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Unless your marketing team consists of one person, it’s time to put down the Excel marketing calendar. If you are a retailer with a large marketing team, you are probably guilty of having several Excel marketing calendars floating around on your shared drives. Even with dedicated staff, it isn’t possible they can capture every single change being made to events across the files.
If that didn’t convince you, what happens when you need to pull up all the events you ran in week 33 last year? We haven’t even touched on the greatest failure of Excel marketing calendars: their inability to show the linkages between events and campaigns. How is the modern retail marketer supposed to visualize their carefully crafted integrated marketing campaign with Excel?
To be honest we aren’t sure how marketing executives cope with reviewing their marketing calendars in this format.
The future of your marketing calendar isn’t just about seeing it on the iPad, it’s about tagging and storing all your marketing activity for reporting and reference.
With the advent of Promotional Video Production in India,  the number of production houses has  flourished. Armaan Productions has great ideas for each promotional video format; be it a promotional video, web video, product launch, event promo, TV commercial or Video ad for local cable.
With a firm faith in the popular belief,  “a good picture is worth thousand words”, Armaan Productions strives to use the visuals to convey the messages in the most vivid and picturesque way.
With the aid of high quality digital cameras and sound recording system for the production process of the videos, Armaan Productions seeks to provide cost effective video production services in India. The company has a treasure of many indoor and outdoor locations to give the videos an authentic and real feel.
The company also possesses basic and creative lighting setup for the production of promotional video to shoot with a natural looking luminance and chrominance. Rockmans Creative Media’s project of the month for March showcases a promotional video production for Oxford Aviation Academy… and yes, they are of the prestigious Oxford University.
Day 1 we shot all required interviews; CEO, Flight Instructors, Ground Instructors, Multi Pilot Instructors and Cadets. Day 2 we captured the visual components and were able to bring our large scale camera crane to the tarmac.

This was where Oxford Aviation removed the doors from a plane, harnessed up the RCM crew and flew planes beside us so we could capture them banking in the air. With all interviews and vision captured for the promotional video we were ready for the post production process. RCM animated the Oxford Aviation Academy logo, created an animating title strap, choose multiple music tracks and began the editing process.
We chose Oxford Aviation Academy CEO for this role and then added a hero to the video, which is the Qantas Cadet. This month RCM is featuring the director’s cut of the promotional video production for Oxford Aviation Academy… with such wonderful vision how could we not! TestimonialsAndrew GrayRaw Materials….Josh worked around our busy schedule with ease and professionalism and still managed to get the final products to us in record time.
Chao NiMST LawyersRCM has been fantastic in filming and producing all of our corporate videos. Heather PotterShoe EnvyI've been working with Josh on all sorts of projects for over five years and he's brilliant. Those of you with Excel ninjas on staff will likely have several spreadsheets linked to one central marketing calendar. The lack of an audit trail is frankly scary; who changed the main offer on the email from 10% to 20% off? Let alone the associated reporting and media review as the campaign is built and executed over a period of several months. Printing them out doesn’t make it any better, squashing that much data on to 11×17 makes retail veterans shudder, and then, squint as they attempt read it. It’s about pulling up an integrated marketing campaign with a single click, and being able to actually see all of your media in a single place. Armaan Productions acts as a troubleshooter to all the complications related to the entire production process or hiring cameramen or sound recordists for production. Promo video production in india requires the script to have an interesting beginning and middle leading to a call for action end.
The use of modern techniques with efficacy and effectiveness here helps the public  understand the concept  of a promotional video.
Josh and his team are well deserving of praise for being professional, considerate and friendly.

Sure that seems like a good idea, but then there are probably a couple of folks on staff whose sole job is keeping up with updates and changes to the files. Change logs that come from audit trails are immensely useful when it comes to driving workflows and notifying team members of edits.
It’s about taking a step into 2013 and using what some of the largest retailers in the world are already leveraging to their advantage. The team works day and night to provide the clients with the best audio and visual production services at an affordable cost. The cost of  hiring high quality equipment is also not beyond the pocket of an average earner.
The post production team of a video production company should be smart enough to use every available technical option that make a video or audio audience friendly. This is the reason that Armaan Productions has established firm roots in the field of commercial video production in India. RCM promotional videos always feature a strong backbone to hold the story together, delivering a clear start, middle and end. I really appreciate that initial proof videos are always prepared for my review very quickly after they are filmed. The script writers, production personnel and post production teams of Armaan Productions are so full of creative talent that any promotional video they make,  becomes an instant hit with the viewers. Okay, maybe we can copy over the data into this year’s file, perhaps just the circular and website events so the marketing team isn’t scrolling forever to find their info. The use of latest audio and video editing software makes Armaan Productions different from its competitors.
That’s terrible; now you aren’t playing with a full deck of cards by not allowing complete access to your historical marketing data.

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