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To thread the ribbon through the holes, start by poking both ends from the front through to the back.
Then take one end (which is sticking out the back at this point) and push it back through the other hole so that it sticks out the front. Pull them tight and straighten them, then trim the ends of the ribbon if needed (they might have unraveled a bit during handling) so they are crisp. And if the frayed ribbon edges bother you, you can also use a flame to slightly melt the edges, which seals them completely – no more fraying!
Thanks for the template I am making them for my own wedding, they look really good and our colors are black white and red so I used black card stock backing and red ribbon! I appreciate the suggestions, it is just slow going as I am making them myself and have to make 150 and have 40 done so far! Suzanne, I’m happy the program is working out for you, and I bet it looks really pretty with your colors.
Hello, This may sound silly but I want to use the tri-fold program template, but I am not able to unsert my own names and things, is that how it is suppose to work?
As for the colors, why not get 6 different ribbons, each in one of the colors, and mix the programs up?
If you are not able to edit the text you see, my guess is that your browser is attempting to launch the template into something other than Word. Do you happen to remember the length of the ribbon you cut to thread through the slotted holes? Leah, I think my ribbon was about 6″ long, but you may need to use more or less depending on how you space your holes and the look you want to achieve. Leah, I don’t remember having an issue with punching the holes, but it would be harder if you have more sheets than I did or thicker paper. Wow, thank you so very much for the template and the wonderful “how-to” guide!!
How much do you think it will cost to do this for 200 guests regarding all the supplies I will need?
April, the cost will depend on what type of cardstock, paper, vellum, and ribbon you use, as well as how many pages you put into your program. The hibiscus wedding invitation is a great option for those DIY brides looking for an elegant design. These invitation kit features a gorgeous red hibiscus framed in a decorative black hibiscus border.
Ideal for any red and black theme, a tropical theme, or a hawaiian wedding your invitations will look amazing using our exclusive templates.

You can choose the small or the full set according to your needs, but you will find that buying the larger kit can save you even more money, especially if you are thinking of also making your own wedding favors. Remember that a wedding look is defined by the small details and matching all of your stationery can really create the perfect atmosphere throughout your whole event.
Here are some of the matching items included so you can get an idea of what you'll get (not all the items available with the purchase of the small kit).
Just follow the simple instructions included with the kit and you will be on your way to make beautiful wedding invitations for a fraction of the cost. I hope you enjoy your theme and come back to share your views and comments on it with other brides. The good news is that, while you certainly can if you are so inclined, you do not have to start from scratch. What happened - what has changed Your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) appeal explanation must include the following: Explain what happened  Why were you unable to maintain satisfactory progress? One question I had was, do you write the same text on the vellum page as you do the first page? Quick question, with no cut marks on the print out, how did you know exactly where to cut so that everything was the correct width? I have the whole thing done, but I would like for the words to go further out to the edges. I had been looking and looking for ideas to do for my programs and I didn’t like anything until I saw this. I am in the process of finishing up my programs for our upcoming wedding and they look fantastic! But for some reason I am unable to edit the microsoft file – it opens up, but then will not let me save or change anything… Is it a doc or docx? Were you able to punch through all the layers at once with your hole punch or did you do them individually & line them up during assembly? My future daughter-in-law asked if I would make the programs and you just made my job about 1000 times easier! You will be able to save a lot of money making your own invitations and wedding stationery. And we have included as many invitations available per sheet so you won't have to waste on paper either (take a look at the count below).
You will be able to easily change the sample text prefilled in the kit with the help of our exclusive bonus. You will get all the items in the kit  and instructions available for immediate downloading once your payment is processed.

Make yours even more special by creating it yourself using templates in Microsoft Publisher. Perhaps you are the parent of a preschooler or kindergartener who wants to make a pint-sized graduation a little more special. If you have access to Microsoft Publisher and a decent printer, you can download and modify any of the following graduation program templates to suit your needs. I have already printed all of my programs and can’t wait to get to the craft store to get my ribbon and card stock! So I got everything perfectly in alignment and then placed a simple binder clip on each side to hold everything firmly in alignment.
We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe. Maybe your son or daughter is graduating from a small private school or you belong to a group of homeschoolers who wish to honor the graduating seniors with a simple yet meaningful ceremony. Simply replace the sample text with your school's information, or change everything from the fonts to the colors to the graduation clipart images used. I finally came up with one that i liked and went to buy the paper and started to feel ill over the amount of money for a DIY project…I would have saved money if I had them professionally done. On the other hand, you might be a teacher or administrator at a school with a limited budget and are seeking ways to cut costs without diminishing the pomp and circumstance of which your students have dreamed.
You are limited only by the amount of time you wish to spend on this project and your imagination. I am blessed to have my brother printing them out for us, so now we just have to do the assemebling…thanks again…hope to send you a pic of the finish product! I say this because my version would have required me to print one page PER section (a page for the cover, a page for the wedding party, a page for the wedding ceremony, etc) that would have been 280 pages total (4 pages for each of my 70 guest) to have a booklet style wedding program for all of my guest. Sounds like overkill, but the now the pages stay in perfect alignment and absolutely will not shift from left to right as it tended to do when only the ribbon was holding it in place. Basically I couldn’t figure out how to get more than one segment on a page to cut my cost, time, and energy down. My wedding is next week so I have half a million things left to do and creating my programs was the most stressful and becoming too costly. Thank you a million times over, you really have know idea what a blessing this was to find.

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