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Apple is reportedly close to inking deals with major movie studios that would allow the Cupertino-based company to stream movies to its iOS devices and PCs via iCloud. Netflix is compressed before being delivered to a mobile phone, I am assuming the same would go for iCloud. Thanks to the Vudu acquisition, Walmart has become the third largest retailer of digital movie downloads -- ahead of Amazon and Sony. Big-box American retailer Walmart may not consider the World Wide Web its primary source of revenue, but one business has shown surprising growth: digital movie downloads.
A Wall Street Journal report notes this morning that a year after the company purchased movie streaming service Vudu for $100 million, Walmart has become the third largest operator in the space, according to research group IHS -- ahead of Amazon and Sony. Vudu could become Wal-Mart's biggest Internet-related success to date—though that doesn't say much.
The Bentonville, Ark., retailer this month said it was ending sales of MP3 music downloads, after failing for years to make a splash.
Popcorn time does acknowledge that the service it is offering may not be allowed legally in some countries.

Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Hate missing your favorite TV show and don’t want to buy a Tivo Well, you could always build your own tivo or watch your shows online using these 100 TV resources. I got the update through my phone, like I always do, and it only took a matter of 10 minutes.
The company is now offering users the ability to watch movies and TV show instantly from its vast catalog via a computer web browser. The company also recently announced a management shake-up for its Internet retail operations and the departure of two top online executives, amid continued disappointing performance compared with Amazon. Is Vudu's download-to-own (at about $20 a movie) better than Netflix's membership-fee-to-watch ($8 per month for one at a time)? Can digital downloads prompt customers to visit Walmart's website more frequently, the way cheap DVDs did the same for its bricks-and-mortar stores? Still, with major tech companies (Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google) knocking on the living room door, retail stewardship may be necessary to keep the profits in Walmart's corner.

To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. However, the developers of the app are not worried about Hollywood going after them because they consider it an experimental app which is free and open source and they are not making any profit out of it. But given the fact that movie studios have sued torrent users individually in the past, caution is advised if it is illegal to use torrents for personal use in your country. The service would be similar to Hollywood’s just-launched UltraViolet product, though it would remove the requirement that customers purchase physical media before streaming content to their devices. But that is hardly an argument because Warez community also believes in sharing without the profit motive in mind.
The LA Times report states that Apple is expected to launch the service in late 2011 or early 2012.

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