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One of the most overlooked, yet most effective ways to improve the performance of your sales force is better sales territory alignment and optimization that can be easily performed with the proper sales territory mapping software.
Studies suggest that sales can increase by over 7% when sales territories are realigned to optimize market coverage. In our Territory Mapping Software, you will find the Territory Manager, a breakthrough web-based sales territory management software solution providing unparalleled value to sales and marketing executives. GeoMetrx offers interactive alignment and optimization tools to manage your sales territories for increased productivity. Sales territory mapping and alignment can be easier, more accurate and have a significant impact on sales territory effectiveness, profitability and management.
Workload – The Territory Optimizer module will automatically create the most cost efficient territories based on factors like travel-time and workload. Territory Optimizer – Territory Manager’s powerful, national capacity sales territory optimization modeling capabilities, previously only available in expensive desktop products, are now accessible on the web at speeds hundreds of times faster than previously possible.

Highly Targeted Prospecting No sales territory software is complete without the ability to create highly targeted prospecting lists and maps.
Sales territory management and mapping software, complete with alignment and optimization via the web using your proprietary company data or any of our available data sets is now available with GeoMetrx.
It is a GeoMetrx module for sales territory mapping used by small and large sales organizations, franchisors, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, numerous retail organizations, and other marketers to maximize sales territory planning and productivity.
Increase workload for the reps that can handle it and reduce workload for the ones that can’t. Spend less time creating your US sales territory map or hundreds of zip code geographic maps – and more time productively assessing a range of alternative territory strategies, improving the due diligence that supports your decisions. Maintain data security by selectively restricting access to data and territory views at the user level.
Sales territory optimizations can be configured and run at any level of your sales hierarchy.

Our sales territory mapping software will align your sales territories based on your business strategy.
Changes that you make at any level of your territory hierarchy are continued across all hierarchical levels. Confidently create national territory strategies that include all levels of your territory hierarchy in one, easy-to-use, territory mapping software.

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