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The AMP-1001 is a one channel surveillance amplifier that can increase the CCTV video transmission range of your security camera to 1000 meters over RG59 coaxial cable.
This product is made for use with analog CCTV cameras and does not work with HD-SDI cameras. The following video shows how to connect the AMP-1001 CCTV Video amplifier to a CCTV camera using coax cable.
The other end of the cable is connected to the video output of the box CCTV camera seen here. The other end of the cable could be connected to a digital video recorder, VCR, TV or monitor.

So the video cable runs out from the camera, into the amp, then a cable runs out of the amp for up to 3000 feet and can be connected to a video input device such as a monitor. This is one video signal amplifier booster with BNC port which is used for security CCTV camera.
03 nissan altima amplifier resistorclear lake iowa cell phone repeater amplifiertarga amplifier diagramIs this your domain? One the top, there are control knobs to adjust the brightness & sharpness of the video signal. This amplifier booster is used for making up video signal loss after long distance coaxial cable transmission.

This signal amplifier is made of high quality metal material, durable for long time daily using. The video signal can be amplified to the degree you want once you put this signal amplifier in the closest place of monitor.
With this signal amplifier, the intensity and definition of video signal can be strengthened evidently.

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