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Cross selling is a type of suggestive selling wherein you try to tempt the customer to buy additional items that complement the item they have bought.
If the cross selling is done correctly, it will improve your customer’s shopping experience as well as your profits.
Stock complementary items: You can only think about cross selling complementary items if you have stocked them. Position wisely: If you go to supermarkets, you will see that gums, chocolate bars and magazines are always sold near checkout counters.
Maximizing cross selling opportunities: When you are selling products online, you have the advantage of having access to customer data.
Numbers: One of the best strategies of cross selling is to let customers know how many others have bought the complementary items with the original item they have purchased.
Incentivize: You can tempt the customers to buy more by offering them incentives of free shopping on orders more than certain amount.
Discounted second buy: Offering discounts on the complementary items is a good way to build good relationship with the customers while boosting your bottom line. Cross selling is the latest technique to let consumers buy additional items that complement the product that they have brought. Smarter selling is not about sales tricks your sales staff might use to close the sale, but about everything you do before then to prepare your customer for the sale.Sales techniques, while important, are not the biggest opportunity for most businesses to increase their sales. Empower’s philosophy is to invest in an excellent Sales Pipeline so that even average sales people produce excellent results. Empower offers a Sales Pipeline consulting service that will provide a new sales standard for your business through strategic selling. Call us today to obtain a HOME WORTH EVALUATION with Shannon Biszantz your Real Estate Agent.
The Biszantz Connection Tips for getting the most money and multiple offers for your listed home.
Be able to select the selling strategy needed to achieve the desired customer relationship.
Some buyers and sellers are more interested than others in building strong relationships with each other. Firms can often achieve economies of scale, such as lower delivery costs by sending full trucks, when they sell to bigger customers. Marketers also want stronger relationships with customers who are innovative, such as lead users. Salespeople are also tasked with maintaining relationships with market influencers who are not their customers. As this figure depicts, business relationships range from transactional, or one-time purchases, to strategic partnerships that are often likened to a marriage.
At one end of the spectrum are transactional relationships; each sale is a separate exchange, and the two parties to it have little or no interest in maintaining an ongoing relationship. Functional relationships are limited, ongoing relationships that develop when a buyer continues to purchase a product from a seller out of habit, as long as her needs are met. Affiliative selling relationships are more likely to occur when the buyer needs a significant amount of expertise needed from the seller and trust is an issue.
A strategic partnership is one in which both the buyer and seller to commit time and money to expand a€?the piea€? for both parties. GEa€™s GEnx aircraft engines were developed to meet air travel and cargo companiesa€™ needs for better fuel efficiency and faster flights. Going back to the value equation, in a transactional relationship, the buyer calculates the value gained after every transaction. Note that these types of relationships are not a processa€”not every relationship starts at the transactional level and moves through functional and affiliative to strategic. A salespersona€™s selling strategies will differ, depending on the type of relationship the buyer and seller either have or want to move toward. Salespeople memorize and deliver sales pitches verbatim when they utilize a script-based sellingscript-based sellingA form of selling in which the salesperson memorizes a sales pitch and delivers it verbatim to each prospective customer. National Cash Register, now NCR, was one of the first companies to professionalize selling with a sales school in 1894. The process of asking questions to identify a buyera€™s problems and needs and then tailoring a sales pitch to satisfy those needs is called needs-satisfaction sellingneeds-satisfaction sellingThe process of asking questions to identify a potential buyera€™s needs and then tailoring the sales pitch to satisfy those needs.. When the quality of the relationship between the buyer and seller moves toward a strategic partnership, the selling strategy gets more involved than even consultative selling.
The sales-strategy types and relationship types we discussed dona€™t always perfectly match up as we have described them.
The typical sales process involves several stages, beginning with the approach and ending with customer service. In the approach, the salesperson attempts to capture enough of the prospective customera€™s attention and interest in order to continue the sales call.
A typical sales process starts with the approach and move through several stages to the close.
With the buyera€™s permission, the salesperson then moves into a needs identification section.
A presentation is then made that shows how the offering satisfies the needs identified earlier.
When all the objections are resolved to the buyera€™s satisfaction, the salesperson should ask for the sale. The sales process used to sell products is generally the same regardless of the selling strategy used.
Some buyers and sellers are more interested in building strong relationships with one another than others. To use our earlier example, offering a cheaper mobile option when the customer has already decided on the expensive model is not cross selling.

