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This chart shows the top 15 mobile apps and the percentage of mobile internet users that they reach.
Online marketing can be daunting for many small businesses, especially since many of them lack the right expertise and background in both marketing and technology. 500 Startups-backed Glyder is founded by OpenTable co-founder Glenn Allen and former Zynga mobile designer Alan Wells, after recognizing just how complicated and expensive online marketing has become for the millions of small businesses that have less than five employees and lack the design and marketing resources of larger companies.
Glyder is free to use, but monetizes itself by providing premium templates and additional distribution options, which are available for $0.99 each via in-app purchase. It’s certainly curious that Glyder differentiates itself from other online marketing tools by focusing on a completely mobile experience. Local search engine optimization (LSEO) is a powerful digital marketing strategy for business owners wanting to sell to local customers, A if youa€™re not showing up in local search, youa€™re missing out. Increased Web traffic, brand visibility, and an increase in revenue are all advantages of investing in SEO.
To take control of your local search results, follow the local SEO checklist and best practices below.
For example, a painting company may be inclined to optimize their exterior painting page around the term a€?exterior residential paintinga€? because that is the term the industry uses. If you are a local business, you can also add a geo-modifier to a keyword to make it location specific.
To start, brainstorm keywords yourself or ask customers, friends, or family what keywords they would use to find a business like yours. Your title should include the keyword you are trying to rank for, while at the same time accurately describe the page. The purpose of a meta description is to provide the user and search engines with a brief synopsis of your page. You can use this toolA to preview what your titles and meta descriptions would look like in the search results. If you want to show up in local search, ita€™s crucial that Google understands where your business is located. The more often your business information is found on the web, and the more consistent it is, the higher your visibility will be in local search. The quantity and quality of your online reviews play a direct role in our search visibility.
Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Houzz, and Angiea€™s List are great places to receive and reply back to reviews.A Read more about how online reviews affects your business and ita€™s online presence. If users are feeling frustrated when visiting your website due to a poor mobile experience like small text, needing to pinch the touch screen to zoom in, slow loading time, then you should update to a mobile friendly website.
Most mobile-friendly websites feature responsive web design, meaning that it is able to adjust to fit the screen size of any device. In April 2015, Google announced a mobile-friendly update to its algorithm, which resulted in penalties against websites that were not optimized for mobile devices. Failing to comply with Googlea€™s Mobile Friendly guidelines will result in a major loss in mobile search traffic.
A social profile is like an upgraded version of a citation in that it is often more trustworthy, unique, and customizable.
To build your websitea€™s visibility, you will need to create as many relevant and high-quality citations and social profiles as possible. If you move locations, you will need to update your NAP information on your website, citations, and social profiles. Write unique business descriptions that summarize your companya€™s history, niche, products, and services. Google My Business, or GMB for short, is an incredible marketing platform for small businesses. To list your business, go to Google My Business and type in your business name and address into the search bar. While waiting for your postcard to arrive, you can update your business address, description, categories, hours of operation and map marker.
Schema markup is code that you can add to your website that helps search engines better understand certain types of information on your website. Some schema markup can generate rich snippets, which are enhanced elements to your result on the search results pages.
Google currently supports rich snippets for review ratings, recipes, organized events, videos, and news articles.
For more information on how to utilize schema markup, check out this guide from the Search Engine Journal. Most websites will naturally have a few links, but you can increase your links (and your rankings) by link building. Link building is the process of outreaching to authoritative, high-quality, and relevant websites to persuade them to link back to your website. Following this 12 point local SEO checklist andA best practices can significantly help your website outperform competitors while building your brand reputation and exposure. There are minimal legal costs associated with forming a sole proprietorship: you just need to make sure youa€™re complying with any local zoning and business permit laws.
However, there are several drawbacks to the sole proprietorship, and many entrepreneurs eventually restructure their sole proprietorship to a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company). The sole proprietor of a business can be held personally liable for the debts and obligations of the business.
When you form a corporation or LLC, you are separating the business from the business owner. If you plan on expanding in the future, either by finding an investor or getting a business loan, then youa€™ll need to have a formal business structure thata€™s different than a sole proprietorship.
