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Mobile, for years, has been perceived as a small illustrative tool, which is slick and trendy and has the potential of attracting people on a platform that instructs, even consumes their thoughts which have always been exceedingly promising with a very high potential reach. There’s one common aspect among tablets, connected TVs, wearable devices, computers and smartphones: They all play an imperative role in a contemporary user’s purchase journey. Today’s consumers are driven through multi-device and multi-channel experiences prior to taking the final decision. With mobile phones constantly competing with the computer, mobile commerce applications are driving app-only discounts and deals, encouraging a higher number of download and purchases through a smartphone. Today, there is more data being developed than ever before, largely because of the advances in data dispensation technologies that make it possible to do more with less. As advertisers continue to take the wheel of today’s complex mobile scene rolling, there will be successes and failures, and marketers must be receptive to taking the experience as learning towards a final shift of reaching greater heights through mobile advertising. MindShift Interactive is a digital outreach powerhouse that provides businesses with a data-centric approach towards achieving an intelligent and impactful digital presence.
Shares of newly formed parent company Alphabet leapt on Thursday after Google earnings shined on riding hot trends in mobile search and streaming video. Alphabet credited money from advertising in search results on mobile devices and from video advertising at YouTube with powering a 45 percent jump in profit to $3.98 billion (roughly Rs.
Alphabet shares shot up more than 10 percent to $723 in after-market trades on the figures, which highlighted also how Google managed to keep a rein on expenses.
Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth Porat said that the quarterly earnings figures, which beat Wall Street expectations, showed the strength of Google's business, particularly when it came to Internet searches using smartphones or tablets. Six Google products, including its Android mobile operating system, boasted having more than a billion users.
Alphabet also announced that its board of directors has authorized $5.09 billion (roughly Rs.
Alphabet the new parent of the Google search unit and a variety of other separate technology divisions trades under the old GOOG and GOOGL symbols on the Nasdaq exchange.
Alphabet subsidiaries include Google, Nest Labs, and Google X labs devoted to big-vision new technologies such as self-driving cars. The move gives the tech giant more ability to focus on its core business, while offering startup-like flexibility to long-shot, trailblazing projects. While Google is best known as the dominant player in Internet search, it has launched a variety of projects in recent years that are marginally related at best to its core operation. That big vision is among the reasons Alphabet was formed, according to Porat, who referred to a long-standing Google mantra that major innovation is vital to remaining relevant in the fast-evolving Internet age.
Chief executive Larry Page holds the same position at the new parent group, with executive chairman Eric Schmidt doing the same.
The Google unit, headed by Sundar Pichai, includes search, ads, maps, YouTube, Android and related technology infrastructure.
Worldwide, Internet search traffic on mobile phones has surpassed that done on desktop computers and Google has made a priority of tailoring products and services for that trend, according to Pichai.

Pichai said he was not worried about the rise of applications that let people block ads on mobile devices. Ads support most online websites and services in a model familiar to Internet users, he reasoned. Google is also weaving machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into voice search, translation, and other offerings. Web and Application Display Ads Google has taken other initiatives to move deeper into the mobile display market.
AdMob provides Google with a source of in application mobile monetization beyond its core search product and, in our view, positions Google at the center of mobile display advertising market, much as DoubleClick does in the desktop environment. You may also be interested in reading about how an Indian Startup InMobi is competing with Google in Mobile Advertising ? Mobile Advertising Watch is a leading technology media property dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, reviewing new solutions, giving reliable and actionable tips and breaking important technology news.
The wonderful thing about native advertising is that it has the potential to motivate better content with more relevance to readers. A comic — but also tragic — illustration was provided recently when The Daily Show traveled to India.
Print media has long made gravy from special advertising sections that often loosened the usual editorial standards, allowing advertisers to sing — however lamely — their own praises.
On “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” segment in question, Jones did an Indian media report, discovering that the newspaper biz is quite healthy.
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This way Caller do not pay any calling fee and Company using our Services receives his Number Instantly and in return Caller gets a Confirmation SMS that his Number has been Registered. Mobile advertising is poised to take over other forms of media with native, programmatic and location-based ads becoming immensely popular and valuable. Lack of faith or absence of investment in insights poses advertisers today with a major challenge of being able to recognise behavioural patterns across all these devices. We Are Social’s New Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 report indicates that the year will witness an increase in numbers of mobile generated data that nudge the market to another level.
With a surge of the final decision being taken on the smartphone, the consumer on the move with lowering attention spans is making time to read, make purchases and recommend his preferences to others through the medium of mobile. Marketers already comprehend their need to make the best of the funnel to achieve a much desired switch, yet many still haven’t utilised their websites or landing pages for mobile.
We are now marching towards a new era of perspective and relevant experience based on exclusive customer needs and wants, in the framework of their specific location.
From the younger generation to the older, everybody has a distinct method of using smartphones and a brand must personalise their way of reaching out.

The fact that a huge amount of data can be processed quickly and cost effectively, it leads to more relevant and personalised advertising. We combine digital marketing and research to provide a better experience for the consumer and brand.
If mobile users begin using applications that cannibalize Core search, Google will have a way to monetize the traffic by serving the display advertising in the applications.
On the other hand, what happens when publishers are so eager to please advertisers that they basically give away the store? Comedian-correspondent Jason Jones was able to purchase sponsored content in major media that extolled the virtues of … wait for it … Jason Jones. Native advertising is pretty much the same thing, now practiced across every platform from print to internet to smartphone.
Not as in editorially sound, mind you, but the Indian version of native advertising does bring in beaucoup bucks. The consumer world requires tailored content that is relevant, optimised and impeccable across display panels.
Mobile’s share of global web traffic leaped to 39 percent since last year, with one-third of all web pages now served to mobile phones; with India being the second largest with a 72 percent of mobile’s share of web traffic. Marketers need to understand that it’s all about reaching out to prospective customers through a planned course of action and relevant strategy. Similarly, many mobile ads are still not as engaging as they ought to be and are often weakly targeted from the rest of the customer drive. A sense of making it cool and exciting connects brilliantly with the youth while education and enhanced experiences have always been noteworthy in reaching out to older age groups.
AdMob is still very small, with an estimated $284mn of revenue in 2011, but it has ~24% of the mobile display advertising market. The potential for marketers to gain a competitive advantage with mobile is evident and a few pioneers have proved its potential with effective innovation.
With 946 million mobile connections and a growth of six percent in the number of mobile subscription since January 2014, the mobile marketing world is a bandwagon worth investing in. You must ensure you are able to provide a seamless and customised experience in order to receive the right returns. A recent example would be of Pepsi in Turkey which transformed 30 million cans and table mats into cinema screens via augmented reality. Users could point their phone camera at the can and interact with it, while playing games and winning prizes. Simple and effective, the key selling point was the immediacy of the marketing offering, combined with a distinguishable ‘wow’ factor.

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