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Designed with a pioneering international focus, this globally diverse program prepares students for jobs that didn’t exist five years, or even one year, ago. The Master of Science in International Marketing Management online program does not subscribe to the traditional paradigm of marketing that most business programs follow. Traditional marketing considerations, such as barriers to entry, have been replaced by new ones, such as search engine optimization, SEM, and social media reputation management.
In an age where the consumer rules, companies are forced to restructure and adapt to the evolving needs of the marketplace. Today’s marketing managers are expected to lead at an operational level in the rapidly changing economy. Participating students receive transcripts from our international partner universities as well as from Boston University.
Choose two additional Administrative Sciences courses to be approved by the department coordinator.
The course examines the concepts and applied techniques for cost-effective management of projects.
Provides a detailed examination of how businesses can successfully use Internet, wireless, and enhanced web technologies throughout the business structure to improve operations and communications with business partners and consumers. This course considers macroeconomic factors of relevance to the firm: aggregate economic activity, cyclical movements, and fiscal and monetary policies.
The course exposes the student to practical quantitative approaches to mathematical decision-making, as well as a wide variety of qualitative approaches for both the service and product industries.
Addresses the specifics of new product and service development and fostering innovation and technology to increase performance.
Students are introduced to the latest requirements, techniques, procedures, and practices for successfully ‘Doing Business in North America’. The discussion of labor practices in foreign countries, as addressed in one of the cases (Nike labor practices in Asia), is examined in the course.
Metropolitan College’s Administrative Sciences department is globally attuned, forward thinking, and engaged in the constant evolution of international business.
He focuses on marketing research and competitive analysis based on specific industries and market segments, companies, and technologies. Become a BU student, and you’ll interact directly with peers and professors from some of the world’s top business schools. In a global economy ruled by consumers, today’s marketing managers must be focused and quick to respond. Today’s best marketing managers are viewed as operational leaders, who utilize customer intelligence to do far more than inform marketing strategies.
Boston University has a reputation for excellence and is proud to be regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). While standardized test scores are not required for admission to programs at Metropolitan College, candidates can strengthen their applications by submitting results of the GRE or GMAT. This globally diverse program is designed to prepare you for opportunities and innovations that are still on the horizon. Boston University’s Graduate Programs in Management are designed for motivated professionals.
We believe in a model of continuous professional learning, because the speed of modern business demands that leaders frequently update their skills and broaden their understanding.
Click below to view the course requirements for each or contact an Enrollment Advisor and learn even more. This graduate certificate is recommended for individuals currently enrolled in, or alumni of, any of the Graduate Programs in Management. This course presents fundamental knowledge and skills for applying business analytics to managerial decision-making in corporate environments.
The course offers an overview of the key current and emerging enterprise risk analytical approaches used by corporations and governmental institutions and is focused on understanding and implementing the enterprise risk management framework on how to leverage the opportunities around a firm to increase firm value.
Become familiar with the foundations of modern marketing analytics and develop your ability to select, apply, and interpret readily available data on customer purchase behavior, new customer acquisition, current customer retention, and marketing mix optimization. Contact your Enrollment Advisor to discuss your options and learn more about the advantages of pursuing graduate certificates at BU. This graduate certificate is recommended for individuals currently enrolled in, or alumni of, the following master’s degree programs: International Marketing Management, Insurance Management, and Project Management. Introduction to the concepts, methods, and problems of financial and managerial accounting. Emphasizes issues of accounting, finance, and economics that are important in most management contexts.
This graduate certificate is applicable to individuals enrolled in, or alumni of, any of the Graduate Programs in Management.
Provides a detailed examination of how businesses can successfully use Internet and Web technology. This graduate certificate is recommended for individuals enrolled in, or alumni of, any of the Graduate Programs in Management. The course examines the concepts and applied techniques for cost effective management of both long-term development programs and projects.
To succeed in project management, you must be a strong leader and an effective communicator. This course introduces the art and science of project risk as well as continuity management and cost management.
Programs and projects deliver benefits to organizations by enhancing current capabilities or developing new capabilities for the organization to use. This graduate certificate is recommended for individuals currently enrolled in, or alumni of, the Master of Science in Project Management and Master of Science in Insurance Management online programs. This overview course examines the management issues involved with assessing the security and risk environments in both the private and public sectors in order to assure continuous system-wide operations.
