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Cardboard display is made up of 100% recyclable paperboard materials, and much practical than Iron or plastics shelves, because it is cost-saving and could do the job as the iron and plastics display do. Cardboard display is lighter than the metal or other material’ s display, and can be easy assembled and disassembled to save the logistics cost and storage space. All cardboard displays could be customized based on different customer’s requirements. The The Valuable Book 6 promotional cards are three promotional cards, "Maximum Six", "Dangerous Machine Type-6" and "Sixth Sense", included with copies of The Valuable Book 6. The set contains 3 Ultra Rare cards; an Effect Monster, a Spell Card and a Trap Card, all of which have effects that rely on die rolls.

SpecificationsWe are a professional manufacture of pp book cover, book covering, and book cover film.
Type in a keyword related to the promotional merchandise you're looking for and we'll try and find the right item for your needs. Let us know when you need this item by and we'll see try and find products available in that time. Click here, if you'd like to see the product first hand before deciding whether or not to place an order.
It could be wildly used as food display shelf, battery hanger shelf, cosmetics counter top display etc.

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