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ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid is a useful tool for the laptop owners who need to manage their power options in order to optimize the power usage. Since the recent Windows versions include the support for multiple power plans and enable you to customize them according to your needs, one might wonder if it is necessary to install an additional program for this task.
The goal of this application is to provide you quick access to multiple configurations without having to manually adjust the power options from the Control Panel. Although the Windows configuration provides you with more options, the ones included in the ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid’s main window seem to be easier to access and adjust.
The current powerplan is displayed by the desktop widget that is automatically added to the sidebar during the installation.

All the plan configurations are available from the main window which makes it easier to compare the plans and make adjustments. Overall, the ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid successfully provides quick access to the parameters that have an important effect on the longevity of the laptop battery.
It allows you to easily change between plans by selecting them from the main window or using the keyboard shortcut. It also provides you with more than three presets which allows you to optimize your workstation for different situations. Moreover, the power plan configuration offers the possibility to hide the desktop items and adjust the display brightness.

The Advanced Settings button allows you to open the Windows power options for additional modifications. However, it is a practical tool only when you frequently change the power saving settings on your laptop.

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