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Although the marketing-sales tussle is not a new issue, it is accentuated by recent advancement in technology and changing consumers’ purchasing behaviors.
The new marketing funnel adds further complexities to the tussle between marketing and sales. While the new marketing funnel provides a solid theoretical framework for reaching out and engaging customers in a Web2.0 world, we still need to link it up with actual activities undertaken by the sales teams in the pursuit of revenue.
The comparison between the marketing funnel and its corresponding sales activities is relatively straightforward, and is done merely by matching marketing terms with sales lingo, i.e. For any organization that is involved in selling products offline or where a large part of the selling process entails human interaction, the alignment between marketing and sales are paramount. Keith Timimi is Chairman of digital agency Qais Consulting, that supported Shin Wee in the planning and execution of their social media strategy. An English journalist who, when he's not exploring the social consequences of political actions, likes to write about cricket for some light relief. Lunges – After those squats and step-ups your legs and buns will be begging for mercy.
They're designed to help you increase your sales funnel ratios, and are old, basic, and primitive compared to other professional database-driven tracking, CRM, and marketing systems. So it's a natural way of course to include a piece that comments on the current state of the economy, markets, and what happened to both everyone's portfolios as a whole, then comment on what happened on an individual client basis.
Many financial sales books were read from '88 to '91 when I was in sales learning the ropes. Most everything is just generic, FYI, or a template and is not in a form where you can just pick it up and use it. The following images are examples of sales funnels that are apropos to financial planning and money management marketing - regardless of compensation mode.
The most important concept to note is that not everyone you get to enter it (at the top) will come out of the bottom. The overall goal of all of this, is to get as many people as possible to come out at the bottom. For example, in the first image, 1,000 leads went in, and only five turned into paying clients. What you want to do is think about all of the things you'd usually use, and then add them to the checklist. So depending on how organized you are, you want to type in things like - get gas, don't forget your briefcase, restock business cards, print some referral gathering tools, charge your phone and computers, and don't forget to schedule the good conference room. The point was to show people how much they'd have to spend if they didn't hire a fee-only advisor. Directions: If you're a fee-only independent planner, then you could edit this piece to fit your business and it could get the point across to some people. New Flash: Decades of hitting people up about investment costs, charges, fees, commissions, and expenses when it comes to hiring a financial advisor does little-to-nothing. Tip: You don't want to spend a lot of resources catering to them because they're not going to buy anything but ETFs or index funds with the lowest expense ratios.
So if you're out and about trying to get people to do business with you because your investment strategies cost the least, then here's another news flash - that's not going to work in a big way. So investors that care about reducing investment expenses are usually not what you want as long-term clients. What investors these days want, and what pays you the most with the least grief, is the ability and your willingness to let them dump the whole thing on your lap (piles of statements), including the responsibility for doing everything and taking all of the risks and blame, with you making all of the investment trades without having to ask, pay a reasonable fee or commission, don't waste their time they don't have unless it's important, then the ability to look at portfolios online and then just get statements that actually make sense in the mail showing constant profits (good luck with all of that!). It's probably not that useful nowadays because of the Do Not Call List, but if you do things where you're calling on people, then this could help you see how well you're doing in reaching those calling goals, by keeping track of ratios and what actually worked. Dog and Pony Show if you want to, and then talk about how the financial planner coordinates with all of the other financial professionals in their lives. Also, tell them non-generic information, like you're going to do what you said you were going to do in the appointment, and then remind them if they have any homework to do too (so you could send Homework for First Appointment.docx too). Dog & Pony Show appointment, and then here's homework to do to prepare, and the appointment is at this time and location.
When I made the transition from reclusive Silicon Valley engineer to salesy people person in '88, I read just about every sales book out there (when I should have been dialing for dollars!). This was in addition to our Waddell & Reed sales managers, whom I have to give credit here, as they were awesome at this.
So there's many tips on basic life management, motivation, prospecting, sales, comebacks, marketing, and especially closing the sales deal. Whenever someone comes to you with a challenge in this area, there's probably a section that has something to do with resolving it. Also when you finally understand that all there is in life is self, mind, and body; then you can learn to deal with, and cultivate, these three things individually and separately. Then you can learn to control self enough to control mind and then control mind enough to control body.
