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A normalized 100-point score representing the likelihood of a page to rank well in search engine results. Drilling down on a specific competitor will show you an audit of historical data on that site.
The Monitoring (Control) stage is where you learn how to put monitoring systems into place to ensure that their competitive value proposition accomplishes what is intended.
A learning program for a Professional Service firm or individual that wants to kick-start their marketing.
When most Lean Organizations try to introduce Lean to sales and marketing they seldom take the time to develop Lean Thinking. Social media analytics company Locowise recently investigated how companies that are active on social media platforms like Facebook respond to comments from their customers and were surprised at what they learned.
Given the ease of Facebook and it’s immediacy, one would expect an even quicker customer service response than you’d get via e-mail or phone.
However, if you do want your Facebook page to reach its true digital marketing potential, make sure that your customer service staff has access to the page so that they can see the posts and let them know it’s a priority. Although the Locowise study focused on Facebook, the same principles apply to other social media platforms. Ridge Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency in NJ with the ability to handle every aspect of your advertising, marketing and branding needs. Ridge Marketing leads small startups and large businesses to increased ROI through effective visual communicationsand the latest advances in interactive marketing.

Simply mark the box in your user preferences and you will receive the report every Monday morning (EST). This control effort focuses not only on the more strategic value proposition, but also can be set up to monitor specific transactions such as sales, repairs, inquires and other customer experiences. It is not a project-by-project approach for reducing the costs of marketing activities, but rather an approach that seeks to enhance marketing’s effectiveness and efficiency. Eric Reidenbach the creator of this program has allowed me to offer the audio section of the program on the Business901 Blog this week. Using the A3 Thinking Process gives a systemic way of implementing Lean Thinking in Sales and Marketing. So why do so many companies neglect a vital part of that interaction with their customers by neglecting to see Facebook as part of their digital marketing program? For starters, if you know that no one will be monitoring or responding to comments posted on your page, disable the commenting feature. A response need not be detailed but should be prompt, letting the customer know you are looking into it.
If someone makes a mistake or there is an “oops” moment, post info about it on Facebook immediately, before someone else puts it out on social media.
Monitoring social media channels is a vital part of any digital marketing program but it can be a daunting prospect.
This monitoring process acts as a trip wire, providing information where there are potential people, product of process issues that require intervention.

For organizations that have deployed Six Sigma or other quality initiatives, the 5 Cs approach provides a user friendly bridge for moving the quality focus from the manufacturing floor to the marketplace.
Lean Marketing establishes pull and allows you to develop and implement the Funnel of Opportunity.
I develop onboarding programs that not only engage your customers but deliver sales opportunities. During the month of May, Locowise conducted a study looking at 900 company Facebook pages with nearly 300 million total page likes.
In “Settings” click on “General” where you’ll see an option for “Publishing Ability.” Simply unclick the option to allow other people to publish to your timeline and you won’t have to worry about it.
Those seeking to become best in market must shift their focus from a product orientation to a market orientation, from an internal efficiency focus to an external focus. The study focused on the 51% of these companies that allowed people to publish posts on their company page timelines.
Customers will see your company as honest and willing to do what it takes to fix a mistake or right a wrong.

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