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Using a Mind Map Marketing Plan will allow you to quickly and easily put together a plan that works.
Things will also be much easier if you make use of Mind Map Software for your Marketing Plan.
Before we look at our Mind Map Marketing Plan, let's explore some important points that you need to keep in mind when drawing up your marketing plan. Knowing your customer will also allow you to get an idea of the market share that you will be able to take.
Mind Map your Ideal Customer and use this with your Mind Map Business Plan and Mind Map Marketing Plan to attract customers that love what you have to offer. The success of your Mind Map Marketing Plan is also largely determined by your vision of the future.
Having this future vision will enable you to put to a Mind Map Marketing Plan that all your stakeholders (you, your staff, your customers, your suppliers) can buy into. Now that you have done some visualisation of your business, you are better equipped to put together your Mind Map Marketing Plan. Start by putting the image of your company, product, or service in the centre of the Mind Map Marketing Plan.Put each of the above headings as headings on your Mind Map. Once you have filled in the headings and details, you are ready to start writing up your Marketing Plan. Whatever you choose, your Mind Map Marketing Plan will ensure that you understand and tackle your market in the best possible way. Download the Mind Map of the Marketing Plan below and fill in your ideas to get a holistic picture of your Marketing Plan.
Remember that you can export the Mind Map to text format if you want to create a traditional text based Marketing Plan.
Mind Mapping your Roles and Goals May 13, 16 05:46 AMHave different goals for the different roles you have to play in your life. 8 Ways Mind Maps Can Help With Project Management May 12, 16 10:11 AMProject management deals in organized chaos. On a social web they boost sharing, enable crowd sourced marketing and they do it for free. Brand ambassadors are people, customer advocates and fans who represent and talk about your brand with passion. You should make sure that they have conversations in front of as many potential customers as possible. When you need an authentic promotional boost, you need to recognize and leverage your brand ambassadors. In the past, businesses have enlisted logos, symbols, key colours and slogans to build their brand awareness. User-generated content, which predominantly includes photos, videos and tweets, is the most powerful tool you can use to harness and maximize the influence of your brand ambassadors. Until recently, brand ambassadors have largely been celebrities who were paid to endorse a brand. Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Emma Watson can send retail sites into overdrive as the masses scout for certain covetable items.
Emma Watson increased the scarf sales of Crumpet, a British knitwear company, by 62 percent in just three weeks after being snapped wearing one of their designs.
But what about if you are a smaller business, who cannot afford to shell out for royalty, or even C-grade celeb? Without blowing the whole year’s marketing budget on a five minute celebrity endorsement, you can transform your consumers into powerful and relatable brand ambassadors through the influence of visual content. Becoming a brand ambassador is often an accidental outcome for many consumers in today’s digital era, whose natural instinct it is to collect, curate and share their experiences.
The direct-selling cosmetic brand Avon operates almost entirely on the basis of brand ambassadors. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 84 percent of those surveyed ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ take action based on personal recommendations. A candid endorsement from people who do not directly represent or work for your brand is truly valuable among your potential consumers and future fans. In today’s noisy and overcrowded marketplace, you need to be nimble and responsive to consumers’ needs. Rather than seeing your advertising strategy as a one-way street, create an environment where your consumers want to talk to you, and even better still, want to talk to others about you. Whether it is the trend-setters or trend-buckers who characterize your target market, visual content is a hard to ignore medium through which your advocates are already spreading your brand’s message. In order to excite your potential brand ambassadors, you need to create a campaign which will drive their desire to share with friends, followers and onlookers.
Campaigns can start with simply ‘Liking’ or ‘Following’, usually in exchange for new product updates and competition announcements.
With user-generated visual content becoming more authentic and more trusted than any corporate content, it is time to place your brand in the background and your consumers’ real-time experiences in the foreground. MarketForce reports that 79 per cent of people say their primary reason for ‘Liking’ a company’s Facebook page is to receive discounts, with a further 81 percent saying they are influenced by what their friends share on social media.

