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In this blog, we share 5 changes that Microsoft has added to the 2016 PowerPoint software, which are noteworthy.
Microsoft PowerPoint users suffered from being unable to put together a quality selection of slides for their presentations. This gives the advantage of saving you hours of browsing through multiple colors and designs of slides to create your perfect presentation.
Chris Maloney, PowerPoint’s senior program manager, spoke about how the new Designer feature is dedicated to saving substantial time in creating presentations.
We can give you this option that would have taken like 30 clicks, and we give you five of them.
Adding a number of different animations to allow your slides transition from one to the next seamlessly can drive anyone to go insane. One of the many defining things you will notice when using 2016 PowerPoint is the ‘Tell me what you want to do’ ribbon on the top menu. Business presentations are not usually complete without their fair share of number-crunching and data. The 2016 edition of Microsoft PowerPoint brings users with a plethora of new features and tools for an overall higher user satisfaction. If you are a business presenter, it is good to have some useful diagram templates ready, to quickly include in your slide deck. Go to auto shapes menu; select ‘Rectangle’ tool and ‘Block arc’ tool to create the basic lock shape as follows.
Use ‘Oval’ tool in Auto shapes menu to draw two circles – one smaller than the other. Make sure to vary the length of the shapes and the space between them to give a more realistic feel to the key.

We wish to show you some interesting variations and options in business concepts using PowerPoint. Apart from saving you loads of time and making your slide deck look professional, the pack is a treasure chest of ideas that inspire your idea visualization process. New for fall '11: I've added a second page of presentation backgrounds: download Powerpoint slides! The bundle of applications promises greater collaboration and communication as well as more sophisticated use of security features. Luckily, Microsoft has listened to the anguish of its customers and has responded with a remarkable new feature known as ‘Designer’.
With Designer, all you do is press a few clicks, and you will be satisfied with your slides in a matter of minutes.
He mentioned, “We can give you this option that would have taken like 30 clicks, and we give you five of them. But with Morph transition, a new feature from Microsoft, the process of making smooth transitions and animations has just got incredibly easier. Hover over it and you will see there is a text bar, in which you can type any words or phrases pertaining to an action or information. But little did we expect Microsoft to add six new chart types for data representation purposes in PowerPoint. You will then see a variety of data visualizations including Box and Whisker, Histogram, Sunburst, Treemap, Waterfall, and Pareto charts. This is why Microsoft brings you the feature to add complicated math equations to help your audience follow through your financial results with far more clarity. Each of these features is focused on curbing the difficulty and the length of time taken to make slides and choose animations. These templates help you visualize your ideas quickly and make your message more effective.

The following diagram templates are part of our ‘750 + PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates Pack for CEOs’. You can copy paste our diagrams to your slides and your presentation gets ready in minutes.
If you are a business presenter responsible for making critical presentations, we urge you to take a look at our diagrams pack.
This helps users choose the best slide layout and designs based on the type of pictures they insert into PowerPoint. With Morph, you can benefit from seamless and subtle transitions without having to work with frustrated eyes till past bedtime. With the ‘Tell me’ feature, you can quickly access tools in far less time instead of having to manually take the long course of going to different tabs. One such useful diagram template to have in your reference folder is ‘Lock and Key diagram’.  In this article, you will learn to create the diagram in a step by step way. Users would often have had spent considerable time testing multiple slide elements to produce the effect they desired. Clear and concise data visualizations are the key for effective business presentations, and with the addition of six new graphs, you can easily impress your employers through your presentations.
However, significant improvements are set in store for users in the 2016 edition and Microsoft has gone to great lengths in offering customers exceptional user satisfaction.

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