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The Library Ghost (aka The Grey Lady, Gray Lady, Librarian Ghost) was the ghost of librarian Eleanor Twitty and the very first ghost that the Ghostbusters encountered. In 1991, due to the research of Winston Zeddemore it was revealed that she was the ghost of former Head Librarian of the New York Public Library, Dr.
While scouting out the archives, Winston discovers information (via a stack of old newspaper clippings) providing insight into The Grey Lady's history and ghostly purpose. Winston relays this information while Ray, Egon, and the Rookie are chasing her (the information shocks Ray). Now she wanders the stacks of the New York City Public Library still organizing books and keeping louder library patrons shushed with a bony finger to the lips. The ghost of Eleanor Twitty, also known as the Gray Lady, has been haunting the New York City Public Library for years.
The art page can be found in the NYC Public Library, during the "Hardcover Ghost Stories" section. Some manifestations have hidden reserves of energy either buried deep within themselves or stored in an external location, similar to the way ancient Egyptians used canoptic jars. The librarian was one of the first manifestations we were able to get readings off of within close proximity.
Ghostbusters within the Librarian's Line of Sight have their Move Actions reduced by 1 space. When the Librarian leaves the map, roll the Event Die until you roll a Gate symbol, and then place the Librarian in a random space adjacent to that Gate.
When the Grey Lady leaves the map, roll the Event Die until you roll a Gate symbol, and then place the Grey Lady in a random space adjacent to that Gate. A scarier version of the "Librarian Ghost" puppet was created, but it was rejected for being too scary. In Ghostbusters: The Board Game, the Library Ghost is a Class 3 Vaporous, Full Torso Apparition and in demonic form, a Class 3 Transmogrified Monstrous Form. Annick Therrien and the technical animation team fixed the Library ghost's book so that it looked like an actual object rather than looking ghostly, too. In the script for "The Collect Call of Cathulhu," when Ecto-1 departed the Firehouse for the library, there was an exchange between Ray and Peter. The clippings reveals her history and the events in her life which led to her death (and becoming a ghost). During which they come across the Gozerian Codex, which being used as bait as part of trap for the Ghostbusters, however they manage to overcome it and continue their pursuit of her.
The team eventually managed to destroy her shield and trap Eleanor, but Ray realizes that it was too easy to the point it seems to them that she wanted them to have it.
Eleanor Twitty was the head librarian of the New York City Public Library and overseer of its collection of ancient artifacts, stone tablets, and otherwise forgotten parchments.

These are the remnants of people that probably inhabited the area where the ghost is now being witnessed.
With all the havoc manifestations cause, it's easy to forget that a lot of them originally came from the psychic imprints of human beings. When in duress, these spectres will often draw from this source to assume a more frightening form. Her intensity was enough that I was able to use the measurements from her to structure our first containment system. She's learned to draw power from those lesser codices to shield herself, so you'll need to burn those up first. The Librarian moves until she reaches the nearest space adjacent to a Gate, and then flip this card over to transform her into The Grey Lady.
The Grey Lady moves until she reaches the nearest space adjacent to a Gate, and then flip this card over to transform her into The Grey Lady. The footage was then treated optically and composited into the live-action material shot in the library. She was a minor character in the first movie and a major character of the Library level of the video game. A new paranormal threat surfaces in New York, and en route to the Museum, the Ghostbusters heard of a ghost outbreak happening at the Library, and stopped to settle an old score. According to the newspaper articles, Eleanor was seduced by a man named Edmund Hoover (also known as The Collector), who was a rather unscrupulous rare book collector.
While Ray and Egon are pondering this revelation, a portal to an alternate dimension opens up in the room. Aggravate her, however, and she will transform into a rage-filled horror, and heaven help you if you have any overdue books. After you corner the elusive specter, she surrounds herself in a protective shield generated by several floating book stands.
Oftentimes the person in question had some strong tie to the location or had unfinished business there. I don't believe that there's much of anything left of a 'soul,' or whatever at this point, but it's still an unnerving concept to ponder if you let your rational guard down.
In this form, she's fairly harmless, but unfortunately she's also too elusive to actually trap. Far from a scare tactic, this new shape carries with it any appendages and size advantages that its appearance implies.
I'm certain there would have been another manifestation to scan had she not come along, but I sometimes feel that we owe a lot of our progress to this free floating manifestation. As quickly as she's moving, the Shock Blast is probably your best bet for doing that and it will work on the Book Bats she summons, too.

A team of three paranormal scientists (Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Egon Spengler), are brought in to conduct an investigation. Ray, in particular, is still bitter about their first encounter, and hints that they may have had trouble capturing Eleanor's spirit throughout the years. She was unaware that "The Collector" was just using her in order to get to the rare books in her care, including the Gozerian Codex. Egon reveals the portal is a result of the energy produced from their battle with her, which causes the dimensional rip. This is usually a last-ditch move for the ghost in question, though, as tapping the secondary energy source will drain it until it can slowly build up over a couple of weeks or months.
Once the codices are gone and her shield drops, give her a nice, large dose of the Blast Stream.
Based on eyewitness descriptions, Ray believed the entity to be a Free-Roaming, Vaporous, Full Torso Apparition. When she discovered her fiancee's true motives, she broke off the relationship and engagement. Upon taking the book, she disappears, causing Ray to believe they had helped her pass on (Ray gives the impression that after learning about her tragic murder, he got over his bitterness towards her), however she suddenly reappears, changing into her "scary form". They surmise that Eleanor did this to lead them to the one who murdered her, a man now known as a powerful ghost calling itself Azetlor the Destroyer. The New York Police Department made every effort to find her, including repeated room-to-room searches of the underground library stacks where she was last seen but she was never found—alive, that is.
When the future Ghostbusters were about to act out Ray's plan to "get her", she changed into a terrifying form and scared them away. Sadly, dumping him all but sealed her fate and he murdered her in cold blood, in a secret section of the Library constructed by Gozer's infamous worshiper and architect, Ivo Shandor. Once all flying lecterns are destroyed, target the librarian directly and disperse her PKE with your Proton Stream.
Wrightson's rendering of the Library ghost had a cartoon balloon that read "Quiet!" Ever since then, the gag stuck and was worked into the script. She was never seen or heard from again until 1991, though it doesn't mean that the Ghostbusters weren't trying to capture her again.

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