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I recently did a YouTube video which stepped through the process of creating a simple CRM 2013 plugin which ran on the update of the account entity. The purpose of the video was to step through the process of creating a plugin and with that in mind I wanted to create the simpliest plugin I could think of. In the first video - CRM 2013 – Create a simple plugin in CRM 2013 using the CRM Development Toolkit I explained some of the fundamental logic of a plugin (extending the IPlugin interface, the all important Execute method etc). I wanted to continue the journey of learning about plugins but without doing too much new code but I still wanted to add some new code so it’s interesting. This video updates the previous basic update plugin and this time I only trigger the plugin when a certain field Account Rating gets changed.
In the first plugin I couldn’t remember what the stages of a plugin were and their significance, all I could remember was they were linked to the database transaction and something about numbers going up in 10. The actually database transaction finishes in step 30 – Platform core operation and you can interfere with this, this is where the system plugins will run and kick off and updating system values and triggering other things. An interesting point is the Pre-Validation, this is triggered before security checks have happened, so before CRM has checked the user can update the record maybe, basically before CRM checks the security roles and the PrincipalObjectAccess table (where all the security stuff is stored for users) is checked. So that is the end of my quick plugin theory lesson and back onto the code, So along with the changing the plugin filter records (which you can see the RegisterFile.crmregister) I changed the code. My code is going to run based on the Int value because I think maybe in the future people might change the text in the OptionSet from Gold, Silver, Bronze to 1, 2, 3 or Great, OK, Rubbish.
I also get the guid of the user (entity SystemUser)who triggered the plugin by updating the AccountRating field. I then lookup the fullname and domainname of the user because this is more useful than a guid to end users but the guid is great for retrieving more data about that record.
Then it’s a case of concatenting them into string and adding this to the account entity being updated. As a Firefox user, you may be surprised to find the Current Version Plugin Google Update listed on your Add-Ons page. The Google Update plugin may have found its way onto your Firefox list of plugins through one of the many Google desktop programs you use on Windows. The current version plugin Google Update ensures that both Google Earth and Chrome are searching for and installing updates continuously. To Update: If you’re interested in updating the plugin, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there is no way to update it manually. To Disable: Disabling the plugin is simple, but keep in mind that this will not uninstall it.
It’s important to remember that the Google update plugin will not harm your computer or browser. At the March 11th developer chat, the team decided to scale back shiny updates to focus on plugins for 4.2.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But then there are others who appreciate the command line for what it is: a place of great power and usefulness.
If everything goes well, you’ll now have access to the command wp, and a whole bevy of tools to make administering your WordPress site a bit easier. Sure, we all know deep in our hearts that we should be upgrading our WordPress installations as soon as new versions are released. To check the version of WordPress your site is running, navigate to the WordPress root directory (the directory in which wp-login.php can be found) and run the command wp core version. As always when attempting an upgrade, we want to back up our database, you know, just in case. Managing your site’s plugins and themes is just as easy, and using wp-cli can be a real time saver on a site with a lot of plugins to manage. This shows me that I have three plugins that are installed and active (disable-comments, restricted-site-access and custom-taxonomy-creator), two plugins that are installed but inactive (akismet and hello), and one plugin that has an update available (restricted-site-access).
To upgrade any plugin, the command is very similar to upgrading core; in this case, we want to run wp plugin update restricted-site-access.
At RP3 Agency, we recently switched from Subversion to Git as our revision control system of choice. Not wanting to pollute the main blog entries with log messages, I created a Custom Post Type specifically for the logs, using Advanced Custom Fields to set up the required fields: username, timestamp, project, repository and rsync_output. Then there was what was behind door number three: using wp-cli to automatically create my posts with whatever meta data I saw fit to give it. Even when you are working with a very GUI-dependent platform such as WordPress, there are command line tools that can help make your maintenance tasks a breeze.
WordPress is a content management system that powers many of the most popular sites on the web.
Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you news and tutorials on web design, coding, business, and more! If you also have Chrome installed on your computer, the plugin may have been downloaded along with the browser. The former is installed during the installation of Google Earth and Google Pack, while the latter is a component of the Chrome browser and also Google Earth.
The problem is that you will need to remove the registry entry in order to completely remove the plugin. Although it is strange for this plugin to be used with Firefox, there really is no reason to disable or remove it. Gary Pendergast and a team of volunteers have spent the last six months collaborating on shiny updates.

Removing friction from the update and install process not only saves mouse clicks, but it’s a great user experience. A place where the most tedious of tasks can be performed quickly and easily; where shortcuts and scripts abound to help out the most serious of developers. Old versions of WordPress can be subject to security flaws that could severly compromise your site’s data. The names listed for each of these plugins are based on their path in the WordPress plugins repository. In the process, we had to rewrite all of our build scripts and I, being a command line geek, decided to allow a command line build option in addition to our existing web-based one. The first command creates the post in the wp_posts table, gives it a title (in this case, all of our log information except for the rsync output), makes sure that the post is published immediately, and finally grabs the resulting post ID into a variable. Some users have had issues with the plugin in the past, but the latest version of the browser appears to have resolved the majority of these issues.
In fact, the process is so quick, it might make sense to add a visual indicator that tells the user a plugin is installed. They view it as the deep, dark underbelly of their computer, far from the familiar comforts of the GUI. The web-based system had very rudimentary means of logging builds, and my boss wanted to preserve and even enhance that functionality by logging builds to our team’s P2-based blog. The second command goes through each of our custom fields (the post meta data), and stores them individually in the post.
We’ll shed some light on what exactly the Firefox Google Update plugin is and answer these questions below.
Remember, the latest version of Firefox will not automatically scan your computer for plugins and add them, so updating to the latest version of Firefox is a simple and easy solution.
For instance, when a plugin is installed, a notification model window would pop up and fade away. All of this is done through ssh, so having your ssh keys set up beforehand will help make the process run smoother so you don’t have to constantly enter the password for the remote account. The good news is that the automatic plugin installation feature has been removed with Firefox 16, but if you’re using an older version of the browser, this plugin may still show up.

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