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In her recent excellent post, Is Quality Copywriting Worth the Expense?, copywriter Angie Haggstrom suggests that copywriting clients who accept poor quality (i.e.
Here are some examples of my copy which readers would recognize as quality, without knowing why.
A contraction is the shortening of a word, syllable, or word group by omission of internal letters. Example: “…you’ll finally be able to identify precisely what behaviors are holding your organization back, and exactly how to overcome them. Metaphorical language is when we say something is like something else, or that it IS something else. Example: “The Art of Original Thinking invites you on a journey with a profound and defining destination. The preceding copy (omitted here) discussed the book at some length; these two sentences summarize that discussion. Sometimes the most effective way to explain what something is, is to explain what it is NOT. Without emotive language (language that makes readers feel a certain way), your copy can seem very dry. Example: “Nestled amid the lush rolling hills of Cedar Creek, Brisbane, awaits a unique promise. Obviously, there are countless other examples of techniques that characterize quality copy. In music, it’s the combination of notes, rests, and phrases that make a piece rhythmical.
While the syllables keep the sentence moving forward, the combination of punctuation and syllables also seems to create a slight tension and release (the internal drive you have to go on to the next word). Let’s think about the logic for a second: it takes YOU about half a day to write a quality post, right? Now I can’t speak for everyone, but it takes me a good day or two to get through all of that (6-12 hours), depending on the complexity of the subject matter. So if it takes me a good day or two, let’s be generous and assume it’s going to take most SEO copywriters about the same. I know it’s tempting to say, “Send it to India,” but that’s not going to solve the problem, either. And after all, if you’re blogging for SEO, it’s all about subscriptions, return visitors, buzz and voluntary backlinks. That’s why it amazes me when I hear so-called ‘social media experts’ suggesting this tactic. I absolutely agree; while I think there are elements of SEO that can be outsourced very effectively, blogging is not one of them. Not to mention, you’ll ultimately RETAIN readers with your personality, almost exclusively. The number of times I have had this argument with bosses who obsess over the how cheaply they can get everything.
I sub-contracted a so-called ‘professional’ writer (with a seemingly good portfolio) via one of those service providers similar to Elance to write a 30-page report for me. As it’s important to add value with every blog post, I think, on the whole, even short posts take as much time PER WORD, they just tend to have fewer words. Although I take up blog writing assignments and have more than 10 satisfied clients I agree with you that if you want to develop your brand as an expert it is always better to write your own blog posts.
Ever wanted a job where you could spend all day, every day, writing clever and inspiring prose?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job, and for some of us it’s a calling that won’t be denied.
No matter whether you work on big projects or small, project scheduling and tracking are vital. Issuing invoices, processing payments (and part payments), chasing outstanding invoices, recording expenses, managing bank accounts, putting tax aside… It all takes a lot of time. Although the wonders of modern email let a freelance copywriter get through about 95% of their work without ever leaving the office, it’s sometimes still a good idea to do things the ‘old-fashioned’ way – especially if you expect to work with them quite a bit.
Whether it’s website copywriting or advertising copywriting, to do a good job, you need to know a lot about your subject material. In one important respect, website copywriting and advertising copywriting are no different from any other form of writing; planning is vital.
After giving it some serious thought, I’ve decided that the life of a freelance copywriter is not the life for me. Which is why, you see, I think you’re really on the fence and hiding a secret desire to become a pen warrior. I remember hearing a quote about a writer complaining he’d only written seven words for the day. But I think it’s important to note that people don’t necessarily notice poor quality copy – not consciously, at least.
For most, I’ve written a version of the same thing WITHOUT the characteristic that makes the original good. Because we make rainwater tanks easy.” By starting the second sentence with the transitional device, “Because”, I’ve adhered to the natural flow from question to answer. This is a much more personal and engaging approach than the old-school method of using “the reader”, “the customer” or (Oh the pain!) “the user”. You’ll foster a high-performance environment.” By addressing the reader directly, I’ve not only made the copy friendlier, I’ve also put the reader in the position of power.
A cardamom camel train, from the grape-vines of the Mediterranean to the deserts of the Middle-East.
