, with more information about their firm, at lower cost. Technology makes it easy to see which ad is working best, allowing you to adapt immediately instead of having to wait until next year’s print edition.
A small firm that had been limited to smaller ads in print directories can, with some marketing smarts, compete with firms with a bigger budget.
Ward This morning, I spoke to a coaching client, a successful personal injury attorney, about a recent decline in the number of new clients his firm was signing up. The attorney realized that he had gotten away from doing some of the things he had done to build his practice.
Ward The top people in any industry, whether sports or business or the arts, have coaches.
I know when I have to report my progress to him at the end of the week, I get the work done. As a marketing consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of attorneys with different backgrounds and practice areas in all phases of marketing and business development.
Hire someone to help you determine your most important goals, equip you with the tools and resources for achieving those goals, and hold you accountable to the monthly plans and daily activities that will help you accomplish them.
Year after year I would set the same goals and year after year, fail to accomplish them. It was discouraging and eventually, I lost interest in goal setting.
You’ll learn a system he has used for more than thirty years working with professionals, executives, and business owners, as an executive leadership coach.
Ward The Attorney Marketing Center web site launched in 1998 and transitioned to a blog in 2007. I’ve changed the color and layout and added some new plug-ins, mostly having to do with social media integration, but not much else.
Content creates value for visitors, allows you to demonstrate your expertise, and brings traffic from search engines and from word of mouth. Your content is not just puffery about how great you are it is an exemplar of your abilities. I have a backlog of hundreds of articles I need to read and I’ve bookmarked so many web sites to visit my head is spinning.
I plan each month so that my activities (projects, actions, etc.) move me forward towards my goals. The presentation is designed to help owners prioritize activities and select a marketing mix that works well for their situation. She will discuss how to create a program that generates the right leads for a business, and the importance of connecting with past, present and future clients. Eine Frage, die je nach Ziel, Anwender und Erwartungen sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen kann. Over the past few years, these companies have hired journalists, producers, broadcasters, and editors to refine and tell their story on a consistent basis.

Originally called circulation development, and now audience development, no revenue (the big Z-E-R-O) was possible without a targeted group of buyers who subscribed to one or many content offerings the media brand provided. Look at the leading trade publication in your industry or ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, or The New York Times. Over 200,000 targeted subscribers who know, like, and trust Copyblogger so much that they end up buying just about anything Brian puts in front of them.
Regardless of whether you’re a major television network, pop star, or professional sports team with rabid fans, you simply do not own your audience. Our fans on Facebook or our followers on Twitter should be viewed as they are – temporary subscription opportunities with whom we can try to build relationships. While Facebook and Twitter subscribers are important to them, every page on BuzzFeed has a promotion to gain email subscribers to its daily e-newsletter. This is an ongoing, compelling piece of email communication that can cut through the clutter.
But the leaders persevered, and after approximately two years, received the information they needed.
But here’s what’s true in all the examples … if you build engaged audience members who devour your content, and thus, trust and like you, they will begin to change their behavior. Yes, you have many audiences, and to be successful at content marketing, you’ll have to focus on just ONE audience for each audience-building initiative. Smart attorneys (and other advertisers) are taking advantage of these changes by creating better web sites (and more of them), optimizing their sites to improve search engine ranking, and promoting their sites through social media.
You can increase or decrease your advertising investment with a click or two and you can just as easily change your headlines and copy and offers, making the same dollars bring in even more business. And some will see a void in the market left by the disappearance of their competitors and make a killing in the next frontier. Attorneys today must understand that advertising online is just one facet of an integrated marketing plan and they must be prepared to continually acquire the knowledge and resources needed to stay competitive. Lombardi knew that mastery of the fundamentals was the key to success in football and it is no less so in building a law practice. At that time, I wrote an article detailing the change, David’s Website Diary, and promised updates. And so the number of subscribers to my newsletter has grown and the number of blog subscribers has grown and I have continued to sell products and services. As those visitors see the solutions you provide, they may (a) take the next step toward hiring you, (b) connect with you by subscribing to your newsletter or your blog feed or commenting on your posts, or (c) tell others about you via social media. If you write an offline newsletter, publish articles, or do any public speaking or networking, you are already doing the things that are done online through a blog. It’s only a matter of time before that closet or drawer is once again filled to overflowing. I glance at the updates in my Twitter stream and wonder how I could possibly read even a fraction of the tweets that go past me, let alone follow up on the relevant ones, let alone connect with the people who sent them.
The idea is to start with the end in mind and then set goals that are consistent with that vision. Tilt will review new marketing opportunities and also discuss traditional marketing activities that are still relevant. She will review marketing basics and discuss how to layer advanced strategies such as publicity, online marketing and social media programs into a mix. Her clients include residential remodeling firms, architects, interior designers, engineers, construction consultants, commercial developers and luxury product lines. I’ve studied goal setting, trained and written articles on goal setting, and know quite about the right and wrong ways to go about it.
It’s amazing to see firsthand the transformation of the marketing departments, as we once knew them. Those connections are controlled by Facebook and Twitter, and the platforms can do whatever they want with them.
We spent a YEAR trying to convert visitors to the site to something the business could value.
The economy has hurt attorneys, but clients don’t need money to hire someone on a contingency fee, right? He used to do the initial client interviews himself and now has a paralegal do that for him. Everything from posts about the law and procedure in your practice areas, success stories you helped created, general business (or consumer) advice, guest posts from experts (referral sources) in allied fields, and much more. Attendees will receive a handy one-page checklist to help them create the right mix for their business. We’ve obviously seen the changes Facebook has made, and the millions that brands have lost by focusing too much on these types of connections. What you want to see is if the changes keep your engagement steady but increase subscribers. But, as more and more advertisers shift dollars from online to offline, the effectiveness of that advertising will decline and advertisers will shift yet again back to the Internet or to the next big thing. He knows it is the personal touch that builds relationships (and that those relationships create future business) but he doesn’t have ninety minutes to invest in the initial client meeting. A post can be as short as a few paragraphs and as simple as you commenting on something you found on another web site or blog or in the news. It’s a great tool to figure out how to build a digital experience that is great for your reader and your business. WhenI feel overwhelmed or losing clarity about what to do next, I revisit my vision and my goals and I’m back on track.

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