Then all of the mundane failures, stupidity, obstacles, objections, rejections and annoyances that come with a life in sales will be an amusing and expected matter of course, instead of the boogie man slowly eating at your core until you give it all up for good.
Now it's only a matter of time before these two forces converge - all of the investment you put into getting into the biz and not having enough core strength to build a foundation strong enough to transform self into a salesperson.
Then everything imploded on you from the weight of everything that was piled on top of your non-existent foundation. The average tenure of a newbie BD Rep is less than one year (down from 2.5 years back in the last century). The reason for one of the highest failure rates of any industry ever usually boils down to just poor marketing, prospecting, sales, and closing skills.
Then this usually boils down to people with accountant personalities trying to be an opposite version of who they really are. So what usually gives out first when these two worlds collide, is the willingness to continue. But you blow it by not closing the deal, then the moment passed, and your prospect slipped away, that's it forever, and you have no idea why. The tool for that was right there in your hand, but you just didn't have the willingness to use it when the job presented itself.
For example, "Come on in to my office and I'll share some ideas with you on how to lower your taxes, make more money, and change and transform your life for the better? The people-person did this immediately as a matter of course, without even having to think about it.
The accountant was stuck over-analyzing the situation, probably deciding which tool to use or the best way to say the words, and lost out because magic moments only last a moment, then they're gone forever. Most of this whole business just boils down to one mundane thing: When an opportunity arises, you open up your financial toolbox, grab the right tool for the job at hand, and then use it on the spot.
This whole site is all about having a money tool for every job that comes up during the whole financial planning and investment management process. Look at the whole biz like you're a handyman being shown all of the work that needs to be done in a house by the landlord.
When the landlord points to a nail sticking out and asks if you can fix that, you're supposed to just open up your toolbox, pull out your hammer, and say, "Yes sir, here's the tool for that. The point is that there's tons of little tiny jobs that need to be done before the landlord will pay you to do the real work. In the landlord example, the handyman initially closed the deal at the magic moment, or he would not have been invited into the house in the first place. So as you can see, from the very first step in the process to the very last, there's magic moment after magic moment that all need to be dealt with by using the proper tool. All usually just because of just ONE THING - failure to break out the right closing tool to do the job right the first time at the right time. The right tool wasn't pulled out at the right time mostly because you didn't transform self into a salesperson yet. Several would-be employees here didn't get hired for one simple reason - they had the time, looks, voice, skills, health, need, brains, and ability to do the jobs, but not the willingness. To accomplish just about anything significant in life, there has to first be someone home deep inside you that's driving everything else. You had everything going for you but the ONE essential and most important ingredient - core strength, motivation, and the ability and willingness to give self enough power and control to drive everything else somewhere it decided to go. Sorry to disappoint you, but that's just the way life works as a primitive human in a complex world.
So like it or not, it doesn't matter how much you know, what matters is how good you are at getting people of all personality types to go along with you, or follow your lead. So in order to get to the point where you can actually use your knowledge, you have to use several closing tools to be allowed to pass through every magic moment. If you can't decide which tool to use in the few milliseconds you have to decide, then just put on the old hat. So it's critical that your core self can regurgitate all of your old hat sales scripts at a moment's notice, regardless of the situation.
Just about the only way to get rich (other than dumb luck, inheritance, screwing others over legally, or by crime) is to find something that makes a little bit of money, and then mass produce, market, and sell it. In other words, once you've invented the mousetrap, then it's ALL about getting the word out via marketing and advertising. The media doesn't care unless they get paid off by someone, so they're not going to tell everyone how cool you are unless they're fed adequately. So when the new Justin Beaver comes along, he's ignored until someone adequately feeds their system. The point is that whomever or whatever is being touted as being cool at the moment has little-to-nothing to do with their actual talent, or value to you.
It has EVERYTHING to do with HOW PERSISTENT the talent is at getting noticed, and then how much resources they can drum up to feed these systems.
So the bottom line is this life lesson: Being the best at anything doesn't matter at all to anyone - unless you're willing to persistently and constantly feed the system with massive amounts of advertising money (or similar resources) to get your word out.
So everyone being pretty much brain dead, and doing absolutely nothing to determine if any of the advertising is even remotely true, just goes along with it - "Well I see ETFs, annuities, and American Funds being talked about and advertised constantly, so they must be good, so I just gotta get me some of that!
