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How to Use Your Loyalty Program for Savvy Market Research You are using an outdated browser. Frankly, they’ve only started to scratch the surface of what a good loyalty program can do for a small business.Consider the issue of market research. All Things Digital Small Business Marketing program will also help to get your digital content on digital media channels such as youtube, vimeo and more. We will also help to initiate an html newsletter campaign with your current client database, and help to increase it size. All Things Digital Small Business Marketing program also includes general graphic design services.
Contact us today, with any questions you have in regards to our  Small Business Marketing program!
This ten session program covers the core curriculum of the highly acclaimed Duct Tape Marketing System. Learn the best way to tap into the incredible power of online marketing and master the strategies, tactics and tools required to build the most complete approach to online marketing. Referral Engine Pro offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. I have spoken to three people this week who use their Outlook as the method for keeping an email marketing list (or lists in one case) for their business. Signup boxes for your website – a way to promote your newsletter and allow new subscribers to sign up with ease. Security for subscribers since most email providers have strict rules regarding email privacy and spam and this makes them feel more comfortable entering their email and knowing that you are following a policy with regards to their personal information and email address.
Autoresponders – These allow you to setup a series of actions to happen with new subscribers. Cost Effective – Email campaigns take less money and resources (especially when having to respond to every request to add to the list manually) to run over a traditional mail marketing campaign like direct mail or print advertising. The initial setup of your system, process and a template for your newsletters is the most time consuming and technical aspect of using an email marketing system. When we provide ongoing email marketing support for our clients, they provide the content and we take that info and format it into their email marketing system adding images, links to special places on their website (or elsewhere) and proof the articles to get it ready to send – creating the newsletter. If you have a mailing list and are doing many aspects manually you may want to investigate some of the systems above.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan is an integral part of your overall business plan, and we can help you pull all of the elements together.
Based upon years of working with technology companies who were at various stages of strategic planning, Aistrup Consulting developed our own flexible process to help customers define and develop compelling, actionable marketing plans. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time we take on a project—if all you need is a “tune up” on your old plan, we’ll start from there. We write your plans to meet the specific needs of your audience, whether it’s investors, lenders, Board members or your own management. Take the first step toward making that commitment, and call us today to help you develop an actionable Marketing Plan.
Conducted a product line optimization to identify low margin products and refocus business development on high profit segments. Developed and wrote funding documentation for clients seeking financing and government grants, resulting in over $20 million of SBIR funding and successful private and public financing rounds. Trained Marketing and Sales of a Fortune 50 technology firm in Best Practices including strategy and value proposition development, market analyses, competitive intelligence, product life cycle modeling, pricing strategies and product launches. Clarified the value proposition for a disposable medical device, established a new brand identity and ultimately positioned the product as the new industry standard within two years.
Conceived and led strategy development for more than 20 early stage technology companies, resulting in first commercial sales, industry awards such as “Startup of the Year” and funding from SBIR, private and public sources. Strengthened product pricing strategies for management of a renewable energy technology firm, validated with in-depth analysis of competitor financials, distribution, production capabilities, new products and SWOT analyses.
Established an aggressive IP licensing program for a biotech company resulting in the company’s first multi-million dollar license agreement with a Fortune 100 medical device company. Licensing and royalty revenues increased from zero to over $50M in 5 years, propelling the company to #20 on Fortune Small Business Fastest Growing 200 List. Managed and negotiated Intellectual Property licenses and agreements with global technology developers in the Printed Electronics industry resulting in two publicly announced agreements.
Qualified prospective licensing targets for medical diagnostic technologies, initiated discussions and negotiated terms leading to 3 executed agreements. It’s no secret that small business owners don’t have the funds to do the kind of market research that large corporations are able to afford.However, if you step up your loyalty program, you can use it to mine some very valuable market research.
The more points of contact your company has on the web, the more relevant your business will be in the search engines eyes.

Working side by side with your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, you will to install and tailor the system specifically for your business. When I highlighted even a couple reasons why an email marketing program is a better use of their time and resources they were sold. With one look you can see how many people opened your email, if any bounced (never delivered), how many people clicked on any of the links inside and more. Generally monthly fees will run anywhere from $15 US to $129 US depending upon how many contacts (email addresses) you have and what services you want from their program. Our program isn’t “canned”—instead, we customize how we work with you based on your unique needs and budget. Your new website will be completely mobile and search engine friendly.  Your new site will also include a blog so you can update your site. All information to help you see whether the time you spend creating and sending a newsletter is worth it. Unlike with a punch card, when you collect contact information from your customers you can reach out to them and entice them to come back to your business.You can also collect important demographics and feedback through online surveys to really understand the buying habits and preferences of your customers. The TOP Jumpstart program will have your Total Online Presence up and running in days rather than weeks or months.
Using Predictive Analytics 23 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? With that information in your database, you can begin to target future sales, adapt merchandising priorities, and maybe even come up with new business ideas.For example, if you saw that your younger customers overwhelmingly buy a certain subset of what you offer and there’s an area of your community that matches that demographic, you might consider opening a business in that location that specializes in those items. With included submission to google, yahoo and bing, your site will be noticed and indexed immediately! However, the word “loyalty” often blinds them to other benefits they can enjoy from these strategies.They think that if they can squeeze a few extra sales each year out of a punch card or some similar gimmick, that they’re doing okay.

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