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Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched 7 months after Pinterest in October 2010 as a free mobile app. The two platforms do have clear differences but are worthy of comparison because they both allow users to upload photos and videos.
Instagram now has 400 million monthly active users which is four times the amount that Pinterest has with their monthly active users at the 100 million mark. On Pinterest, pinning and re-pinning, liking and creating new boards are all very simple functions to perform.
Verdict – Instagram is better for communicating with your followers and others on Instagram. There are now many companies and individuals who have built up huge followings on Instagram because of the type of content they share and products or services they supply.
Verdict – It is easier to build a following from scratch on Instagram than it is on Pinterest.
Verdict – Instagram is a far more business friendly platform for a Professional Services firm. When activated Geo- Tagging allows a business or individual to attach a location to a post. This comparison of Instagram versus Pinterest weighs down heavily in favour of Instagram but you must assess each platform in the context of your Content Marketing Plan which will most likely also include Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Marketing Fundamentals Ltd is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London that creates Content and manages Social Media for Professional Services firms.
If you would like our help creating and executing a Content Marketing Plan for your business that includes Instagram or Pinterest give us a call on +44 (0) 845 2264 247.

When it first launched there was a feeling  that it would be great for visual industries and e-commerce. Pinterest places emphasis on the creation of pin boards whereas Instagram encourages its users to take a reportage-style approach and reflect what they are actually doing rather than what they aspire to do. Instagram has more traction and all things being equal you will be able to reach more of your audience there. You should consider your audience, your objectives and the type of visual content will you be creating. The common consensus was that if you were a photographer or an interior designer it would help you to showcase your portfolio, highlight locations and attract leads and customers. For medium sized professional services business neither Instagram or Pinterest are obvious choices for Content Marketing activity. The 400 million figure is even more impressive when you consider that Instagram was launched after Pinterest and that it has also surpassed Twitter that was launched in March 2006. Whole Foods is a great example of how a retailer should run a successful Instagram account. This is a great way for many businesses to raise their local profile and for customers and potential partners to find you. In the early years Pinterest had a reputation that it was a Social Media platform with heavy female usage.
It is a also a great feature if you are have international locations or attend conferences and exhibitions.
A lot has changed with Instagram since then since then but before we summarise the changes we should explain that this time we have Instagram in a head to head with Pinterest.

This is borne out by recent statistics indicating that 85% of its 100 million monthly active users are women. The platform has introduced new advertiser friendly features making it easier for brands and companies to promotes themselves. In more technical terms, the user experience around messaging and therefore communication is better on Instagram.
The top Pinners are able negotiate brand deals with companies but promoted pins are reserved as a service for Pinterest to sell to users in a similar way to how Google Adwords works. Pinterest is being used as an aspirational wishlist of perfect places and locations; it has become a place to create online mood boards around a particular theme or place. There is a lack of clarity as to how the top Pinners are allowed to monetise their pinning activities.
As an aside, if you are parents of children who use Instagram you definitely want to ensure that Geo- Tagging is switched off because the tags are publicly accessible information. Bekka Palmer one of Pinterest’s top pinners went from 30,000 followers to 9 million in 6 months.

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