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Here are the details about the Lunch and Learn Series offered … [Read more]Get the Most Out of Your Website in the New Year!
According to the Nielsen survey, more than nine in 10 Filipinos trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.
Marketing your content though is a challenge in a world where there are over 2 billion internet users who are bombarded with emails, streams of tweets and banner ads. The process of content marketing involves the creation of material that is informative but is also written on a perspective which shows your business in a positive light.
Great content will position your business as a thought leader in its industry and it will also educate, inform, entertain and inspire. There are many ways of doing content marketing but not all methods yield the positive results! There is a tendency to create too much content, unleash it on the Internet and then expect it to carry traction throughout the year but this isn’t always a good idea.
Once your content has been published, the main objective is to get as many people to see view it who may be interested in your business and leveraging social media is an excellent place to start in order to achieve this. In addition to this, we already know that Google uses social media signals when deciding your positions in the search results so an article that gets a good number of ‘Likes’, shares, comments, tweets, +1s is likely to improve your search engine positions as well. Find out what your target audience are interested in and create high quality, engaging, thought provoking content that they would be interested in. Your article needs to be able to turn up in search engine results pages (the holy grail is to be on page one at the top of the page) and then by having the right headline and description attract the right people. People receive sales pitches all the time, be it in the electrical store, through the post, a popup advert on the Internet or whilst passing a billboard. My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. Thanks for the tips Jeff, this is valuable for a start-up business or an established one getting their business online.
The 5 Core Elements of Online Content Marketing [Infographic] You are using an outdated browser. The ultimate in convenience AND organization, the Online Marketing Content Planner is a down-loadable electronic calendar for creating your annual email, blog, video, and social media publishing schedule for the year. This easy-to-use, totally customizable content and message planner functions like an editorial calendar (see image above) for your online marketing messages and content. It is your central hub for brainstorming and recording the publication dates and topics of your articles, videos, announcements and status updates distributed and sent through your newsletter, email marketing, blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.  Don’t be without it this year and in years to come! Align your messaging across different online channels – email, social media, YouTube, and more – are you being consistent and authentic? Wouldn’t it be great to get a helping hand creating your annual message plan right along with the perfect tool to do it? From the BlogUsing Machine Learning for Email Marketing Optimization13 May, 2016by Karen TalaveraPlanning Your 2016 Email Program? Join the Email CommunitySign up for email and get new blog posts, breaking industry news, event discounts, the latest free email tools and more! A web presence is a must for all businesses in today’s market place.  We can create relevant website content to improve search engine optimization, create blog content, monitor SEO and website analytics to drive content that gets results.
Blogging is one of the fastest ways to organically improve your search engine optimization.  White River Business Specialists will keep your website updated with relevant, useful and keyword rich content through a blog that is unique to your website.
ShareContent marketing has taken off as brands move away from traditional advertising in order to embrace a more social, engaging way to connect with consumers in order to nurture brand loyalty and awareness.
Content marketing is based on the idea of creating, curating and most importantly, publishing and sharing original content. Despite its success, the idea behind creating a content-focused strategy is still relatively new.

However, 55% of in-house marketing specialists said they were planning a content marketing strategy in the near future, as did 58% of agencies. The two most effective mediums through which brands are able to conduct content marketing are undoubtedly email newsletters and social media platforms as they provide the best possible conduit for sharing content with online communities. The study mentioned above also found that in-house marketing strategists were most likely to plan an increase in Twitter and Facebook usage, at 90% and 81%, respectively, to distribute content, making the social platforms the most popular channels for sharing and promotion. The absolute majority agreed that content marketing was “key to creating an emotional connection with customers”. With platforms such as blogs, multiple social media networks and of course their own website at their disposal, brands are able to push content out without ever having to work with the media or press as such. Content in this instance can refer to a variety of content ranging from articles to videos or static images.
