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Pin Share Tweet Buffer Email Stumble +1Shares 1.0KUpdated 2015 Editorial Calendar Available! As part of my goals this year, I wanted to create a calendar to keep my future posts and due dates organized.
The 2014 calendar will have a separate file available next week for the monthly format seen below. A 40-something geek trying to juggle 4 kids, digital lifestyle blog, husband, running, living a healthy lifestyle and still find time for digital scrapbooking. Love Lifestyle Technology, Social Media, Fitness Gaming, Diet Coke, Running, PC & Mac Geek, Reading, Beach and anything with Glitter or Bling!
Free 2014 marketing calendar template - brandeo, Our shiny new 2014 marketing calendar template makes life just a tiny bit easier. Make 2016 calendar excel (includes free template), How to use a monthly or yearly calendar excel template.
In this era of content marketing, creating and maintaining an editorial calendar and managing all of your content assets are essential for implementing a successful content marketing program. Content planning tools give you a holistic view of how your brand content editorial calendar fits into your entire content marketing strategy and answers important questions: How does content fulfill the expectations of specific customer segments?
TopRankA® Online Marketing takes an integrated approach to content planning and we write extensively on the subject, today I’ll focus on five different tools that you can use to track, control and manage online content. DivvyHQ provides a way to plan, divvy up and conquer the tasks associated with editorial planning without the headache of using clunky spreadsheets. If youa€™re managing a lot of content and multiple team members, this application definitely takes the hassle out of planning and collaboration. If youa€™re looking to save time on your clienta€™s web projects, this might be the solution for you. Kapost makes content marketing easy by managing every step of the process in a single platform.
For marketers committed to becoming content publishers, Kapost represents a true strategic platform designed to target each asset for a specific buyer persona at a specific stage in the buyera€™s journey. The ability to distribute content to all your channels with a click of a button is a huge time saver. Having used this platform, it does require a steeper learning curve than your typical blogging editorial calendar.
Compendium orchestrates all of the content necessary today to maintain a consistent message for your brand.
Compendium makes it possible for everyone inside your company and your customers, even, to become content creators with a suite of tools that motivates them.
WordPress, with its thousands of plugins, has made publishing content for the masses possible. Ita€™s not as robust as DivvyHQ, but for the small business or solo blogger who wants to keep track of concepts and rearrange posts to provide diversity in their content planning, this is an easy one-click install that will keep you better organized by allowing you to schedule content in advance. Thanks to marketing software, companies of every size have the ability to create, collaborate, collect, and curate their story and brand message.

Based on Lee’s postA about the future of content yesterday, what types of content marketing tools do you anticipate marketers will be needing in the in the next 12 months? OnFast has created a revolutionary calendar that allows you to track every advertising campaign you create as soon as you create them.
With multiple layers, the OnFast Planning Calendar has the capability to show scheduled events for every channel imaginable.
What's even more amazing is every new campaign is automatically added to your OnFast Planning Calendar the instant you create it. Easily create press releases, blog posts and social network posts with OnFast's intuitive writing assistant.
We love having these conversation and see them as one of the most important things we do as a startup - this is our chance to understand our customers' needs which in turn helps us refine our products (and in some cases, inspires an entirely new product - more on TaskRay coming soon!). One need that has continually emerged from these conversations is the ability to view an annual marketing calendar, usually for resource and budget planning purposes. Today we are excited to announce that there's a new version of Campaign Calendar in the AppExchange that includes a feature we call Planning View. Planning View continues our commitment to making Campaign Calendar the best Salesforce marketing calendar app, and we can't wait to hear your feedback. Sign-up here for inbox updates on release news, upcoming webinars, and amazing best practice ideas! I searched online for an editorial calendar template (download link) to fill-in-the-blanks and be done. The colors match my tabs in my binder where I keep all my information for my business each month.
Literally this week I’ve been thinking that I needed some sort of calendar to keep me on track with my blog and my blog-related facebook postings.
Using content planning tools like these, you can spend more time creating the content objects that will attract, engage and convert more traffic to grow your business. This is a cloud-based application you can call a€?homea€? built specifically for professional content producers. You can choose to add more detail, or you can simply a€?park ita€? in your Parking Lot and add the details later, so you can keep right on brainstorming.
You can choose to set up calendars based on client name, campaign name, team name, content type or website. Using drag and drop, you can quickly rearrange the order of your content, as well as see an overview of the entire project. Planning content is just a matter of adding pages, gathering content, uploading files and saving your work. The software can manage blog posts, videos, eBooks and white papers, social media posts, presentations and infographics, emails, landing pages and webinars.
The content object is visible to all collaborators through a content dashboard and becomes part of the workflow in a calendar format, identifying due dates for content assets and campaigns. In addition, as you publish content across different channels, Kapost aggregates performance metrics and displays them in one place, including links earned and conversions.

They make it easy to create and place compelling content from both inside and outside your company.
You can publish each campaign where your customers will see it and promote your story through social networks and keyword tagging. One popular plugin for bloggers and content marketers is their Editorial Calendar, which allows you to set up all your posts in a simple calendar format. These tools allow for you to streamline planning, offer unified messaging, ensure quality and promote your story. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Whether it's automated social network postings, press releases, print promotions or any other event, this calendar can help you track it. Our writing assistant provides customers with professionally written, industry-specific templates.
These conversations run the gamut from helping Campaign Calendar customers fine tune the details of their campaign operations to helping companies considering Salesforce understand what marketing features are available.
Many customers told us that their teams spend a lot of time and effort building spreadsheets to show the yearly view, and we kept thinking there had to be a better way. Does planned content fit within business growth initiatives and what are the connections to calls to action? With the ability to organize and manage a robust list of content types and tracks its production, tracking a successful content marketing effort is a snap. Use your Parking Lot to store your ideas and allow your team to submit content ideas to you for review. You can manage the project by assigning pages, setting due dates, discussing content elements and setting status approvals and, finally, exporting the content to your CMS.
With the integration of marketing automation platforms, like Eloquo and Marketo, businesses are also able to score content performance for its impact on the sales funnel. Finally, they provide a way to prove your performance with their reporting and tracking features that display critical metrics in a single dashboard. Ita€™s a clean interface that allows you to drag and drop blog posts to better manage your ideas.
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I liked the basics of this editorial calendar by Alan Peterson of Internet Marketing Nirvana, but it was for 2010, so I created a new editorial calendar. It is easy for me to see where each month is and I can look at the year in terms of weeks or months.

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