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Abu Muhammad Khalf Imaam Al-Barbahaaree This is an English translation of Imaam al-Barbahaaree's classic work, Sharh as-Sunnah.
1) Heated air inside an enclosure circulates as pictured right to transfer heat to the radiation fin.
The above cycle is repeated and the internal air temperature falls to near the external air temperature.

BOXFAN?fs radiation fin is specially designed so as hot internal air and cold external air flows in the opposite direction in adjacent fins. Extensive notes have been provided, giving relevant passages of the Qur'aan and authentic sayings of the prophet (pbuh ). In every age, there has been a noble company of scholars who stood firm and expended great efforts in defending the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of his Messenger ( pbuh) and in refuting the people of innovated beliefs, innovation, deviation and misguidance.

At the head of them towards the end of the third century and the beginning of the fourth was the Imaam who aided the Sunnah and subdued innovation: Abu Muhammad al-Hasan ibn 'Alee al-Barbahaaree.

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