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Marketing a small business can be very expensive.  One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen small business owners do is to spend a ton of money on marketing their businesses—but fail to get any results. Guerrilla marketing refers to marketing tactics that are “out of the box.” Generally using limited funds, such campaigns rely on good timing and creativity. If you own your office building or if you can get permission from the owner, this guerrilla marketing plan can do wonders for you.
Hosting or sponsoring events is a great way to make more people aware and even fall in love with your business and offers. So tell us, are there any guerrilla marketing tactics that you are using to generate business that you would like to share with us? Welcome to Small Business Sense!Feel free to browse around to check out our latest and greatest articles from the site. With over 10 years experience in retail, B2B, small and large business, we can help you grow your business with appropriate marketing ideas to attract the right customers.

Restaurant owners and operators are always on the lookout for special events they can use in their online and offline marketing efforts. April offers many special days that can easily tie in with promotions in the restaurant and across Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.  For example, Tax Day (April 15th) has become an annual favorite as restaurants across the nation step up to offer tax weary Americans a break with special deals and offers.
We will be updating our text marketing ideas page from time to time in efforts to keep these ideas fresh for ya! Today on Small Business Sense, I will be presenting 5 Low Cost Guerrilla Marketing Ideas that you can use in your business.
Cutting your message between the front and back parts of the shirt can also pique curiosity and drive people to seek your business.
With a creative concept, a clear message, and an array of paint colors, you can turn your building’s wall to a giant, eye-catching advertisement.
The great thing about it is that you can easily do it with a couple of friends, and you can choose what kind of “presentation” you will do.

Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners. Choose from our ThinkTank designs starting at just ?295 or go bespoke for that all important first impression. Many people opt for music-related mobs like a band, a choir, or a dance group, but you can also stage a play or drama. For example, if your business is focused on real estate, an event attended by homeowners will be a great choice.

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