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I have been observing a trend of aggressive marketing and advertisement by the mobile operators in Pakistan. Given all of the complexity, it is difficult for a common person to easily understand and compare these plans. I think this problem is common to all operators, therefore all of them should share the responsibility to create a baseline standard.  Better to fix this now before the regulator (PTA) is asked to step in.
Another hike in tarrif, I believe that majority of customers are unaware of, the increase in GST from 15 % to 21 %, which has further resulted in increased call rates. I wonder why the present government is trying to snatch away this facility from the poor that was abudantly provided to people by the previous government.
I agree that we desperately need strong consumer advocacy groups in pakistan which can work closely with authorities (PTA in this case). In Pakistan, no advertising sector is regulated, except for ads by Asset management companies which manage and sell mutual funds.
There has to be a need from within the telecom operators to put an end to deceptive advertising. I agree with Rizwan, its the responsibility of regulartory people, because in capital market, company interest is to make more and more money, and if they have open market like Pakistan, where there are no rules, that become heaven for these multinational companies, and they get the licenese to do whatever they wanted to do.
Ideally the responsibility should be on regulatory authorities, these tactics have been tried and tested in west, luckily in west they have regulatory bodies, judicial system and common sense which results in clamping down on this very quick. In just moments you will have access to powerful training on text message marketing for Las Vegas.
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The next thing that mobile users will see on your page is a list of recommendations and check-ins. Next, your audience will see a summary of the photos that have been taken at your location.
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The modern-day mobile phenomenon has extended to healthcare with mobile health technology (mHealth) offering enormous benefits for patients, providers, and healthcare marketers. The study focused on how mHealth could be used to connect patients with clinical trials and included patients, physicians, and clinical trial organizers. While more than three-quarters of the respondents used their mobile devices regularly for communicating, fewer than half used them for online purposes. Conversely, 14 percent of participants were early adopters who had owned their smartphones for more than three years and were actively using mHealth. The survey results provided many takeaways for marketers regarding the optimal ways to structure their future healthcare marketing campaigns. Since 61 percent of patients reported checking their email in the waiting room and almost half said they texted or went online while waiting, physicians would be wise to offer free Wi-Fi in their offices. Overall, the study showed that too many people were currently overlooking the abundance of mHealth opportunities. At MDG Advertising, our 360° marketing approach uses just the right mix of traditional and online media to reach your healthcare marketing goals.
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All the comments here show that this is a real issue about which something needs to be done. In Pakistan we do not have all three, therefore the advantage is with who ever can take the advantage.
Another ad touts all night FREE calls with the fineprint of something like 24 Rs per day, which translates to around 1000Rs.
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The results that appear for your audience will be based upon their friends’ activity and engagement with your Facebook page. Keep in mind that with mobile users, you have less time and space to grab your audience’s attention.
Always make sure that your business page is complete and current; mobile Facebook users can search by business name, category, or their location. This free app enables a business to check up on their page’s activity, view insights, and respond to users directly from a mobile device. She brings more than 15 years of experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, sales management, and marketing to the company and also serves on its Board of Directors. Most of the participants had purchased a smartphone only within the last three years, most likely because they were slightly older and this demographic is often slower to acquire new technology. This relatively low level of mobile usage for computer-related tasks was a prime reason that many were not aware of their mHealth options.

A full 67 percent of them were likely to receive clinical data information on their mobile devices and almost 40 percent were apt to visit health-oriented websites. First, it is essential for marketers to optimize their websites for mobile viewing by making them simple to navigate and featuring healthcare content related to the mobile experience. Interestingly, almost 80 percent of patients said they would use their mobile devices in medical offices if the option were available.
Fortunately, the growing popularity of mobile healthcare resources among early adopters and the rising prevalence of mobile usage for older demographics make healthcare marketing professionals hopeful that mHealth will thrive in the future.
While some industries may fare better in print and others online, we strive to create a balanced approach where digital and traditional marketing efforts support each other and your marketing message is tailored to the medium.
Trying to one-up other competitors, the advertisements emphasise the lowest possible rate to grab attention. In reality the low rates being advertised come with many conditions.
Now there is the option of lower price for pre-defined numbers (usually in-network) such as family and friends. I have had the honour of drafting the code of ethics for Asset management companies but the only reason that happened was because they were headed by Chartered accountants and amongst the new breed of CEOs were regulators themselves. I am not totally disharted as at least there are few handful sites like this which are at least pointing out concern and this is the right thing to do.
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Whether you have a mobile marketing strategy in place or have just started to create one, here are four simple mobile marketing tips for companies on Facebook. These two items can make a big difference in your sales; when recommendations from friends and family are visible, consumers are more likely to purchase.
To take advantage of this space, make sure that you always tag your photos with your business location, and urge your customers to upload photos while they are checked in.
Urge customers to check in while they are at your business or store, share purchases made, and tag your location in pictures in order to maximize the recommendations to your page. Not only does this increase awareness – “how does my page appear to mobile users?” — but it also enables you to stay connected with your audience and to understand which posts are inspiring the most engagement. Unfortunately, very few people are taking advantage of these mobile healthcare opportunities. While clinical trials were the emphasis of the study, the results could be applied to mobile healthcare as a whole. While this group may be small, their online activity bodes well for the future of mHealth by indicating their satisfaction with these mobile healthcare resources.
Also, privacy must be a priority since both patients and providers questioned the security of revealing their personal health information in a mobile forum. This complementary service could greatly benefit all physicians, especially those using mobile methods to recruit clinical trial participants.
Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. Wouldn’t it be fair if all the operators advertisements included the rate for 1 minute call clearly? For maximum exposure, update your pinned post regularly with your latest promotion or information.
A recent study conducted by Blue Chip Patient Recruitment showed that only 44 percent of physicians used their smartphones to occasionally connect with patients and only 15 percent of patients turned to their mobile devices for health purposes. There needs to be clear messaging telling visitors that their health information is secure in order to compel them to share such personal data online.
I think this is unfair to the consumers and we need to criticize this trend which some may characterize as deceptive marketing. Have a look at these sample advertisements (click to enlarge) – good luck with the fine print! The billing duration for the same package can vary for in-network and out of network calls!

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