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OpenCart Theme for supermarket, shopping mall or large sites that carry various type of products. Multiple Columns Menu - Mega Menu: Main menu support nested categories drop down and multi columns. Featured categories module: Allow to display category image, category name, category link of selected categories. Module OpenCart Carousel allows to show banner in different position with slider carousel effect. Full Demo Site Package: Allow to quickly set up OpenCart site that has sample data look exactly like our demo site. Theme Package: Allow to install theme on your existing store and configure modules to look like our demo site. Use VQMod to overwrite OpenCart controller allow to extend OpenCart functionality to adapt the unique design.

SO Maxshop is available in 5 different homepage layouts and 5 color variations that will benefit your customers from a pleasant and easy experience. Clinic management, doctor and therapist online medical appointment scheduling system for the management of health care appointments. PHP Medical Appointment is online doctor, therapist appointment and medical clinic site PHP script. Upload content of this folder (all files and directories it includes) to your document root (public_html, www, httpdocs etc.) or your medical-appointment directory using FTP.
Using your hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user, and assign that user to the database.
If you're running this script on Apache with a web hosting company you have mod_rewrite already enabled in most of cases.
If you already purchased PHP Medical Appointment you may download the latest version from your account.

Pay attention to DON'T use the capital letters in the name of the folder (for Linux users).
Write down the name of the database, username, and password for the site installation procedure. Also you need to enter admin username and admin password, that will be used to get access to administration area of the site.
If not, set manually 755 or 777 rights (depends on your system settings) to this directory and return them back after the installation is completed.

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