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With the advancement in technology, most of the people are buying iPhones to capture eternal moments in their lives. One can easily add different types of visuals and matching sound effects to video clips, trim the movie length, animate photos, make Hollywood style movie trailers and share them on YouTube, Facebook or CNN Report using iMovie. Movie Looks HD, it is an excellent movie making application recommended for all the iPhone and iPad users that allows creating quick professional movies. One can even create fully professional video clips with this app as the latest version of the app includes 40 great cinematic looks comprising B & W, Blockbuster look and famous film looks. The app comes with wide variety of useful moving making options which add unique cinematic effects to videos, adjust and improve color using professional color tools, B & W movies, recording your own drama and Blockbuster like movies. Vizzywig, it is the best movie making app for all the iPhone and iPad users, the app comes with wide range of movie creation features and can be used by experts as well as beginners. Also, the app comes with some exciting movie making options like – switching option between front and rear cameras while recording, fully featured video editing features, snap photos recording and more.
Storyboards Premium, this is an essential moving making app that comes with wide variety of expertise moving making options which includes hundreds of characters.
Animoto Video Maker, it is an excellent free video making app that allows you to create own professional top quality videos from your photos. You just have to select the photos, music, video clips and the app makes stunning professional video clip from your photos.
It is an excellent movie making app that you can get for free from the app store, comes with some best and unique features. This app is amazingly designed and easy to use video editing app that allows you to create professional looking movies within few minutes. The app comes with wide variety of useful features which includes: automatic video editing tool, trim and edit selected parts of your movie, handy analyzing tools, face detection technology, transitions and filtering options, social sharing option and more.
We have always seen movies winning great awards at various award shows for their great story lines and great shows.

They help to enhance the knowledge of the students since they have to write narratives and come up with a flowing story line that are necessary for making a movie. This application helps to edit videos taken using your iOS device to provide professional high quality videos.
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Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your email address and receive latest posts as soon as it goes live. Do Not CopyThis site is DMCA protected and copying content from this website is against International Copyright Laws. It does not matter whether you are making a holiday film or family or anything but iPhone plays a major role. The best movie making apps improves your creativity and you have some specific tools to make great independent film. If you love watching movies and interested in making a new action movie then this free app is really helpful that allows you to add Hollywood FX to videos.
The app comes with unique and useful features, which you can find in few apps but, you must face some issues as the size of the app is big and consumes huge memory. It is the best fun video editing app recommended for all the iPhone users that edit your videos and photos automatically with effects. Furthermore, the 1080p HD resolution of the iPhone 4s (and as of this writing, presumably the iPad 3) gives many aspiring film makers a viable option to help them realize their imaginative story ideas in a respectable format. Currently, there is a great deal of phone applications out there that can be used to shoot movies using our iOS devices. You can create a slow motion film, for example using action figures, or a time lapse, for example taking photos of a plant growing or as the sun sets.

You can  download free movies for iPhone and edit them later using this app.This app has templates and built in themes that help to create films and movies trailers just like the Hollywood movies. It is one of the best free movie making applications in the market, with some unique features compared to others. Add to that the many apps available to enhance your creativity and you suddenly have the tools necessary to make not only some stellar home movies, but potentially the next great independent film. Such applications let the users to make videos and edit them to produce quality films. Few apps are free and few are paid but those apps are worth to pay for, if you are one who like to edit and make professional movies on the go. It has additional features such as adding audio clips to your film or export features such as uploading your videos directly to YouTube. You can easily shoot, make, edit and your movies due to its many movie creation features that it has. If you know any other apps which you think are best movie making apps than you can tell me in comments section below. If you are a filmmaker who has considered using your iDevice to film your next project, then you should consider using the following apps to help you on the road to Oscar glory. Some of the characteristics of Vizzwig has include changing from the rear to front camera while in the process of recording, taking pictures while recording, and many other professional shooting tools that are helpful in video editing. The final product from this application is just fantastic and suitable for movie making lovers.
You can also easily upload the videos directly to your social sites such as YouTube and Facebook. It also has tools that enable you to crop, and edit the best sections of your film, add different video effects such as slow motion, filtering and transitions and face recognition technology.

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