In the course of growing your business, you may seek out work with a larger company and be surprised that their contract stipulates that youa€™re operating as a corporation or LLC. In addition, there has been a lot of discussion over the past few years about the IRS cracking down on companies that improperly classify workers as contractors instead of shelling out payroll taxes and other benefits for an employee.
Since therea€™s no separation between the individual business owner and business, sole proprietors report all their business income on their personal tax return. For some, the simple act of filing business formation paperwork creates a powerful shift in perception: you start thinking of yourself as a business owner, rather than just as self-employed. While an LLC or corporation is more involved to set up than the sole proprietorship, the paperwork can be done in just a few hours, giving your business a solid legal foundation for years to come. The concept of proper cash flow management needs to be learned before you even open the doors to your business, because it is the lifeblood of your company.
The latest update of the Xero Invoice Reminders app further improves the way you can track what you are owed on your mobile device. The Xero Invoice Reminders app addresses an extremely important component of your business operations, cash flow. You can access the Xero solutions on Android and iOS, but the latest release is for Apple devices. Based on this information, you can set rules that let you send emails automatically to remind your clients.
Once you set these rules, all you have to do is turn on the notification on the app and you will know right away when you get paid. Although Xero is not the only company that provides this type of solution, it was specifically established to address small businesses. The rate of failure for new small businesses is high, and according to the Small Business Association only half survive five years and just a third are able to last 10 or more years.A For many first time small business owners, the importance of proper cash flow management is appreciated through hard lessons learned. The survival of your business greatly depends on timely payments of your account receivables for smooth cash flow and long term success. You can try the three different tiers Xero has free for 30 days and if you choose to continue, it will cost you $20, $30, and $40 for the Starter, Standard and Premium versions respectively.
Believe it or not, therea€™s no right or wrong way to work out how much a business is worth.
That being said, if you know exactly what it is you value in a business, ita€™s not hard to work out a ballpark figure.
To help you get started, here are some of the Weba€™s top free business valuation calculators. CalcXML has been providing a wide range of financial tools to small businesses for a while now.
As part of that mission, EquityNet provides a valuation calculator backed by real market data gathered from over 3,000 business across North America. ExitAdviser is an online support service that enables business owners to connect with potential buyers. To get an estimate, buyers simply need to enter net profit from a companya€™s most recent financial year and forecast its sales growth. Like most free valuation calculators, BizEx hosts a platform based upon the a€?Multiple of Earningsa€™ method. By including an in-depth breakdown of a companya€™s discretionary and multiple earnings, youa€™re able to create instant valuation ranges depending upon a range of variables. The Bridge Ventures calculator is designed to create an estimated market value for a company based upon a diverse set of attributes.

Ita€™s worth noting this calculator is most compatible with Google Chrome, as there are a few unwanted kinks when opened on Internet Explorer. Hadley Capitala€™s business valuation calculator is slightly different, in that it applies a multiple of EBITDA to determine the Enterprise Value of your business. This calculator understandably places particular emphasis on your annual EBITDA, annual capital expenditures and how much of your revenue comes from top customers. First-time buyers may be inclined to check out this calculator, as it includes an incredibly useful glossary of terms designed to cut through all of the meaningless financial jargon associated with business valuations. MassMutual is an all-encompassing insurance provider that represents over 13 million clients across the globe.
This user-friendly calculator very clearly and concisely walks you through every step of the valuation process in order to work out a decent estimate in as little as two minutes.
HelpSMEa€™s calculator also includes useful guides designed to help you wrap your head around the value provided.
National Life is an all-encompassing collective of financial services companies, and its online valuation calculator draws upon that power in order to generate fairly well-informed market estimates.
Similar to HelpSME, National Lifea€™s calculator finds the worth of a company by looking at the present value of its expected future earnings. In the same way that no two valuations are alike, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive.
According to the Times of India and scant details of the phone on Docoss Multimediaa€™s official website, the ultra cheap smartphone, called Docoss X1, has surprisingly decent specs. A video posted on Docossa€™s Facebook page reveals that the Docoss X1 will come packaged with earphones and USB data cable.