This course examines emergency management from national, state, local, and family perspectives of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Students are exposed to the important issues relating to corporate and organizational security and risk from both the perspective of systems designed to protect against disasters and aspects of emergency preparedness should systems fail. This course takes concepts covered in MET AD610 and MET AD613 and applies them in more detail mainly to the corporate-private sector environment.
Thank you for your interest in Boston University’s Online Graduate Programs in Management.
An Enrollment Advisor will contact you to provide you with the information you have requested. Who do I talk to if I have more questions or if I want to apply?How much time is required for this program?When do I start the program? The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) is an elite benchmark for our internationally recognized education.
The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation is a highly regarded evaluation of our rigorous academic standards.
Main reason for the growth and high predictions is the exploding global use of Smartphones, which are able to run the augmented reality apps, and the big brands which are very keen to take advantage of the new shiny toy. Long way short, augmented reality apps allow user to see digital text, animations, links or images in real time on top of the real life environment via mobile devices. At present, most of the augmented reality elements focus on marketing and entertainment, but there has been some experiments with online shopping experience, ecommerce, tourism and search. Google and Apple are very interested in the possibilities augmented reality can bring, since both Android and iPhone have computer vision technologies that rely on Smartphone cameras. Google started by creating Goggles, a mobile app for Android and iOS which can translate text, get more information out of contact info, artwork and books besides of recognizing landmarks, logos and wine labels. Apple meanwhile has acquired Polar Rose, a company which has created facial recognition software and other elements that enable the “automatic creation of events based on visual cues in images.” This brings enormous possibilities on social networking area. Apple has the iPhone OS and technology, and Facebook its Facebook Places and large user base perfect for the newly acquired facial recognition. Now if Apple and Facebook decided to join the forces, they could compete in AR “places” category with a social touch.
It has been predicted that augmented reality will take between five to ten years to become mainstream, together with the Smartphones. I am Pauliina Jamsa, a 32-year-old multi-lingual Finnish Digital & Mobile marketing expert with International business background - I have lived in many countries and speak 7 languages. I am really, really interested in seeing what the Nintendo 3DS will be able to do in this field. Next story Social Media: Facebook Challenges Google in Search, Could Google Strike Back with Social? Let’s quickly clarify a few things before we get into the nitty gritty of international marketing and global marketing. According to the Oxford University Press, global marketing means a company adopts the same promotional tactics across the world – think of Wal-Mart or Nike. International marketing, on the other hand, means marketing a company applies when it opens a subsidiary in a country and lets the subsidiary serve the local market, paying attention to local customs in terms of religion, lifestyles and eating habits, for example. In global marketing, a company offers the same products and services across the board, in multiple countries. Global marketing personnel tend to work at the company’s headquarters and generally are a diverse group of people. Conversely, in international marketing, team members tend to hail exclusively from the same country or a country with linguistic or cultural affinity with the primary country.
In international marketing, however, budget issues are negotiated and handled at the local level, within the subsidiary.
When it comes to promotion tactics, global marketing teams try to run ads and other communication ploys that are in sync with a global audience. An excellent way to understand is to see ads that were run during the 2014 FIFA World Cup – a perfect mix for global marketing: global sports event, billions of viewers, one passion for the game. In international marketing , commercials and other promotion tactics are tailored for the local market.
So in terms of operational autonomy, global marketing teams tend to run everything from A to Z, from the corporate headquarters, whereas international marketing teams handle things domestically. By reviewing their social media pages, you can quickly see which companies favor global marketing over international marketing – and vice versa. That is not to say that global marketing is less effective when it comes to customer engagement – the tactics are just different. But it is clear that international marketing tends to produce a higher level of engagement than global marketing. In global marketing, commercials are run all over the world, whereas international marketing favors ad airing in the local market exclusively – or in similar markets, at most.
Other products, conversely, cannot exist in some countries because of cultural prohibition or legal censorship. Market research and R&D are as deep and broad in global marketing as they are in international marketing.
Sometimes, though, global marketing can produce big flops when market research has not properly conducted or local customs thoroughly studied. Other product flops include the Ben-Gay aspirin, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, and the Cocaine Energy Drink produced by Redux Beverages.

Coca-Cola used that mixed tactic effectively in the earlier days, and is nowadays followed by every company, from Mercedes Benz to Frito Lay to Procter & Gamble to McDonald.