The internet is becoming increasingly fascinated with visual imagery — as crystal clear displays and retina screens become more common and the popularity of photo sharing sites such as Pinterest peaks. Even social networks which were heretofore mostly text-based are embracing the trend, with posts on Facebook and Twitter consisting of more images than ever before. People and brands alike are now experimenting with visual content marketing by making arresting images the centre of both their email and their social media campaigns. The process of content production, publication and sharing is one which actively builds links and generates traffic to brands’ websites and blogs. The changes sweeping the market require that marketing structures change as well… content, social, all of them are driving change in the very structures of marketing. First, and foremost, the creative application of ideas through social channels, as a major vehicle, will spawn a new era of truly integrated marketing communications.
If you’re like me you already miss the planning, decorating and socializing that goes … [Read more]Want to Get Started with Facebook Advertising but not Sure Where to Start? Good content marketing will create interest in your business, attracting traffic to your website and hopefully, sales or conversations as well. News and current events change all the time which means your target audience may not be searching for the same things as they were searching for two or three months ago. Once you find out what types of articles seem to be the most effect, you will have a better idea as to what types of content your target audience are interested in. Posting content on your social media accounts will bring your content to those following your social media accounts. To do this, you should include some relevant keywords into your article but don’t overdo it. They’ve become very good at noticing a blatant attempt to make them purchase something which is why all marketing articles should aim to inform rather than sell a product. Once high quality content has been created, it needs to be promoted and monitored using web analytics and call tracking solutions. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I have found that if your content is interesting, insightful, compelling, relevant AND you do not sell but rather provide value-adding information that can enable the recipient to solve problems (or look good in the boardroom) your subscriber base will continue to grow and the requests for more information, mettings, etc. The part that I would have every blogger, or webmaster write and put on their fridge is quality, over quantity. In today’s information obsessed online communities this branch of digital marketing is rapidly growing as people increasingly realise the power of branded content. According to a recent study conducted by Outbrain and Econsultancy, a minority of people, along with 13% of agencies worldwide, are already defining content marketing strategies. That left just eight percent of the former and 29% of the latter without any content marketing plans for the future. However, a buzz word that’s been doing the rounds lately is visual content marketing — which focuses on all aspects of design, font and images.

This trend is likely to continue as time-starved consumers increasingly prefer strong, communicative images rather than wordy copy. In fact, the two practices are so closely linked that most white hat SEOs these days rely almost entirely on a branded content marketing strategy rather than any actual ‘tweaking’ of the system. As more users gain exposure to the content, so the likelihood increases that they might share it — thus creating more inbound links which ultimately benefits a site’s page rank within the search results. Secondly, real-time consumer information and speed of response should be seen as a critical ingredient to developing breakthrough creative insight.
As new channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what should content marketers focus on? Publish content consistently and persistently making your sure the content you produce has some relevancy to current events and what your target audience may be interested in at the present time. If these people like your content, they may choose to share it with their followers and a snowball effect is created which may possibly result in your content going viral! Creating an interesting title will definitely be effective in getting a user to click on your article rather than the next person’s article but a poorly written, uninteresting article will just get scanned and then discarded.
Provide genuinely useful information on a topic which would allow you to mention your product or service along with some of its merits. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog.
Clearly, this new way of thinking about marketing is more than a trend and something your brand should be investing effort and time in. And finally, the organizational lines between marketers, their customers and the agency will become even more blurry. As a general rule you should always add keywords but the article should be written for a human, not a search engine.
A well written article will make the reader come to a conclusion without sounding like a sales pitch. This is followed by advertisements that are family-oriented at 62 percent, health-themed at 57 percent, value-oriented at 50 percent, and humorous at 42 percent.a€?The advertising medium is only part of the formula for reaching consumers. CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, Inc., displayed with permission. Its 5 core elements work together to deliver your brand message efficiently and cost-effectively. By learning to shift resources from traditional marketing methods to the 5 core elements detailed in the Infographic below, you will be taking that first critical step in shaping your online content marketing strategy. Jacey holds a BA in Journalism with a focus in Web Design from the Indiana University School of Journalism.
She uses her unique mix of communications and design experience to create eye-catching and functional websites.
After you create say a video or an e-book, social media provides a fantastic way to share your new content.
Content marketing is typically the cornerstone of the marketing stategy we recommend to clients.
Nick and Steve, I think your thoughts about social media as a necessary component of a content marketing strategy are spot-on. You may have just inspired my next infographic!Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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