Docoss X1 is making news not only because it is unbelievably cheap, but also because its announcement comes hot on the heels of a similarly incredible announcement by another Indian mobile maker, Ringing Bells Private Limited. After a high-profile launch of the Freedom 251 on February 17 this year and receiving more than 73 million orders, Ringing Bells soon saw its a€?251 smartphonea€™ sales unravel into charges of financial irregularities and fraud. The $3 smartphone had raised doubts over its super low pricing because it had components and specifications that seemed impossible at its selling price.
It later emerged that the handset prototypes released by Ringing Bells during its launch were from another Indian manufacturer and distributor of mobile phones, Adcom. Ringing Bells is currently embroiled in legal proceedings over charges of cheating, placing misleading advertisements and collecting money through a ponzi scheme. The interest generated by the underwhelming Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 highlights the huge demand for low-budget smartphones not only in India, but also in the U.S and the rest of the world. A super-cheap smartphone may not be top of your wish list, but you may need it to give to young children so they can keep in touch with you, or require an emergency phone you can leave in the glovebox. It is worth mentioning also that the Docoss X1 is being manufactured by a relatively new and unknown company from Jaipur. Moreover, instead of off-the-shelf sales, customers were only allowed to pre-book the handset on the Docoss website. How a new 3G Android smartphone would cost only $13 is unclear unless it is some kind of guerrilla pricing or undercutting strategy. It remains to be seen whether the Docoss X1 Android phone will live up to its hype and be the breakthrough it purports to be — or turn out to be just another scam. Admit it: when you hear the phrase a€?car dealera€?, the first image that comes to mind is a probably a guy wearing a cheesy suit give you a hard sell on an overpriced car. Here are four lessons your small business can learn from car dealers and auto manufacturers. In the above example, Ia€™ve Googled a€?car dealer Austina€? and the search results are partially based on my physical location at the time of this search. Then there are the one-star reviews like the following (which I’ve cut for space) for Carhop Auto Sales & FinanceA that are enough to send any potential customer running the other way! Leta€™s say you live in Austin, Texas and you’re shopping around for a deal on used cars. That 2015 Toyota Camry for $15,993 could be a pretty good deal, but you decide to keep searching.
The new logo is a sort ofA rainbow hued affair, with violet, blue, red, orange and yellow tones along with white. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Google Maps reaches the most mobile internet users with 54%, equating to over 474 million users. Daniel has a background in public relations, and is interested in issues in entrepreneurship, small business, marketing, public relations and the online space.
It also allows for multiple people to use the system – a powerful tool for office communication. It involves discovering and analyzing phrases and terms that people are actually typing into the search engines to find local businesses like yours. Ita€™s very important to optimize a website around keywords that people are actually using.
Take your list and input them into Googlea€™s Keyword Planner to find new keyword ideas and to get the estimated search traffic for those keywords.
Check out Backlinkoa€™s Definitive Guide to Keyword Research for aA guide to keyword research. Having interesting and descriptive meta descriptions mayA increase the frequency that people click on your result when it is shown. Google is able to pick up NAP information on your website as well as on other sites around the web. On top of that, 60 percent of consumers judge a local business on its overall star rating with 43 percent find 3 out of 5 stars to be the minimum rating before consulting with that business.
This helps Google understand what your pages are about, and can lead to increased rankings for those keywords. Then, check the box a€?I am authorized to manage this businessa€¦a€? and click a€?Continue.a€? Review your business address and make changes, if needed. Add your business.a€? Fill out the form with the most accurate information, then click a€?Continuea€? to proceed. You can also upload images that will be shown in the local search whenever someone searches for your business. By giving users a better sense of what to expect before actually visiting your website, users will be more likely to click on your page and stay on your website longer.
The more a€?votesa€? a website has, the more often Google will show that site to its searchers.
It can help establish your brand, build your online exposure, and increase your websitea€™s ranking and traffic.
However, you can acquire quality links for your website and foster new relationships in the process. Your own personal savings, property, and other assets are at risk to settle any debts of the business. As a sole proprietor, you can only get a personal loan; thata€™s because therea€™s no separation between you and the business. If a company hires a sole proprietor for contract work, they may need to show proof to the IRS or state that the worker is indeed independent and should be considered a contractor.