Whether a company opts for international marketing or global marketing is, after all, company management’s decision. Ultimately, the selected marketing strategy must fit the organization’s vision, mission, brand policy and operational structure. Needless to say, a company must reach a comfortable operational size before adopting a global marketing strategy. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Hi Todd, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post – as editor here at TYB, I can promise that it will be a super resource to explain to others how content should be formatted. With very little knowledge on the differences between global and international marketing your post made it easy for me to differentiate between the two.
I think the decision of how to market the product depends on an analysis of the following question: Is the product or service something that virtually everyone would want or benefit from? Thank you for breaking down the difference between global and international marketing to a level that I can clearly understand.
I remember taking a course in undergrad in which we dived into global and international marketing. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Students learn to leverage dynamic data, analytics, real-time simulation, and deployment scenarios to make critical decisions in the changing ecommerce environment. The ways in which consumers are engaging with products and services has changed, influencing the factors that shape buying decisions, and as a result, the methods marketers employ to reach consumers must change as well.
As a result, businesses are creating new roles and jobs just to stay competitively positioned; this is necessary to not only survive, but thrive.
That’s why our innovative curriculum blends 21st century topics in e-commerce, web design, and database analysis with a solid marketing core of advertising, research, and promotional skills. Every student has the opportunity to interact directly with faculty members and peers enrolled in BU’s partner universities across Latin America, Mexico, and India. Includes accounting principles, measurement and disclosure issues, financial statement analysis, time value of money, cash flow projection and analysis, capital budgeting and project evaluation, bond and equity valuation, cost of capital and capital structure.
Students will review the problems of decision-making related to demand, production, costs, market structure, and price; as well as analyze the interplay between governments, economic systems, labor, and multinational corporations (MNCs).
Emphasis is placed on the definition of the problem, analysis of the approaches available to solve the problem, and an understanding of the limitations and strengths of these approaches as well as the necessary resources. This course covers the nature and analysis of fixed income securities and an in-depth examination of some of the particular features of some major classes of fixed income instruments, valuation, sensitivity to risks, and management of fixed income portfolios. This course provides a view of marketing for the twenty-first century, with special emphasis on the impact of new Internet marketing techniques, research using data mining and metrics, search engine optimization, reaching consumer markets through the new business models associated with social communities, blogs, and other Web 2.0 structures. Emphasis is placed on managing in the most competitive business environment in the world; preparing, implementing, and maintaining sustainable international business transactions and operations. Includes an interactive computer-based simulation involving student teams performing analysis and decision-making for a company operating in a multinational environment. Students are exposed to the development of tourism and regional development plans, the basis for segmentation and target markets.
The diffusion of these practices in the media is used as an example of brand image deterioration. The department boasts a cadre of full-time faculty members who are prolific researchers with significant senior management experience in several industries, bringing a range of domestic and international perspectives to the classroom. Becker has published more than sixty articles and book chapters, both nationally and internationally, in the areas of international management, electronic commerce, strategy, marketing, and global service sector issues. Becker is editor of the Journal of Transnational Management and technology and business editor of the Journal of Euromarketing. Zlatev is an experienced educator and entrepreneur, with an extensive background in industrial engineering and corporate management.
Zlatev’s interests include applications of system dynamics in areas such as decision management, performance management, process management, and international marketing; and researching and managing complex high-technology initiatives that involve international cooperation, intellectual property rights, and technology transfer. You’ll take online courses with students enrolled in BU’s international partner universities across Asia, Latin America, and Mexico. This program provides the knowledge and the skills to learn how customer data can fuel innovative thinking at the enterprise level.
As a BU student, you’ll learn how to think ahead, how to adapt, and how to keep pace with the evolving nature of the consumer-driven business world. Boston University is accredited by the AACSB, an organization devoted to management education around the world. When it comes to listing academic credentials on your resume, the face value of your degree is certainly influenced by the university’s brand. We have recent grads working in high-level positions that didn’t even exist a few years ago.
Graduates have the opportunity to return within four years of graduation (subject to review) to enhance their BU credentials with a graduate certificate. Here at BU, our faculty exemplifies this type of agile leadership by actively participating in the field, researching, lecturing, and publishing their findings. Learn how to leverage data analytics concepts, techniques, and state-of-the-art tools to monitor and identify performance issues, and propose optimal data-based solutions.