In fact, a powerful cross selling strategy will probably yield higher revenues than the revenues generated from the first item. If you are selling laptops, you can offer laptop bags only when you have a good stock of those bags. Using this data, you can either automate the cross-selling opportunities or you can place the items for cross selling manually.
When you offer a good deal to customers, they end up buying the items that they may not have bought otherwise and you end up with increased sales and profits which wouldn’t have been possible without the discounted deal.
This not only increases your sales but also makes your customers return to your store again and again. If you do have a sales superstar, pretty soon they work out you need them more than they need you, and unless you meet their increasing demands, they will leave.
This becomes an asset for your business, irrespective of who is on your sales team at any given time. Firstly, you must understand the numbers in your Sales Pipeline, and then the economics of your Sales Pipeline. Generally speaking, however, all marketers are interested in developing stronger relationships with large customers. Similarly, marketers seek out customers with status or who are recognized by others for having expertise. As mentioned earlier, Mary Gros at Teradata works with professors and with consultants so that they know all about Teradataa€™s data warehousing solutions. Somewhere in between are functional and affiliative relationships that may look like friendships. For example, when you fill up your car with gas, you might not care if ita€™s gas from Exxon, Shell, or another company. If therea€™s a gas station near your house that has good prices, you might frequently fill up there, so you dona€™t have to shop around. Ted Schulte describes one segment of his market as affiliative; the people in this segment trust Schultea€™s judgment because they rely on him to help them make good decisions on behalf of patients. As the relationship strengthens, value calculations become less transaction oriented and are made less frequently. There are essentially four selling strategies: script-based selling, needs-satisfaction selling, consultative selling, and strategic partnering. Today, the company is a major seller of not only cash registers but many other products, such as the scanner shown here, which you may see in a grocery or clothing store. Even if they do, a script can provide a salesperson with a polished and professional description of how an offering meets each of their needs.
This form of selling works best if the needs of customers vary, but the products being offered are fairly standard.
The key difference between the two is the degree to which a customized solution can be created.
In strategic-partner sellingstrategic-partner sellingA situation in which a buyer and seller jointly invest resources and share their expertise to create solutions designed to grow one anothera€™s businesses., both parties invest resources and share their expertise with each other to create solutions that jointly grow one anothera€™s businesses.
Again, it depends on how the buyer wants to buy and what information the buyer needs to make a good decision. In between are other stages, such as the needs-identification stage, presentation stage, and closing stage (see FigureA 13.8, a€?The Typical Sales Processa€?).
Good salespeople continue with making sure the customer gets the product, uses it right, and is happy with it. The four types of relationships between buyers and sellers are transactional, functional, affiliative, and strategic. Once you decide on the mobile, the salesperson would ask you if you would like to buy protective cover or additional memory card.
Also, always cross-sell the item that are cheaper than the original product and something that takes only few seconds to make a quick buying decision. In the same way, offer the cheapest items that complement the original item at the checkout point. Make sure the buyers can find the cross-selling items without any navigation away from the original item. Of course, the quality and and quantity are an additional advantage in this type of selling for your clients.
For example, Holt Caterpillar is a Caterpillar construction equipment dealer in Texas and is recognized among Caterpillar dealers for its innovativeness.
Professors who teach data warehousing influence future decision makers, whereas consultants and market analysts influence todaya€™s decision makers. The more you trust a certain friend or family member, the more you share intimate information with the person, and the stronger your relationship is. For example, GE manufactures the engines that Boeing uses in the commercial planes it makes. There will be times when either the buyer or the seller engages in actions that are not related directly to the sale but that make the relationship stronger. From the sellera€™s perspective, the motivation to relate is a function of an accounta€™s size, innovation, status, and total lifetime value.
The salesperson will ask the customer a few questions to uncover his or her need, and then provides the details that meet it as spelled out in the script.
With consultative sellingconsultative sellingA selling strategy in which a salesperson uses special expertise to create a somewhat customized solution to a buyera€™s problem., the seller uses special expertise to solve a complex problem in order to create a somewhat customized solution.
Schulte, for example, positions himself as a strategic partner to the cardiologists he works with. For example, although script-based selling is generally used in transactional sales relationships, it can be used in other types of sales relationships as well, such as affiliative-selling relationships. A benefit that could apply to just about any customer may also be offered to show that the time will be worthwhile.

