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Our coals are exported to various countries worldwide, which are primarily used for power generation as well as cement manufacturing and other general industries in the domestic and global markets. Our coal is primarily used for power generation but is also used for cement manufacturing as well as for other general industries in both the domestic and global market. AMCO has always been committed to building brands and exceeding suppliers’ objectives.  All this is accomplished by our expert team of highly specialized marketing and sales personnel.
AMCO has a marketing team of 20 professionals, including Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and Trade Development Officers.  These persons are responsible for building, growing and nurturing the brands in the territory.
The distribution fleet consists of over 30 vehicles and services approximately 3500 customers throughout Trinidad & Tobago. Business Unit Managers are responsible for specific portfolios, which delivers the focus necessary to grow the business consistently and profitably. Marketing support commitment – AMCO willingly invests with suppliers to develop and grow the business in Trinidad & Tobago. Participation in continuing programmes to secure new business from doctors and pharmacists. The VIO’s lightweight, low profile design keeps the goggle compact and streamlined, while increasing protection of the ears, face and chin. The VIO’s large anti-fog thermal lens offers the best field of view and can be removed and replaced in seconds. Thanks to a new partnership with Virtue, MacDev guns are now backed by Virtue, a company known for its legendary customer service and support. Choose the Spire 200 to have the smallest and lightest loader on the market, while still holding more paint. Virtue offers the most advanced speed feed in paintball with the CrownSF's lightening fast and secure spring loaded, polycarbonate fingers, as well as a traditional rubber finger Crown2.5 featuring fast performance at a low price. The innovative Press-Flick technology behind the Virtue PF pod keeps your paint secure, and allows you to choose from a higher capacity pod that's the same size, or a standard capacity pod that's smaller than ever. The partnership between BK and Virtue is much more than exclusive sales and distribution in North and South America, as the two companies will work closely on co-operative marketing and design efforts across the globe including the USA and Europe. Later this year, Bunkerkings will bring several new products to the market, with the sales and marketing support of Virtue.
In early 2014, Virtue began shipping the revolutionary VIO goggle system, which is being widely regarded as the most comfortable and customizable goggle in paintball. Bunkerkings and We Kill Suckers originated as a paintball apparel and lifestyle company based on the New York Paintball scene of the late 90s.
Innovative and driven, our world class Marketing team offers up some of the most challenging opportunities out there. Nirala's story Nirala SinghMarketing Finance Controller,Marketing, Vietnam “My move to BAT was one I was ready for. Whatever marketing area you join, you’ll be part of a global company that offers plenty of opportunities for you to develop a rewarding and successful marketing career like no other.
SAP Sales and Distribution module (SD) is part of the Logistics area and supports your sales processes like quotation and contract management, order processing management and invoicing of the product or service you provide to your customers.
SD is tightly integrated with other SAP core modules like Finance and Controlling (FICO), Materials Management (MM), and Production Planning (PP), allowing you to see immediate impact of each transaction processed through the Sales and Distribution module. For many sales organizations, delivering compelling sales quotations to their customers and prospects is a key part of their daily lives. SAP software integrates contract management with the sales, pricing, and logistics functions of order management in ERP. SAP software enables sales organizations to integrate all ERP-related order-processing activities and functions – from quote to shipment and from billing to booking revenue.
SAP can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers improve manufacturing and outbound logistics.