Topics include descriptive analytics (techniques for categorizing, characterizing, consolidation, and classifying data for conversion into useful information for the purposes of understanding and analyzing business performance), predictive analytics (techniques for detection of hidden patterns in large quantities of data to segment and group data into coherent sets in order to predict behavior and trends), prescriptive analytics (techniques for identification of best alternatives for maximizing or minimizing business objectives).
The major risk categories of the enterprise risk management such as financial risk, strategic risk and operational risk will be discussed and risk analytics approaches for each of these risks will be covered. This course explores approaches and techniques to support the managerial decision-making process and skills in using state-of-the-art statistical and analytics tools.
The web analytics part of the course studies the metrics of websites, their content, user behavior, and reporting. Includes data accumulation, accounting principles, financial statement analysis, measurement and disclosure issues, cost analysis, budgeting and control, production costs, and standard costs. Stresses understanding financial statements, planning and control, cost and benefit evaluation, cash flow analysis, and capital budgeting. Expand your knowledge of doing business in international markets by working in teams with students from several regions of the world and take courses offered by our foreign partners. Project management principles and methodology are provided with special focus on planning, controlling, and coordinating individual and group efforts.
This course examines the current philosophies of leadership as applied to project management and identifies various styles of communication and conflict resolution. Managing the risk of a project as it relates to a three-part systematic process of identifying, analyzing, and responding is examined through actual case studies.
This course will provide a detailed understanding of program management and will present concepts that promote efficient and effective communication and coordination among various groups. Learn how to identify, mitigate, and respond to business disruptions –whether manmade or natural. The course studies the elements of risk assessment and operational continuity using the project management framework of planning, organizing, and control. Security areas of study include information technology, terrorism, and other organization disruptions. During this course, we will first review the organization and processes necessary to effectively respond to and manage incidents, including the transition from emergency response and incident management to business recovery.
For example, only by placing the mobile front of a painting in Rome, user can get information of the painter, history or dimensions. Other companies have developed AR apps for both OS, but it brings a small revenue compared to the profit and business opportunities a fully owned killer AR app could bring.
However unlike Augmented reality, Googles does not process and present things in real time. If these two companies join forces they can very well have a chance to compete with Google. With its impressive data base and search engine & Google maps experience it could very well become a killer app. Imagine an app where you can see in real life not only the ratings or info, but also which places have been recommended or visited by your friends. For example, user could see other person’s social networking info and feeds from Facebook just by looking at them though the phone.
Brands and consumers do not necessarily understand yet how the technology works, but AR creates interest and fascination.
Based in London, I am currently working as Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics. Although mobile AR is definitely more popular among brands as the user group is more accessible, but it’s what the 3DS hardware has to offer that I reckon will bring in some mind-blowing examples of AR. Think about Sharia finance products, which are only offered in Islamic countries or to Muslim customers in non-Muslim countries – or meat that is banned from Israeli or Muslim diet. They possess various skills that collectively mesh well together, and take a global view of the company’s market. For example, Nike sets a global marketing budget, which then trickles down to local offices. Take for example McDonald, which runs local ads, some of which you will never see in another country. By setting multiple communication channels, a company can better engage with fans and customers at a local level. We already talked about sport gear; you also have movies and songs as well as technology products.
Think, for example, of Chevy Nova’s and Mazda LaPuta’s unfortunate stints in the Spanish market (in Spanish, ‘no va’ and ‘la puta’ mean ‘it doesn’t go’ and ‘the whore,’ respectively.).
My accidental omission of a TOC is kind of funny because I used to manage a large wiki-based content system that used TOCs as a built-in feature. You really broke the two large concepts down to a level of understanding, now I know how to differiate the two. If the answer is yes, that the product is broad based enough that everyone could find some benefit, then the global approach is likely more effective. I am currently exploring business opportunities in the African markets, and this blog help me better understand the difference between global and international marketing. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site!
Yet quick to respond in order to strategically position their products or services to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer base. For example, students can join MBA candidates currently attending Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM)—ranked by the Financial Times as one of the top 15 business schools in the world—and participate in their management and marketing classes, discussion groups, and projects. Key topics of focus include developing a project plan and scheduling resources, work breakdown structures, and project networks. Topics include comparison of e-commerce procedures, payment mechanisms, applications in different industry sectors, security, supply chain issues, and business-to-business relationships.