By routinely offering discounts and promotions on your social media channels in exchange for ‘Liking’, ‘Sharing’ or uploading, your brand will grow its reach ten-fold via a series of mouse clicks. Make it easy for your consumers to share their involvement with others – both online and offline. A selection of these entries were then republished by Gatorade across their social media channels and rewarded with weekly prize packs, sparking positive consumer conversations across Facebook and Instagram. Developing a close relationship with your brand ambassadors is a vital ingredient to a winning marketing strategy.
Identifying key influencers and “shoulder tapping” them with recognition will inspire others to follow suit. The #superstyle campaign run by New Zealand fashion retailer Superette is a great example of identifying, recognizing and leveraging keen brand ambassadors. Recognizing and rewarding your contestants’ active participation is a key step to maximizing reach.
With the organic reach of Facebook decreasing, it is imperative for businesses today to find alternative ways to engage with their consumers.
Providing an attractive and user-friendly platform, which looks and feels like part of your website, is a no-brainer. Collecting content from promotional hashtags and direct upload, Jucy’s dedicated social hub has become a place for globetrotters and intrepid travellers alike to share their inspirations and be inspired.
By repurposing this content across their official channels and e-commerce pages, Jucy have developed a fantastic strategy for encouraging brand ambassadorship by placing themselves at the centre of their customers’ conversations. Visual content definitely has its value, but the ROI for a product with brand ambassadors are much higher. Great post and a brand ambassador for marketing the product should be used properly in visual content to attract the buyers. Instead of advertising through search engines, you can advertise within the Facebook community. Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook marketing could take a while before you reap results.
Although you can have some control regarding the amount of information you share on your Facebook, some business entities have already made the mistake of sharing a little bit too much.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You can set up a open search on Twitter to see who is looking for something particular but might not know about you yet. The application also stores the numbers for marketing purposes, so instead of just tweeting a special, you can send a text message to a select group of customers via text message. If you don't have a Business Plan look at our article on creating a practical Mind Map Business Plan, which can not only be used to raise finance, but to actually run your business. Knowing how you are going to take your business to the market requires some serious thinking about who you are and what you are offering your customers. Mind Maps allow your Marketing Plan to come alive, yet still explore all the necessary options. Simply follow the instructions at the end of this article to have the first draft of your Marketing Plan within a few minutes.
Try Free Mind Map software to get a feel for Mind Mapping before you try some of the commercial Mind Map Software products.
Knowing what competitors your customers buy from will also give you a good insight into how you can ensure you get your fair share of the market. You Mind Map Marketing Plan depends on you having an idea of what you provide from the customer's point of view. You now have a basic Mind Map framework for your Marketing Plan.Now go about filling in the details on your Mind Map.
Many entrepreneurs choose to only use a Mind Map Marketing Plan, while others prefer to write it up in a normal, linear document. If they are also passionate about your brand then that can provide powerful crowd sourced marketing that can amplify brand awareness. This can be done with visual content marketing that includes incentives, tools and technology that can multiply your brand awareness. However, with the instant gratification demands of Gen Y and the “always on” expectations of Gen Z, there is so much more to successful brand marketing than a catchy jingle. By leveraging the wealth of visual content your brand ambassadors are generating, you can transform a simple hashtag into a digital “call to arms”.
The formula is simple- get someone with a public profile to wear, be photographed with or mention your product, and a spike in sales should follow.
The Dutchess’ $50 (USD) black-and-white spotted maternity dress sold out on ASOS’s site only minutes after she was published wearing it.
It is up to you to decide how to market your business with your brand ambassadors’ visual content. Your job is to then help them find others like them, offering them a platform where their needs are placed front and centre.

To buy their products or even gain access to them, you need to know a brand representative. Further still, 70 percent said they took action because they followed someone’s recommendation online. A genuine recommendation from a friend instills not only confidence is your brand but confidence in the consumer’s decision to pick your brand over one of your competitors. You need to motivate your consumers to design not only your product but your brand’s message with you. What better way to get the conversation started than by leveraging your brand ambassador’s visual content. You can then prompt your consumers to share photos, statuses and videos associated with a your brand’s keywords or hashtags through a ‘call to action’, prize incentives or instant rewards.
With an AFL grand final weekend for four up for grabs, the campaign gained significant traction within the first few hours of launching. By employing a simple marketing strategy, Gatorade were able to transform the AFL amateur on the local playing field into an online brand ambassador via one simple upload.
Superette’s followers used the hashtag #Superstyle on Instagram to see their photo added to an online gallery and social community on the company’s website. Superette runs the social hubas an ‘always on’ activity, constantly collecting up-to-date and visually stunning content. Forget static images and staged brand advertising, with the right tools you can build your own media channel using user-generated content. A car hire and rental specialist with locations across the United States, Australia and New Zealand.
Priceless images of Jucy campervans parked up next to world landmarks and against breathtaking vistas are uploaded every single day to the platform.
With the right tools and technology, you can empower your consumers to not just speak about but become the voice of your brand.
The involvement of having a celebrity endorse a product are slowly losing its preference because of the cost, I personally prefer the word of mouth as mentioned in the post I follow what my friends recommend on Facebook, Twitter etc. With Facebook, you are given the freedom to use these to promote your products and services. While you can have a comment removed from your page, this will only make you look suspicious. I’m sure there are many more benefit to restaurants using this new tool and I’d love to hear what you think too!
As we mentioned in our Mind Map by example article, using examples and templates to get you Mind Mapping is the easiest and quickest way to get started.
You can use the bullet points above, or simply use them as a guide, using those that you see fit and dropping those that are unnecessary. Gatorade asked their customers to film, tag and share a series of AFL footy challenges over the course of six weeks.
They launched the social hub with a contest, with the winners announced on Superette’s blog.
Upgrade your consumers into brand ambassadors with incentives, such as being showcased on your site’s social hub, and they will spread the gospel of your brand in real time, to real people, to give you real reach. In turn, you’ll attract more visitors to your website, have them stay longer, increase your conversion rate and grow your email database. So far, the use of the combination of these social media pages can increase the success of social media marketing. These advertisements will usually appear on the pages of the accounts of users.  You can incorporate the use of pictures with these types of advertisements for added attraction. When they do this, you can start a conversation with them to gain knowledge regarding their satisfaction rate with regard to your products or services.
Since bad reviews are already part of being in the industry of business, this is something that you can never fully control. When your business is partaking on a product development, wait for the right time before announcing the product’s existence on your Facebook page.
However, if you are contemplating using social media marketing for business, many experts suggest that you start with the use of Facebook. This can be a godsend if you want to market your products or services but have a limited fund to do so. You can opt to have these directed back to your website or your own Facebook account if you want to gain more likes in your page. This will give you a way to survey your market so that you know the areas that needs improvement in your business.
Aside from links pointing back to your website, you will also need to post newsworthy information coming from the World Wide Web to prevent your page from looking like a hard core seller. Articles will not suffice since letters are not enough to get your audience to view your page.

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