In simpler situations, needs may not vary across customers so a canned presentation is more likely.
The automatic zoom would provide no benefit if the customer didna€™t want to take pictures of objects both near and far. A prospect may object in the approach, saying there isna€™t enough time available for a sales call or nothing is needed right now. In complex selling situations that require many sales calls, the close may be a request for the next meeting or some other action. For example, if the problem is a new one that requires a customized solution, the salesperson and buyer are likely to spend more time in the needs identification stage. The four basic sales strategies salespeople use are script-based selling, needs-satisfaction selling, consultative selling, and strategic-partner selling. Because serving one large customer can often be more profitable than serving several smaller customers, even when the large customer receives quantity discounts. Customers such as Holt influence others (recall that we discussed these opinion leaders in ChapterA 3, Consumer Behaviora€”How People Make Buying Decisions).
The relationships between salespeople and customers are similar to those you have, which range from acquaintance to best friend (see FigureA 13.5, a€?The Relationship Continuuma€?).
MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) items, such as such as nuts and bolts used to repair manufacturing equipment are often sold on the basis of functional relationships. Both companies work together to advance the state of engine technology because it gives them both an edge.
For example, a GE engineer may spend time with Boeing engineers simply educating them on a new technology. The term a€?canneda€? comes from the fact that the sales pitch is standardized, or a€?straight out of a can.a€? Back in the late 1880s, companies began to use professional salespeople to distribute their products. Scripts also ensure that the salesperson includes all the important details about a product.
For example, TAC is a company that creates customized solutions to make office and industrial buildings more energy efficient. An affiliative-sales position may still, for example, need to demonstrate new products, a task for which a script is useful. When the close involves an actual sale, the next step is to deliver the goods and make sure the customer is happy.
Serving many small customersa€”calling on them, processing all their orders, and dealing with any complaintsa€”is time consuming and costs money. No specific sale may be influenced, but the relationship is made stronger by delivering more value. Companies like National Cash Register (NCR) realized that some salespeople were far more effective than others, so they brought those salespeople into the head office and had them give their sales pitches.
Perhaps this person is more interested in the miles per gallon, or how big a trailer the vehicle can tow, whereas you are more interested in the vehiclea€™s style and the amount of legroom and headroom it has. TAC salespeople work with their customers over the course of a year or longer, as well as with engineers and other technical experts, to produce a solution. Likewise, the same questioning techniques used in needs-satisfaction selling might be used in relationships characterized by consultative selling and strategic-partner selling.
If you look at the viewfinder as I move the camera, you can see how the camera zooms in and out on the objects it sees [Evidence]. For example, the buyer might find that the automatic zoom leads the camera to focus on the wrong object.
Conversely, if ita€™s already clear what the clienta€™s needs are, the presentation stage is likely to be more important.
For example, the same questioning techniques used in needs-satisfaction selling might be used in relationships characterized by consultative selling and strategic-partner selling. Some companies are reaching out to opinion leaders in an attempt to create stronger relationships. A stenographer wrote each pitch down, and then NCRa€™s sales executives combined the pitches into one effective script. The effective salesperson would ask you a few questions, determine what your needs are, and then offer you the right vehicle, while emphasizing those points that meet your needs best.
This zoom will help you capture those key moments in Juniora€™s basketball games that you were telling me you wanted to photograph [Benefit]. Salespeople should probe to find out if the objection represents a misunderstanding or a hidden need. In this case, the salesperson might use a script-based selling strategy, which focuses on presenting a producta€™s benefits rather than questioning the customer. For example, JCPenney uses e-mail and Web sites to form relationships with opinion leaders who will promote its products.
As a result, the engineers and other personnel from both companies work very closely in an ongoing relationship.
In 1894, the company started one of the worlda€™s first sales schools, which taught people to sell using the types of scripts developed by NCR. The vehiclea€™s miles per gallon and towing capacity wouldna€™t be mentioned in the conversation. Further explanation may resolve the buyera€™s concern or there may need to be a trade-off; yes, a better zoom is available but it may be out of the buyera€™s price range, for example. Big box retailers such as Home Depot and Best Buy are examples of large customers that companies want to sell to because they expect to make more profit from the bigger sales they can make.

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