Topics include the basis for the existence, organization, and growth of MNCs, and a comparison of major economic and government systems. The course also prepares the student with the design and presentation skills necessary to communicate the problem and the different solutions or outcome possibilities.

We begin with a description of driving forces and starting conditions for being a competitive and sustainable business enterprise including the role of the market integration in the NAFTA region. Team decisions are affected by exchange rates, tax rates, intercompany and local financing, and transfer pricing.
In the same class, an article on democratic inclusion of all stakeholders in corporate governance is presented as a means to solve this type of social conflict between the economic goals of the company and community interests. As teachers and mentors, the faculty delivers experiential knowledge underpinned by classic theory, with the ultimate goal of developing agile managers. He serves on the editorial boards of Advances in Competitiveness Research, Strategic Outsourcing, the Journal of Teaching in International Business, the Journal of Business and Information Technology, the International Journal of Organizational Analysis, and PRAGYAA–Journal of Management. Yet a typical MBA with a concentration in marketing still focuses on the old-fashioned, Four Ps analog model.
If your schedule allows, you will also have the opportunity to travel to India or Mexico and learn firsthand the cultural differences that exist in the international marketing field. The MS in International Marketing Management online program teaches you how to analyze streams of real-time data. You can be sure this nimble management approach isn’t gleaned from the 1960′s Four Ps marketing model. The MS in International Marketing Management is a globally diverse program, designed to prepare marketing managers for opportunities and innovations—that are still on the horizon. Earning your graduate degree from an iconic institution such as Boston University is an intelligent way to distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive global economy. Each of the four graduate certificates works with the curricular requirements of the Graduate Programs in Management.
Students will learn how to use data effectively to drive rapid, precise, and profitable analytics-based decisions. Students will learn how to use interlinked data-inputs, analytics models, business statistics, optimization techniques, simulation, and decision-support tools.
Students will have an opportunity to gain basic understanding of how transaction and descriptive data are used to construct customer segmentation schemas, build and calibrate predictive models, and quantify the incremental impact of specific marketing actions. Topics include comparison of e-commerce procedures, payment mechanisms, applications in different industry sectors, security, the challenges of starting and maintaining an electronic business site, as well as a comparison with traditional business practices. Special emphasis is provided on the impact of new Internet marketing techniques, research using data mining and metrics, search engine optimization, reaching consumer markets through the new business models associated with social communities, blogs, and other Web 2.0 structures. Learn a higher level of critical thinking to successfully deliver multiple projects on time and within budget. Key topics of focus include overview of modern project management, organization strategy and project selection, defining a project and developing a project plan and scheduling resources, project risk analysis, work breakdown structures, and project networks. Through case studies and various exercises, you will develop enhanced leadership, communication, conflict management, and negotiation skills. Students learn how to manage the components of a project to assure it can be completed through both general and severe business disruptions on local, national, and international levels. Students will understand PMIA® program management processes and use tools that automate and enforce processes for managing scope changes, risk, quality, issues, schedules, resources, releases, and costs.
Students are exposed to the role of the firm in crisis response and management as well as the terms, systems, and interactions necessary to assure continuous operations. Students study proactive risk assessment through management risk analysis techniques and simulations. Finally, the course will focus on disaster recovery, with an emphasis on technology recovery, an absolutely essential but sometimes overlooked component of any successful corporate recovery program. ABI Research forecasted that even if in 2010 revenue from AR was only 21 million dollars, amount might very well increase to 3 billion dollars by 2016. Or more fun example: user can play real life pac man, where the players look like computer pac man characters (through mobile of course).
Yelp is another rating and review service, mobile media company Ogmento creates AR mobile games and Wikitude shows the user in real world the information from Wikipedia and other sources. It takes a photo, sends it to Google’s servers, which recognize and translate it before sending the result back.
There are review and map AR apps, but they are mainly focused on cities and tourist attractions such as NY, Paris and London for example.
Seeing little pictures of friends who like the place or even friends who actually are currently there sounds very attractive. Big personal privacy issues yes, because no one wants a stranger in the street or bar to know his name and everything else about him. He has been invited to be a TEDx Speaker and keynoted at several different university events. As a trainer in WordProcessing, I appreciate where you are coming from in terms of readability, it’s not just confined to blogging. In your example, every culture could benefit from Nike, since shoes are a benefit to everyone with feet (which is virtually everyone). My background is more in the operational sector of business, therefore learning marketing techniques is extremely valuable for me as a business owner. Working in the finance industry, it’s definitely a form of global marketing that involves us positioning ourself in the market with a more innovative approach to appeal to our audience.
