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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The way we browse, especially on a smartphone, is different from the browsing experience on a desktop. Therefore you need to ensure your website is as customer centric on mobile devices as it is on a desktop.
Avoid completely different website designs for your mobile and desktop platforms by choosing a company, like KCK Consulting, that can create one website that is optimized for both versions. Starting backwards it seems that the best advice is to check and preview how your site appears on mobile search engines. Google Plus is no less than a huge success with its 100 million active users in just a short amount of time.
Digital marketing refers to marketing via electronic devices like smartphones, PCs and tablets, and for this, your business needs an effective website. The new search engine like option that Mark Zuckerberg has shown has significant potential and offers results based on the searches of your friends and acquaintance’s interaction with companies on the social media site. Everyday it has less effect in the search results as every SEO Professional can see with their clients.

This is an information network that caters to people who want to share as well as follow interests. Unlike desktop version of the website where visitor needs to lookup on your website and dial from a telephone or cellphone, they can simply tap on your phone number on your mobile website which will dial your phone number with confirmation. It is not just a social site such as Facebook as it allows you to widen your social circle. However, in Mobile version, you can show directions from the visitor's current location dynamically. Visitor can either enter the starting address OR choose to use current location option and get driving directions to your place.
This feature makes it easy for any one visiting your office, especially for the first time. We design the pages and setup the hosting with proper signals so that search engines do not penalize your website, in fact gets good rank for mobile website. This is not normally done by web design companies, but we do.XML SiteMap FileSitemap contains details of all the web pages on your mobile website.
We generate mobile sitemap in XML for your mobile website so that search engines such as Bing, Google knows which web pages to index on your mobile website.Search Engine Optimized Contact Info 99% of the websites contact pages are not optimized for search engines.

In our mobile website design methodology, we publish this info in the right way so that search engines recognize it as proper mailing address, telephone number, contact person name, email, etc.User-Experience FeaturesOptimized HTMLThe data speeds on mobile network are not as fast as broadband. Unless your mobile website is optimized, it costs more for your mobile website visitors and also takes more time to download and increases the chances of going away from your website before it loads.
Our mobile website design methodology includes optimizing the web page, remove anything that is not needed. We also optimize all resources used by that web page such as stylesheets, javascript files, etc. Optimized Images Our mobile website design process includes optimizing all images for best viewing and size since we know the web page load speed is extremely important.
Compressed Files For Faster DownloadsIn addition to optimizing all files, we also compress web pages, javascript files, stylesheets so that the total download size would be less than 30% of original files, and saves any where between 60-70% bandwidth, that means it loads many times faster than the original web page.

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