Some first-time entrepreneurs and solo workers are surprised to discover how much they need to pay in self-employment taxes. When you consider yourself self-employed, youa€™re basically an employee (with really bad benefits!) But, once you start thinking of yourself as a business owner, youa€™ll stand a little taller and start thinking strategically about the best ways to grow the business outside of putting in more hours.
And, if youa€™re particularly concerned about keeping your formalities to a minimum, consider the LLC: it offers the same personal liability protection as the corporation, but with fewer administrative requirements! If you master this aspect of running your business, you will have greater flexibility to resolve unforeseen challenges as well as take advantage of new opportunities. You can now quickly see who owes you how much, the grand total value of unsent and overdue invoices and who your biggest debtors are. After full implementation of this solution in your company, you will be able to focus more on ways you can increase positive cash flow without having to constantly worry about who owes you what, and when it is due. The app is designed for easy access to your account from your dashboard, which lets you tap into unpaid invoices and see a detailed list of everyone that has outstanding charges.
These reminders can be set days before the invoice is due, on the due day if a payment has not been received and as a late reminder when it is past due. This lets you update your invoice to better manage your cash flow with the latest and most accurate information.
This has led the company to create over 500 product updates and features delivered in the last year alone, along with the integration of 400+ add-on applications so you can customize Xero to your exact needs. We reviewed invoicing solutions from CloudBooks, Sage One, Nutcache, Invoiceable, FreeAgent and Billbooks for small businesses.
Experts use loads of different valuation methods — and the number those calculations come up with will vary greatly depending upon the criteria set forth. After all, nobody in their right mind would pay for an existing business without knowing what ita€™s worth. It takes all of the basics into consideration, including: annual earnings, excess compensation and level of business risk.

Established in 2005, the platform works to connect thousands of entrepreneurs with investors of all shapes and size — and has already helped start-ups across the globe raise hundreds of millions in equity, debt and royalty-based capital. That enables you to weigh the value of a business against potential competitors — which is a factor some analysts often overlook. In line with that service, ExitAdviser plays home to an extremely quick business valuation calculator designed to give potential buyers quick quotes. That said, there are plenty of more advanced input options to help generate more accurate valuations. But their calculator is far more advanced than most of the free models youa€™ll find kicking about on other sites. Afterwards, youa€™re given the option to talk these numbers over with a broker if youa€™re so inclined. Technically speaking, this calculator is only meant to be used for small businesses with revenues of under $2 million. In general, a small business will usually trade for around three or four timesA its normalized EBITDA.
As such, youa€™d expect the company to have worked out a pretty reliable way in which to tally up the value of a business. Consequently, the company values user experience far more than some of the industrya€™s smaller websites. Thata€™s why the site offers an easy-to-use valuation calculator using the Net Present Value (NPV) method.
It places particular consideration on a companya€™s lack of marketability and excess compensation. There are loads ofA brilliant valuation calculators online that you can use in order to generate a snapshot of how much a business may be worth.
It will come with a 4-inch screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex A7 processor, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32 GB, as well as a dual Camera with flash light. And of course, small business owners are often tempted to trim their budgets where ever possible. This is the first phone that the company is launching with no mention of any other products in its portfolio. Wouldna€™t labor and materials used to manufacture a budget 3G Android smartphone, alone, edge the cost above $50, at a ballpark guess? Now, Google is displaying up to four paid search ads at the very top, and removing side bar ads altogether. Get potential customers excited about your cars well in advance through interactive websites and engaging social media campaigns.A Abarth Cars UK, which offers sport car rentals, has one of the best interactive websites in the auto marketplace, offering everything from a virtual tour of their showrooms to a history of Fiat racing. You cana€™t control what people say about your business, but you can encourage satisfied customers to leave a positive review! While Carhop does have a 3.5 star rating, it also has a number of angry reviews like these, implying that Carhop rips off its customers by overcharging uninformed buyers and selling them lemons. If a dealer isna€™t trusted based on online reviews, a customer is less likely to walk in the door. From citation alignment and social media engagement to pricing transparency and reviews, follow these four SEO lessons for small business toA boost your local search rankings.
