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There’s a discrepancy, it seems, between the amount of time marketers spend talking and blogging about digital marketing and their likelihood to actually execute digital marketing efforts. From the volume of articles written, conferences attended, and twitter chats participated in, one would assume that all marketers and the brands they represent are completely digitally savvy and thus taking advantage of all that the medium offers. In a study created to better understand the reasons why digital marketing ranked below traditional media advertising in co-op programs offered by brands, Netsertive and Borrell Associates discovered that a lack of digital marketing understanding was behind the slow adoption. 82% of marketers responding to the survey indicated they preferred accessing co-op marketing dollars for newspaper advertising, 71% offered direct mail and radio.
One argument put forth in our office here at Sensei that may explain the number of marketers still unwilling to embrace digital marketing, is the lack of measurement offered by campaigns or the fact that they’re measuring the wrong thing. Despite the amount of technology, experience, and education available, marketers still seem to gravitate towards soft metrics including impressions and clicks instead of attempting to tie activity in online engagement to long term effects on customer lifetime value. To be fair, many marketers are tied down by limited budgets and the demand for short-term results imposed on them by  company executives and shareholders.

Salesforces’s 2014 The State of Marketing Leadership suggests that “86% of senior-level marketers agree that it’s absolutely critical or very important to create a cohesive customer journey.”  Yet only 17% report having fully integrated the customer journey into their marketing strategy and reporting metrics. True words, yet there seems to be a fundamental disconnect between the need for tracking and what needs to be tracked.  Until executives embrace the need for a long-term view of digital marketing, and fund customer lifetime value measurement, this disconnect will continue and the money that is invested in digital marketing will not produce the ROI it can or should. Sam Fiorella is a Partner here at Sensei Marketing, a consulting and technology firm focused on aiding global companies grow their business value through improved customer experiences. Find Your Purpose Before Life Kicks You In The TeethHow Facebook Rips Off Businesses“The Fat Jew” and Instagram – All That’s Wrong with Influence MarketingWill Instagram’s Advertising Platform Hurt Its Popularity?
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There’s a lack of vision in many marketers today that prevents them from seeing the bigger picture and the benefits such measurement could realize for their departments and budgets.
This pressure also forces marketers (and the ad procurement firms they hire) to drive CPM or Cost Per Thousand (Impressions) down, which means they’re purchasing the low-quality or risky online inventory.  While this strategy may drive short-term metrics like clicks up, it decreases meaningful metrics, such as conversions and effect of LTV, down. Credentials we have; Fully Insured, Locally Owned, Chamber of Commerce, BBB Member, Degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, OSU, 15 yrs experience in Lawrence, KS. Many years later we have grown into well known, top notch, full service, regional landscape company.

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