SAP software pulls together information from several billing streams and individual-rated events. SAP software considers every possible payment channel and provides sophisticated and flexible clearing control. SAP software for customer usage analytics offers instant access to usage, revenue, and payment data for individual customers and groups.
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Thanks to heavy duty impact resistant lens technology, your eyes will not only be safe from paintballs and UV rays, but with advanced chromatic coatings both you and the field will look better than ever. When given the choice between the Spire and other competing loaders, 8 out of 10 players select the Spire. In an agreement announced today, Bunkerkings has teamed up with Virtue to bring the best harness, along with the entire Bunkerkings product line-up to Virtue dealers, players, and teams.
Damage will not only be using Bunker King harnesses and playing gear, but will also be debuting the new line of BK Jerseys, gloves, and more. Dealers in the Americas wishing to stock the new line of Bunkerkings products can contact Virtue directly. The Paintball Extravaganza will debut some of these products to dealers next week, and as the year rolls on more BK products will be announced. Its purpose was to deliver to the best players in the world a jam-proof feeding system, fast tool-less assembly, in an aggressive, lightweight, compact design that holds more paint than its competitors.
The Swedish brothers Alex and Max Lundqvist have never left their passion for paintball, and have been working behind the scenes for years in the paintball industry along with their design team headed up by Mario Kulic.
I’d been at my previous company, a top global accounting firm, for almost four years, and I needed a new and different experience. And it’s not by getting more people to start smoking, or by encouraging those who do smoke to smoke more. Learning from the best, you’ll produce sophisticated campaigns that go way beyond those you find in most industries. To stay ahead of the competition, these quotations must be delivered quickly and accurately. With unified processes, salespeople can negotiate and approve long-term sales agreements that define special conditions on pricing or products for customers.
Integration creates a smooth and seamless order management process that can be designed to meet industry-specific requirements.
Our software offers the functionality to integrate bar codes and RFID technology as well as automate various types of OEM processes, including just-in-time, just-in-sequence, handling-unit management, EDI, supplier-managed inventory, and self-billing and invoicing. This functionality enables service providers to consolidate charges into a single invoice and give a complete view of the customer. This functionality enables billing professional to assign individual clearing strategies, automate payment reconciliation, and generate reports aligned with accounting principles. This enables service providers to get insight into rapidly changing patterns of usage, including how customers respond to new offers as well as how customer behavior is affected by competition.
Due to freight competitiveness, our coal has a far greater penetration to customers across the Pacific region. A year later, the Spire 260, was launched, which brought a whopping 260 round capacity loader to the market that was still shorter than it’s sub-200 round competitors.
In 2014, Bunker Kings successfully launched the Supreme Harness, the world first and only strapless pack that does not require any adjustment to fit a variety of pod sizes. Instead, they look to take consumer insights and use them to develop new approaches, new products and new innovations that are in sync with the tastes, attitudes and buying patterns of existing adult smokers.
SAP’s capabilities enable your sales and partner teams to provide accurate and relevant pricing, additional product recommendations, and reliable delivery commitments.

Organizations can monitor sales contracts throughout the agreement’s lifecycle, from contract quote to closing or renewal.
SAP software does the behind-the-scenes work to streamline the process, capturing sales data from multiple channels and providing role-based access to the information each user needs throughout the process. Providers can accommodate partnerships with third parties and ramp up new services by clearly delineating which party is responsible for any given charge.
Processing payments in a highly automated manner enables the billing team to reduce days sales outstanding and processing costs. Analysts can quickly drill down from a group of customers to an individual customer; even accessing individual records to gain a deep understanding of how usage behavior affects revenue. It's smaller, lighter, holds more paint, easier to use, and never jams.Virtue Spire 200 or 260? In addition, seamless integration between preceding and follow-on processes such as order creation, helps to further streamline and simplify the sales process. They can also track how well purchases are mapping to agreements – and react quickly when a customer is dissatisfied or when contracts are up for renewal. They also get the visibility to produce the lowest possible inventory levels capable of meeting customer demand. As a result, customer satisfaction increases because payments are accurately and quickly processed while collections target the proper customers. Comprehensive coverage of the billing and collections process allows analysis to go beyond revenue generation and into collections and cash flow.
But the fact is, the challenges have kept on coming for me here.” Hiram's story Hiram MurilloHead of Marketing,Marketing, Egypt “I’ve been at BAT for nearly 20 years, and I’m now in Cairo, where I’ve spent two years as Head of Marketing for North Africa.
In organizations where products and services can be complex, product configuration and collaboration capabilities allow you to offer valid configurations to customers and leverage the involvement of subject matter experts within your company in the quoting cycle. This level of integration and clarity can help improve sales forecast accuracy and increase customer satisfaction. As a result, they can prevent stock-outs, accelerate fulfillment, increase customer service, and reduce operating costs. By greatly simplifying complex billing processes, providers can give customers a single, consolidated invoice, while delivering better, more personalized services. That way, financial analysts can see both billed and unbilled revenue, allowing them to gain insight and streamline collections processes. I’ve been to many parts of the world along the way, but Iran was probably the highlight from a professional point of view. Lastly, when leveraging the power of SAP Price and Margin Management, the profitability of these quotations can be ensured through insight and guidance.
When I arrived as general manager, sales were in freefall because our brands had been neglected. By the time I moved on, sales were back up to five billion and growing.” Frederico's story Frederico Giannini Regional Marketing Manager,Marketing, Brazil “In my current role, I lead more than 250 people who work across the southern states of Brazil. Our aim is to meet a whole raft of targets connected to sales volume, market share, segment leadership and, of course, profit.
It’s a massive challenge because the market we operate in is both highly competitive and politically important within the regional economy.

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