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With every milestone year in a person's life there is typically a place or activity that goes along with it. If you're going to be spending your birthday in this city of sin, you're going to need to have a game plan to achieve that perfect birthday party in Las Vegas. There's no place like Las Vegas when it comes to partying, so it should go without saying that your next birthday party should be amongst the usual sins of this city.
Here at Cheap Catering Sydney, we provide Christmas party catering services with your budget in mind. Included in our custom menu are our signature barbecue, spit roast, cocktail and fingerfoods and many other items to choose from. Make your Christmas party more festive by letting Cheap Catering serve you the flavors of the season. In a city that is oozing with sexuality and whose beverage of choice is no less than 50 proof, it's easy to get mixed up in one of a hundred different clubs. Whoever put the negative connotation behind the concept of rehab clearly has never graced Rehab with their presence.
Though most people recognize locations like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun as the Spring Break hot spots, the bash at Rehab could easily match the wild festivities at any tropical island.
While the spring-break atmosphere takes the center stage of Rehab's ambiance, guests do have the option of enjoying a more secluded experience by taking shelter behind the club's bar.
The final decision as to where to spend your Sunday should come down to one question a€“ "Where am I going to have the most fun?" Undoubtedly, the answer should be Rehab Las Vegas, the longest running Las Vegas pool party.
I think this pool party is little bit out of control, I saw people having sex, naked, topless.. Do you want to start the day of lounging by one of the Strip's luxurious resort pools, or are you going to need to soak in a relaxing sauna to prep yourself for the night's activities?

Get the best bang for your buck and book your party through Vegas VIP Services for a guaranteed night to remember. Our large range of menu lets you be creative in your choices and follows what you plan for the party. To help you run your party with absolute ease, let our caterers in Sydney along with waiters, chefs and bar staff take care of you and your guests.
To make sure you get caught up in the right party, though, you must do your research - Which one has the lowest cover charge?
Kicking off every Sunday morning at 11, Rehab overtakes the Hard Rock Beach Club's Tahitian-style pool and welcomes a seemingly infinite number of guests to a poolside day with a wide range of music, varying entertainment, and a good shot at a celebrity appearance.
With a full sized bar that offers drinks the size of a human head, there's no question as to how hot and heavy the party can get. A small river offers a glimmer of hope for those that need to take a breath of fresh air, but don't wish to be a fish out of water.
Despite the overbearing crowd of people, the atmosphere screams sex, alcohol, and rock and roll a€“ and with any of those options, where can you go wrong?
One of the most anticipated milestones, though, is that transition from being considered "underage" to being able to stroll into an establishment, flash a little plastic card, and order as much alcohol as possible without being looked at sideways.
And speaking of the night, are you looking to enjoy the company of your friends in a Las Vegas nightclub, or do you want a night of private lap dances in your own VIP room?
Choose a package that gets VIP admission to the hottest clubs on Las Vegas Boulevard and enjoy luxury transportation as a limo picks you up from your hotel and takes you on a whirlwind tour of the streets of Sin City. The party at Rehab has been headlined by superstar celebs like Lady Gaga (which was her first Las Vegas appearance) and iconic DJ's like Tiesto and Bad Boy Bill.
Offering up day beds during Rehab, while advisable for the Beach Club's normal hours, only acts as a catalyst for tipsy couples to act borderline pornographic a€“ and with a guest list of thousands of people, the day beds barely make a dent in the early morning crowd.

As a second option, a small waterslide sends guests splashing into a less crowded section of pool. The 21st birthday in today's culture seems to be that transition from being a boy to a man a€“ and since it's such a huge milestone, it deserves a huge birthday party.
If you're finding yourself overwhelmed with the choices, turn to the staff at Vegas VIP Services to put together your perfect Las Vegas birthday party. A package with VIP admission gets you into the club faster and secures you and your group a table and a free round of drinks. Or you can trust your instincts, forget about doing all that nonsense research, and join the fun at the Hard Rock Hotel's Rehab. Other celebrity appearances have included "The Situation", Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton, but considering the slew of scantily clad beach babes and muscle-men, it's hard to pry your eyes away long enough to even recognize a star's presence. Much like any other beach club, cabanas are available to rent, but price inflation and availability issues take its toll during the Sunday event. If you ask most 20 year olds what they'd love to do for their 21st birthday, chances are a good portion of them are going to have one place in mind a€“ Las Vegas; and why shouldn't they?
With such a huge crowd inhabiting the beach club's space, even with a cabana rental you may find yourself being sucked into the party rather quickly. With dozens of nightclubs, strip clubs, and pool parties to choose from, it almost seems foolish to not consider Sin City. Packages can also include a 5-star start to your night with reservations at one of Vegas' many much talked about restaurants.

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