But nothing big will ever happen unless you have the resources to adequately feed the system. Then it doesn't matter if you're great or you suck, if you say the same things over and over and over to your flock of sheeple, eventually some will believe it.
Nowadays, the whole Internet is just one ginormous game that can't be won, as it's rigged by the top few major players (then the government even tries to stop it here and there, and fails miserably every time, so it finally quit trying around 2012).
So as you can see, being mediocre and persistent at playing everyone's (advertising, and now social media) games is the only way things work.
Being awesome and not being persistent (by not feeding the system) does not work - regardless how awesome you are or how much the world needs what you have more than the mediocre players. So you do not have to be super awesome to succeed in this business, or anything else in life. So just because you've invested in acquiring all of the best technical money tools (the mousetraps) to do your jobs, does not mean that people will flock to you just because you can hang your shingle out as a licensed Rep and can actually do the work better than your competition. You're going to have to dig deep into your core self to find the strength to get the word out to others. Then you're going to have to use all of your sales tools so you can pass through all of their magic moments.

Then after all of that, and much more, you can get down to actually doing the job you signed up for as a financial advisor. Nobody told you that you'll be spending less than 10% of your time actually doing your job, huh?
Well it's best that you find all of this out now rather than after you've invested your life's blood into it.
There needs to be someone at home deep inside that knows the basic concepts of life in general, knows the risks vs. If there's no change in your core, then there will be no change in your life, it's just as simple as that.
There's also not going to be a magic event in your life that just magically makes everything comes together and then everything will work out just fine. So get over all of these kinds of cop-outs and wishful thinking that's designed to get you off the hook for not taking responsibility for your own life and future. All of the following concepts are total bunk, will empty your core, and are the exact opposite of how life actually works in the Real World: Destiny, everything happens for a reason, fate, everything will work out in the end, karma, God has a plan and works in mysterious ways, etc. If your core self believes in any of the above bull, then you have tons and tons of long hard work to do if you want to have any hope of surviving this business in the Real World (or just about any other industry or business where you can earn much more than it takes to barely survive). Yet another news flash - in sales, you're lucky if 10% of your efforts are rewarded by actually getting paid. It's much easier to endure all of that when you know how to strengthen your core to the point where you fail constantly, but don't care and press on anyway (this segues into the concept known as "plenty vs.
So regardless of your age, you can start a better life by first realizing that you do have a core inner self. If you have a normal non-sales job, then good for you, you don't have to be concerned with any of this stuff. Like they say, some of the happiest people are those that are totally clueless and just perform simple manual labor for living, then go home to their families, and don't do anything but sit on the couch getting fat playing video games and watching Dancing with the Idols. If you have a normal life and a good job, and that's all you want, then you're in luck - you don't have to go through all of the pain and suffering of learning any of this to succeed - because you already did (as long as you don't lose your job or health insurance, huh?).
But if you want any more than that, then just be warned that it's way more time, work, money, and grief than you thought - waaaay more. The free life advice here is to not make the mistake of thinking you can quit your job and become a financial planner, or anything as challenging as that or more, because you will probably just fail miserably. When these concepts were presented to me, I was young and very naive and thought everyone either already knew all about this, or it was basic-ed that I'd soon learn in college. It turns out that only a few people know anything about this stuff, and then those that do are not talking about it (for example, I've known all of this since the late 80's and it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to put it on the site for mass viewing).
So you've never heard about any of this because people do not want to let the information out to the masses. If everyone knew, or there was a standard place to learn, then many more people would be salespeople. So nobody is going to tell you any of these gold nugget life secrets, unless you pay for it. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When you come right down to it, there are only two simple, but critical, tasks in selling and those are to find and then to  convert and your habits must support these activities . By the end of every day you must update customer records and respond to customer communications. Before every call, you must review your notes and develop your goals and plan for that call. Every week you must review your results and plan for next week and every month, you must do the same. We always seek ways cultivate and grow new and existing relationships and show continuous gratitude for those that you have! In addition to all of this you must prepare proposals, conduct presentations, educate your customers and your prospects, track order progress, and 100?s of other major and minor (yet important) tasks. How a salesperson can work without a CRM, and still be highly effective at their craft, is something that eludes me. There is a reasonable possibility that you absolutely hate this idea but , it as an absolute essential that you be able to properly maintain a central database of your customers and prospects along with a history of your prior communications, events, and notes from meetings.
