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Product Strategy should naturally emanate from a keen understanding of customer needs and desires. The business fundamental of “know your product” should always extend to “know your competition”.
Be the first to signup for new webinars and events on innovation, revenue growth and disruptive technologies. When environments, technologies, development practices evolve, it can take years for management practices to catch up. We have an amazing event to kick off 2016 with a bang, with great speakers from Spotify, Sky and News UK!
The challenge is that you might lose your early adopters as you grow, and this presentation talks about how to continuously delight customers whilst satisfying new market segments in order to achieve growth and how to use OKRs and KPIs to measure progress.
Recently I was asked to share our experience and learnings with the Global Product Development Lifecycle work we are doing at Pearson at Tesco.
Sharing the story on how the Pearson Global Product Lifecycle embraces iterative funding influenced by Beyond Budgeting, Agile and Lean Startup to develop leading products with the learner at the centre. The global product development lifecycle is more than just a visualisation of a product at a life stage. Andreas Eggert has joined Danish pharmaceutical firm Lundbeck as vice president of global product strategy with responsibility for the launch of the company's portfolio of new drugs.

Eggert’s first task will be to prepare and market Lundbeck’s two new flagship products: nalmefene, to treat alcohol dependence, and the new antidepressant, LUAA21004. To build continuity and synergy across drug development phases through to market launch, Andreas Eggert will report to both Stig Lokke Pedersen, executive vice president of commercial operations, and Anders Gersel Pedersen, executive vice president of drug development. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Who we are a dynamic, creative group of smart thinkers and doers who bring our minds and talents to bear on a variety of business and communication problems large and small.
Get advice directly from top industry executives with proven hands-on experience, successful entrepreneurs and senior managers, including top industry thought leaders. Uncovering these in comprehensive details requires a skilled systematic approach of discovery.
Gathering the necessary supporting information to bring risk mitigation to the process of needs assessment is imperative. PBG analysts can bring independent investigation to conducting competitive analysis to the product management function.  We go beyond the mere gathering of information. With 3 great talks from Spotify, Sky and News UK discussing Agile teams, Culture and Transformation. We also have a great venue at News UK’s headquarters, right at the heart of London over looking the city. This works focuses on bringing the company together to be more innovative at a cultural level and adopt Agile and Lean Startup principles beyond software teams. This was the first of many Agile conferences we hope to see in South Wales, bringing in a wide range of internationally recognised leading speakers. We have created a framework which acts as a lens into the global organisation, allowing the organisation to fully use it’s capabilities to adopt agile beyond the development teams.

Both products are currently in the final stage of development, and are expected to reach patients in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
In addition to his extensive global marketing and launch, just as those which we are currently planning, he also has great professional and personal knowledge of some of our key markets, as he has both worked and lived in the US, Japan and Germany,’ said Stig Lokke Pedersen, Lundbeck's executive vice president of commercial operations.
But often the unseen and unheard can drive new innovations and lead to new market creation. In the new world of 21st Century marketing, a skilled understanding of internet derived data is imperative to build analytical rigor to the market investigation process.
PBG personnel can offer clients new ways of thinking about market positioning, feature differentiation and segment capture.  Delivering a unique branding capability to a product team’s efforts can enhance go to market strategies.
This should be a lot of fun and a really interesting evening with lot’s to learn from each of the speakers. Businesses need to adopt a whole new culture around projects if they are going to keep or grown their customer base and look beyond using projects to sustain value. Wrapped into this are Lean Startup practices, which fully embrace Build, Measure, Learn at the heart of product development. You can send these slides to your personal contacts who might be interested in Business Diagrams.
We combine experience in marketing, corporate identity development, interactive design and new media thinking. PBG analysts are certified users of the leading internet research tools and can present this information in the right way to further team’s understanding of market dynamics.  Building a strong base of data goes a long way to building a consensus among product teams which is critical to sustained commitment to the process. Our associates are experienced product managers with a thorough pedigree in requirements gathering and articulation; with an expertise in how best to deliver market requirements to engineering teams without constraining engineering problem solving and solution creation.

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