A In the new logo, the concept of a camera is still there, but it’s now more stylized. A Luckily, Instagram resisted the temptation to go with plain blue, as so many social sites do.
Approximately 80 million photos are shared every single day, according to the Instagram website. Mobile only social networks Vine, Instagram and Facebook Messenger attract a large portion of mobile internet visitors, with 3%, 12% and 22% respectively.
Once registered follow the email setup steps and you are ready to send from your email client.
Googlea€™s tool will only provide you with advertiser competition, not SEO competition, but keywords with a high ad competition will normally have a competitive SEO score. Titles provide users with a brief overview of what to expect when they click, and titles also tells Google what your page is about.
With so many people resorting to online reviews for business recommendations, it is imperative to get positive reviews. For example, if you hyperlink the words a€?Home Paintinga€?, Google will assume that the page youa€™re linking to is related to home painting.
In the example above, you would want to link every mention of a€?home paintinga€? to your home painting service page. After reviewing your address, click on a€?Mail.a€? Google will send a postcard with a verification code that should arrive at your business location in 1-2 business weeks. Having this schema implemented on your site adds local trust and authority, which will help increase local rankings. If youa€™ve started a business and havena€™t filed for a formal legal structure yet, then your business is a sole proprietorship. If something should happen and your business is sued or cana€™t pay a debt, you will probably be required to pay up from your personal savings or property.
Likewise, investors typically wona€™t invest in a sole proprietorship, as therea€™s no way to divide ownership or issue shares for the company.
Yet, if a business hires an LLC or corporation for the same work, therea€™s no question about the classification. By forming an LLC or corporation and electing S Corporation status, ita€™s possible to lower what you pay in self-employment taxes. Of course, you dona€™t need to be a corporation or LLC to start thinking like a business owner, but for some, this level of formality helps. Overall these applications have many similar features and price structures with some variations.
That said, the multiple will slide dramatically based upon a variety of characteristics specific to your business. This approach uses a companya€™s future cash flows to try and work out how much ita€™s worth in the here and now.
That explains why companies like Ringing Bells are able to lure so many unsuspecting customers with low-end mobile devices.
Docoss Multimedia Private, however, claims deliveries of the $13 Docoss X1 was scheduled to begin in the beginning or middle of May. Thata€™s bad news for small businesses that may be out-performed in the new competitive PPC ad space. Or worse, if I actually went to the address, they might lose the possibility of my business altogether since Ia€™d be unlikely to track them down at their correct address. Car dealers, for example, increasingly understand that no one likes to be hustled into a purchase.
Consumers are unlikely to call for the price because theya€™re left with the impression that theya€™re being hustled. Try to find a set of keywords that has at least a hundred people searching each month, but with medium to low competition levels. This is because with a sole proprietorship, therea€™s no separation between the business and business owner; theya€™re one in the same. Whether youa€™re in a high-risk business (like catering or selling a product to consumers) or a low-risk business (like writing), unexpected things can happen and having a corporate shield can bring peace of mind that your personal assets are protected. In order to receive a business loan or investment, you need to separate the business from your personal finances by setting up a legal business entity such as a corporation (C Corporation or S Corporation) or LLC. In addition, corporations can get other tax advantages, such as claiming medical insurance for families as a deductible, and being able to leave profits in the corporation.
So take a look at the invoicing solutions review to get more details about the options available to you in this segment and see how they compare to Xero.
That such specifications could be achieved at such a rock-bottom prices has resulted in — some skepticism. But therea€™s also a silver lining: Googlea€™s local map pack is still appearing above organic SERP. How will consumers find out if a dealership is going to pressure them into a decision or respect their time? Ita€™s already an uphill battle to build customer trust: dona€™t make it any harder on yourself by turning a blind eye to your reviews! Ita€™s always wise to speak with a CPA or tax advisor to find out which business structure can provide you with the optimal financial situation.
Online reviews impact your rankings in local search engines, which search results get clicked, and ultimately influence a consumera€™s purchasing decisions.
Car dealers know just how important this local map pack spot can be, and how critical NAP citations are for strong local search result placement. Thata€™s why major car websites, like Car Gurus, increasingly offer full, transparent pricing online a€“ and your business should, too.

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