A good Social CRM will provide your with the additional capability to find and nurture new opportunities and relationships (via the social networks) along with the ability to further cement those that you already have. Your Social CRM may include some sort of social dashboard but, even if it does, it will probably be limited and likely won’t be mobile. Before every call to a prospect or customer, review their LinkedIn profile and Refresh record. After each call, make the associated notes in the contact record and schedule my next reminder. Good habits, particularly with the assistance of our social tools, will dictate those activities that will be necessary for maximum success. While the truth probably lies somewhere in between, the constant struggle between marketing and sales creates a drag on any organization that strives to drive greater revenue growth. This is especially relevant in a B2B setting, though equally applicable in a B2C environment where substantive human interaction is required, such as in banking and insurance. This is because there is no such thing as a successful marketing department if there are not enough sales. Therefore, a proper framework that governs both sales and marketing is needed to anchor both teams to achieving common business objectives in a synergistic manner. Keith has spent the last 15 years developing digital strategies for leading brands across Asia and Europe. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among all major advanced economies and large emerging economies. But they also don't cost an arm and a leg and there's still plenty of value, especially for the price. Most are designed as pre-appointment letters to help convert suspects into prospects, to help ensure you don't screw up, and to help make it so they'll actually show up for appointments. Then I distilled most everything of value into this piece that was read weekly, to motivate me.
This is close to a typical ratio in the commission-based BD financial planning business (between 0.5% and 5%). Then always keep a copy in your brief case, taped to the wall where you make your calls, etc. This is a short lists of things to do before, during, and after dialing to have your ducks in order when the lead answers. This is so old there's probably no use for it anymore, unless you jazzed it up with modern-looking art and colors (it was made with WordPerfect on a Windows 3.1 machine, and hasn't been updated other than making it a Docx). It's just over the last several years that investors started caring about how much money their investments really cost them.
What they care about these days is not having to take any responsibility, not having to use up their attention spans, think, research, take any risks, do any actual work or anything at all other than write checks and watch their investments grow online and via mailed statements.
It may work initially to get a small flock of people in the door to get some income going ASAP, but over time, it won't work out well. People looking for a close personal life and financial advisor to totally do these annoying chores for them is what pays the best, gives you work to do, stay the longest, and give the most referrals. This is for DIY investors, and they don't make good long-term clients because they're going to constantly whine about you getting paid, and they're always going to be challenging your moves and sucking your time away by having to explain every little thing you do ad nauseum. You're always hearing about this, just because there's literally nothing else to type about.
Most probably don't work anymore because of local governments restricting access to this sort of data because of privacy concerns (there were only 386 computers running Windows 3.1, so corporations having all of your data in digital form to profit from wasn't a problem back then). The goal was to stay at it until it was +4, which meant you made four appointments with new people a day. You'd print and give or send it to people almost constantly throughout the sales process with a pre-stamped envelope going back to you. Print and give to them during the initial meeting and then always stuff it into envelopes sent to them during most phases of the process, just like you're supposed to do with the Referral Getter tool. This reminds them about the appointment, has your contact info, time of the meeting, directions to the meeting place, and generic sales fluff (like stuff to bring via the Homework piece).
Send it out the same or the next day after the appointment, so they'll get it ASAP after your first meeting.
This usually depends on how much money they'll be paying you in one way or another, so you'll have to edit this to fit your practice. So if you are one, then just edit it to fit your practice and include it in most all mailings. If you target the right area and edit it well to fit your deals, then you may get some leads (without having to spend money on "mailers").
There's not much here, just a thank you, then you make your list of questions you'll need answered before the next appointment so you can make your financial plans.
There's not much here, just a thank you, then you'd make your list of questions you'll need answered before the appointment.
It goes on about how the fee-only business model is the best and knocks the other ways of getting paid (which rarely works).
It has some comeback suggestions to say when needed and has a small section with things to say when people say they're already taken care of, aren't interested, want to think about it, etc. You used to be able to just keep tabs on the local obituaries and then cold call, but that was the last century. The whole point was so I could read something in less than an hour to motivate me to change my life from loser to winner. Just like a mechanic's tools or an artist's brushes, how well they'll work totally depend on how well you can use them. Few normal people can do it, because it's just that hard and painful to get that part of your brain to function properly. If your inner core self is strong enough, then these skills ARE something you can learn - just like anything else (like taking public speaking classes).