Students design a business-grade website using commercial application programs such as Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
Areas include the impact on the firm’s business transactions and trade due to taxation, regulation, legal environments, and labor influences. Included is consideration of corporate market entry strategies such as import and export agreements and transactions, contractual agreements, strategic alliances, and direct foreign investments.
He is a member of the board of the International Management Development Association and is country director for the United States, Board of the European and Mediterranean (EuroMed) Research Business Institute (EMRBI). Most MBA-driven marketing courses lack the foresight to generate practical skills for future application in today’s wired world. Our research-oriented faculty shows you how to leverage analytics, in order to rapidly reposition products and quickly adjust strategies in the face of ever-changing customer demands.
If you have completed two of four specialization courses as part of the master’s degree, then by completing just two additional specialization courses, you can earn a graduate certificate.
The framework of using interlinked data-inputs, analytics models, and decision-support tools will be applied within a proprietary business analytics shell and demonstrated with examples from different functional areas of the enterprise.
An integrated enterprise risk analytics approach will be demonstrated with examples from different functional areas of the enterprise.
The text mining module covers the analysis of text including content extraction, string matching, clustering, classification, and recommendation systems.
MS Project will be introduced in this course to provide hands-on practical skills with the above topics. Students learn the process of cost management, early cost estimation, detailed cost estimation, and cost control using earned value method. You will learn how to design a program and manage program costs, risk, and communication within the context of Project Portfolios. The unique and critical roles of private and public partnerships are reviewed and particular attention is paid to the interplay and interdependency among national, state, community, business (public and private), and the individual. Students will be able to design a company or agency global assurance plan, organize the strategy to make the plan operational, and implement control measures to assess the plan’s degree of success. He was recognized by the United Nations Foundation as a 2013 Empact100 Honoree for his social entrepreneurship work, received a Congressional Award for his community service and was the recipient of the Forty Under 40 Business Leadership Award sponsored by Syracuse University.
The same is true of caterpillar, since industrial machinery helps to advance mankind in general through more efficient construction. I will use the lessons learned in your blog to help me effectively market my business in Africa. This course also investigates the relationship between the interaction of national culture and development.
Factors of risk management, business continuity management, and performance management (on project and corporate levels) are considered. But the MS in International Marketing Management program offers a forward-thinking curriculum that goes beyond the Four Ps and teaches professionals how to think critically and leverage data at various customer touch points. The web mining module presents how web crawlers process and index the content of web sites, how search works, and how results are ranked. Mastery of key tools and concepts introduced in this course provides a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Students study in depth the issues of project procurement management and the different types of contracts for various scope scenarios. Imagine what it would mean for local businesses and advertisers to be highlighted in real life environment.
His personal story was turned into a short documentary, ‘AGAINST THE ODDS,’ and featured in the Huffington Post and Forbes. I feel that my initial marketing concentration will follow the international marketing concept then later move into a global marketing strategy to cover a broader market. Topics range from rain forest and species management in developing nations to pollution generated by these countries. Regional policies, international trade development, opportunities in international trade development, and forward-looking challenges are examined. This course introduces processes and knowledge areas from three new PMI standards: Program Management standard, OPM3, and Portfolio Management. The role of establishing and maintaining standards by local, national, and international agencies is discussed, as is the importance of these agencies in certifying operations. Companies with risque or culturally insensitive products can’t use the same approach everywhere. Culture, policy, and development are also discussed in relation to the impact of the business interactions (agriculture, fishing, technology transfer, etc.) on developing and developed nations.
All participants attend live online lectures, partake in discussion boards and complete a group term project involving business simulation.
He currently serves as the Endowed Chair of the Project Management Center of Excellence and Associate Professor in the College of Science and Technology at Bellevue University. For example, alcohol and lingerie companies wouldn’t have much fortune in many middle eastern companies where drinking and dressing inappropriately are not widely viewed as acceptable. The project is developed in stages (decision rounds) throughout the term and teams compete during each stage. He is also a JWMI Fellow at the Jack Welch Management Institute in the Executive MBA program and Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University.
Cigarette companies would need to modify their message for more socially conscious populations. In these scenarios, international marketing would work better and either no marketing, or specifically tailored marketing would be of greater benefit.

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