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Personally, I disagree with Larry, and I think that the focus should be on the customer winning. In fairness, Larry Ellison is the fifth richest man in the world, so if thata€™s how you keep score, he has much more credibility than I. But, whether you agree with Larry or me (or even Genghis), Ia€™m sure that we can all see the value in better understanding what competitors are doing. So you can conduct a competitive analysis for the obvious reasons a€” to bludgeon the competition and raze their villages.
Moreover, a competitive analysis is an especially helpful tool to help you craft your value proposition.
To help you conduct a competitive analysis, wea€™ve created a few free templates loosely based on the Summary Competitive Analyses we conduct for our own Research Partners here at MECLABS. If youa€™re only looking to get a very simple breakdown about your competitive landscape, you can use this simple Word document.
For a more in-depth look at your competitive landscape, this competitive analysis Excel template might be helpful to you.
You can use social media and product review sites to see what customers think of your competitors, as well as obtain some real metrics on how many followers they have. And, while youa€™re standing next to them, if you follow the teachings of Larry Ellison and Genghis Khan, give them a good, hard kick in the shin. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. To use the tool you just need to choose a background and then enter the text that you want to pin. You can use this alternative to create an image with quote and get lot of different images autogenerated. There is also a plugin available for WordPress, however notice that the images are not automatically hosted in your site, but rather are hosted in the service host. All these online tools let you create image quotes easily for your blog and website that makes it possible to share on social networks or sites like Pinterest that requires images to be able to pin. The biggest change for Desktop users in Windows 8.1 is the semi-return of the Start button and menu. The new Metro Apps view is probably the best addition to Windows 8.1 for mouse and keyboard users.
Rounding out that beautiful taskbar properties window, you can now disable the hot corners (very useful if you regularly use full-screen Desktop apps and games), and you have the option of displaying your Desktop wallpaper as your Metro Start screen and Apps list background.

For Desktop users, this feature is useful if you make regular use of cloud storage to access your files on the move. Likewise, you might enjoy the new Metro-style Control Panel (PC Settings), but you’ll probably still opt to use the Desktop version.
The big question, of course, is whether these changes make Windows 8.1 better than Windows 7 in terms of productivity and gaming. Does Windows 8.1 do enough to relieve you of the persistent, intrusive annoyance that is the Metro interface? Hopefully thata€™s often through your product or service offering, but sometimes your competitors can serve customers looking for a solution better than you can. On the other hand, he was paraphrasing Genghis Khan with his quote, so I guess it all depends whom you want to emulate with your marketing. While the fields arena€™t the same in all of them, the PowerPoint and Word templates are meant to be a summary of the Excel template. While in the past, your best opportunity might have been to dive into the SEC filings of a public company, and perhaps sign up for their mailing list and buy some data from a business information vendor, now much of the information you need to know is publicly available a€¦ even metrics.
You can also use sites like Compete and Alexa to get a very rough (and let me emphasize, very rough) look at the traffic numbers and patterns for your competitorsa€™ sites. After all, your competitors arena€™t who you think they are, your competitors are who your customers think they are. A competitive analysis is of little practical use if you dona€™t look at your own products and marketing materials with the same inquisitive eye, and then place your findings side by side with your competitors, stand shoulder to shoulder and see how you match up. Do you have any thoughts on the usefulness of a visual competitive mapping vs a more linear competitive analysis?
But I think competitive intelligence in year 2015 includes a new strong component of monitoring marketing.
From one point of view, it has no so much sense to convert text to images, since there are technological advances on the opposite direction, for example OCR and other methods to recognize text from images, however nowadays converting text to images can be a good way to share your posts and images on Pinterest.
You can use the tools to easily create images for your blog posts as well as PowerPoint presentation slides with quotes.
You can choose from a large variety of backgrounds ready to be used, including metal backgrounds, plain backgrounds and other styles with colors and different font faces.
Alternatively you can consider other tools like Instagram or even PicMonkey to create images for your blog post or slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.
The Start button is enabled by default, and takes the shape of a flat Windows flag in the bottom left corner (or elsewhere, if you move the taskbar).

The below image (which you can click to zoom in) shows what searching in the new Windows 8.1 Apps view looks like. It really is that simple, and it boggles the mind that it took this long for Microsoft to implement such a change. The latter sounds like a small change, but it goes a long way towards making the Apps list feel like part of the Desktop. Some Metro-oriented features, such as improved app split-screening, could be useful for Desktop users, but only if you intend to actually make use of Metro apps – and, if you use a mouse and keyboard, Metro apps are still rather painful.
Windows 8 has always been faster, securer, and more power and memory efficient than Windows 7. In those cases, I think all parties (your company, your competitor and your customer) are better served by acknowledging that. So, you can use the Excel template to guide your own competitive analysis, the PowerPoint template to present this analysis to key marketing leaders, and the Word document as a memo to senior business leaders who would be less interested in all of the details.
So, if your goal is to make the best horse-drawn carriage and that is your only focus, youa€™ll never see that automobile coming. We have now added the template in a .xls file as well, but there may be some functionality lost with the version differences. By default, clicking this button takes you to the Metro Start screen – which is still pretty useless for Desktop users. The above image shows what Windows 8.1 looks like on multiple monitors with split-screening (click the image to zoom in). Its really crucial to keep track of successful campaigns of the competition and to understand what is working within the target audience.
All is not lost, however: A new tab in the taskbar properties window (pictured above) lets you configure the Start button to pop up the Metro Apps view instead.
I haven’t tested it, but in theory you might be able to use this new version of SkyDrive to restore a new install of Windows to a usable state, too.

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