Then once you get it after doing it dozens of times, you won't have to spend time learning how to do it anymore.
This wasn't helped by your BD having to give up on its sales training programs, because they're barely surviving the 21st century. The logical training, knowledge, skills, and ability are still there, but the willingness is not. It doesn't matter how you feel about it or how stupid it sounds, all that matters is that you actually pulled out a tool that was designed to do that job, and used it right at the magic moment for a change.
All that matters is that you brought out the right tool to do the right job at the right time, and asked for the business.
And this foundation wasn't even built because you didn't build core inner strength needed to change your life yet. You can give anyone the tools to do a job, but whether they'll actually pick them up and use them is a completely different story. Then the piece, Sales and Marketing Motivational Ramblings will make sense, and just reading it will help replenish your core.

Without self having the strength to drive mind and body, then nobody goes anywhere or does anything (but sit around playing video games, or watching Dancing with the Idols on TV).
This is not something you can buy, get handed to you for free, or learn in a normal college. In order to use it, you usually have to tell people things of value they didn't know, so they'll pay you for it.
Then you'll have to tell them the same things over and over and over again until they understand and finally get it. And you didn't get to pass the first time you tried to use a tool either, then you had to do it more than once. If you don't know what to do or say, don't even try, just default to using your basic tried and true old hat tools. The words should just flow from your tongue as comfortably as telling your mother you love her.
The late Zig did that with life insurance sales, and is still probably the all-time king of face value sold on the planet. Nobody can figure out anything on their own anymore, they couldn't before, and they never will in the future. Then when the system is fed, they tell everyone in the system, that this is whom we're supposed to promote and pay attention to now.
But if you want to win at something, and you're only mediocre, then you not only have to feed the system all day every day forever, but you have to be persistent at it all, by feeding the system much better than anyone else is doing. American Funds is the epitome of being mediocre, yet they're one of the top mutual fund families in terms of assets gathered. The one and only way to get the word out without spending bazillions in ads is to just be persistent in your world. All you need is to be persistent enough for people to believe you in your little world to make a living at whatever it is you're doing. The system knows there's some of the best stuff ever created going on here, and then they try to get us to feed it by offering radio and TV spots. Then the system went back to ignoring the whole thing because it knew it wasn't going to get fed from it. In other words, you're going to have to go out into the Real World and sing your song to the masses in order for anyone to even pay attention to you. A quarter of your time will be spent finding people to talk to, a quarter playing phone tag and talking to them mostly about getting together for meetings and closing your deals. Without that, you're just a zombie - a warm body flailing around aimlessly in search of brains.
It's just you against the world, or it will be here and there, so it's best to just get over all of that ASAP.
It takes much more of everything just to do the same things as it did back in the good 'ol days.
It's only the paid book signings, seminars, and public speaking that actually makes authors any money. Then the people that already know this stuff would have more competitors, and thus would be making less money. While outbound prospecting has always been the domain of sales, inbound has traditionally been more focused on a marketing effort with those generated leads being passed on to sales for conversion. I used a shoe box in the early days of my career because … even the smallest computers took up their own air-conditioned room. Beyond that you must have the ability to set reminders (and recurring reminders) to get back in touch, track and complete assigned tasks on-time if not ahead of time, and to manage your pipeline of existing opportunities. My profile, my activity, and the ability to basically blog on LinkedIn via publishing provides me with my inbound marketing tool that allows me to demonstrate my experiences, skills, and expertise … to my target market. Go back to those habits that you need to develop and match those up with the tools that you have at your disposal that will support your needed activities.
By tying each level of the marketing funnel to a concrete sales activity, the sales team will have a clearer understanding of what is expected of them.
Submit your article contributions and participate in the world's largest independent online economics community today! They tell what to bring with them, give homework assignments, and in general help move them glitch-free through your sales funnel ASAP. BTW: Some of the best books on the subject were published in the last century by the late Zig Ziglar, one of the best whole life insurance salesmen of all time.
Then these are just the minority, but very vocal, do-it-yourself (DIY) investors that have their lights fully-turned on.
Then these investors are just going to nickel and dime you to death, because they're on the same page as you - let's reduce all investment costs to the bone - and yes, this means they're going to start with your paycheck. Then as long as you don't screw up, they're not going to whine when they get your bills over time. Then every so often, if you're worthy, you'd get some back in the mail at random with free referrals! If someone actually circles something, then they're telling you what they want to hire you for. So this is a sample letter to send to investors to have them sign and send back to you giving you this permission. People will see that it wasn't mailed, so someone actually stuffed it in there, so they'll tend to read it more than junk mail. So whenever I felt down, I'd read this, and then I'd be back at it again fresh the next day.
Major life-altering brainwashing was needed for me, and this kept me on track when I wanted to give up. All you do is tell people what you do, invite them in for a free initial consultation, get to know what they need, and then sell it to them. You pretty much have to figure it out on your own via failures stemming from the School of Hard Knocks. Talent, money, education, skills, experience, good looks and all of that don't amount to a hill a beans. This only drains what little core you have, so it eventually peters out until you give it up and go back to doing something self can live with comfortably. Then once your core self gets all of that down, then and only then can you effectively test and use variations of old hat.
If you're out at it every day, then enough people will care enough so you can make a marginal living. Less than 10% of your time will be spent actually doing financial planning and investment management.
Then it will slowly get worse, then you're just going get old, sick, die, and that will be the end of that. Most everyone is basically a sheeple follower (and not a shepherd leader) nowadays, so you're in good company. If it took X amount of resources in the 20th century to start an enterprise and make it profitable, then it takes 3X to do the same thing nowadays. However, we do need to also recognize that today’s social selling models and tools make inbound prospecting, in many ways, also the responsibility of salespeople (as is customer service).
Perhaps more importantly, if done right, your marketing activities will generate leads that will come directly to you.
While I have tried to use quite a few web-based applications for this purpose, I continue to return to paper and pen.
If I have spare time during the day, or if I get stuck on a current project, I always look at my list for something due later that can fill my time right now. At the same time, LinkedIn search, saved searches, and tagging are instrumental to my outbound prospecting efforts. Craig has been in B2B sales since 1977 and during that time has served in a variety of positions including; sales manager, division sales manager, national sales manager, district manager, and as a business owner.
As a result, the distinction between marketing and sales are becoming increasingly blurred: marketing now has to play a more active role in the consideration stage whereas salespeople are often more effective in converting a customer to an advocate than a generic customer loyalty program designed centrally. Note that RM refers to Relationship Management, or cultivating 1-to-1 relationship with the selected customers. At the same time, the marketing team can also plan tactical campaigns or offer support to drive the activity level in the sales team.
Our genes play a major part in what we are capable of accomplishing when it comes to building our bodies.
The object here is to step up with one foot, bring both feet to the top, and step down with the same foot.
Take one step forward with one leg, bend at the knee until your back leg almost touches the ground. This is something every financial advisor should still be doing all the time today, as it only costs a buck. There's also a goal section on the second page to get them to write out their short-, intermediate, and long-term financial goals. You didn't even know the basic life concept that life is basically just self, mind, and body. Then others can't or don't want to listen, nor change, so you'll have to constantly be persistent. The rest will be spent on preparing to do your job, and fixing yours and others' never-ending parade of screw-ups and failures. As for customer service, consider that your single largest untapped revenue base is likely your existing customer base and this is based on their ability to buy more and to refer you to others. As an engagement tool, and particularly combined with groups (once again inhabited by my target market), I will be able to develop new and existing relationships.
Even if I am only focused on one social network, in this case LinkedIn, this also might include my company page and multiple groups. He is the managing partner of Adaptive Business Services in Boise, Idaho which owns and operates NetWorks! Then the system did its job of telling the world that American Funds are the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Conducting marketing and customer service related duties (as they pertain to your selling efforts) should take no more time than our traditional find and convert activities.
Manila folders that are filled with documents, scraps of paper, and post-it notes just aren’t going to cut it these days.
Boise Valley B2B Networking Groups, is a Nimble Social CRM & HootSuite Solution Partner, a TTI Performance Systems VAA, and Craig also conducts workshops and seminars relating to sales and social business applications. Take a look at Refresh (only IOS at this time but also available on the web ) to catch up and remind you of what makes this prospect or customer tick before you walk in their door.

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