Without this summary, the reader would have been left thinking about only the last bullet or two from the discussion, which are quite granular, and entirely inadequate as a wrap-up. For some reason, it’s always tempting to make your lists consist of three items (as I’ve done in the second). Stories are immediately recognizable, and many readers will read on simply to find out what happens in the end. Two of our company’s foundation members, Ronald and Karl, had been freelancing together since 2001…” The non-story alternative would be little more than a timeline. Visuals that do justice to the world of your production.” The repetition of “visuals” implies that they somewhat out of the ordinary. For example, a sentence is supposed to express a complete thought, and have a subject (the thing that the sentence is about) and a predicate (something about the subject).
And I guarantee, they’re a lot more than hot topics at those exciting copywriter parties you wish you were invited to.

I know blogging is hard work and takes a lot of time, but do you really think the answer is outsourcing to someone cheap?
A cursory scan of Indian job search site Nakuri reveals that a half-way decent copywriter can earn around 4,00,000 to 8,00,000 Rupees per year. Just as there’s no quick, easy way to write your corporate web copy (Home, About Us, Products, Services, etc.). If you’re blogging to establish authority and draw lots of web traffic, then yes, you should see a good return on the extra time you spend to get it right. So I wouldn’t want to set the bar too high if some busy greengrocer or accountant only has a few minutes to dash off a post!
But I think that the only really quick ones are likely to be those where you’re simply linking to some article or site and quickly commenting on it.
Having said that, there is no harm in outsourcing your blogging requirements if blogging is not your primary occupation.
I completely agree with you – it really annoys me how people think that filling a site with cheap content is going to help. Unscrupulous operators who offer extremely paltry pay for writing services show a complete disregard for the craft of writing.
I have been through the lists searching for work, and I have written articles for some of those webmasters looking for cheap blog posts. They generally have quite a few clients, and spend quite a bit of time quoting on new jobs. You need to know the exact status of all work in progress (tracking), and you also need to be very aware of what’s coming up and how you’ll manage it (planning). Don’t be fooled into thinking you can handle your accounts manually (or with Microsoft Excel).
This means both specific knowledge about the client’s product or service as well as more generic ‘domain’ knowledge. For more specific planning information, see Engage Your Customer – Write About Benefits and Writing Benefit-Driven Web Copy – 4 Steps to More Sales. If every publisher rejects my novel, I’ll self-publish and sell it out of the back of my car. I’m not entirely sure, but it sounds like you may actually be on the fence about it all.
Stuck in the same day of wondering what it would be like to actually be a copywriter but waking up each day otherwise.
Of course, rainwater tanks also have to be tough and practical.” Without the transitional device, “Of course”, there’d be no flow between the last two sentences.
Where every dish is for every sense, and where heat-haze, blue sky, ritual and philosophy are all standard ingredients.” This entire piece is just one big series of metaphors.
But for those times when the call to action is, say, graphical (driven by a banner instead of the copy), the copy needs its own closure.
As I said above, it’s difficult to explain (and I’ve done a pretty poor job here, I think); some combinations just work.
All three elements are very alike – the same subject (“it”), the same intent (describe a physical characteristic), the same number of syllables (three), the same contraction (“it’s”).
Usually, complete sentences are hunky-dory, but occasionally, something a little less orthodox is called for. Repeatable, scientific usability testing.” The last two sentences here clearly don’t – in isolation – express a complete thought.
Partly because most people are inherently resistant to change, and partly because they already understand the familiar, and you can leverage that understanding, rather than re-inventing the wheel. The reader is then free to read on, if she chooses, or skip to the next section, content in the knowledge that her outdoor tap will be just as easy to use if she has a rainwater tank installed. Understanding such things as rhythm, transitions, and the proper use of contractions is so subjective, it’s nearly impossible to create rules for their use. It will be sooooo handy when I’m stuck on a boring passage…which happens far too often! Poorly written, rehashed rubbish with no subject matter expertise, and certainly no relevant opinion or thought leadership. Blog posts that people consider worth bookmarking and worth sharing with their own visitors and networks. Which is what happens to a lot of business owners who think they can save money by going after cheap. It does take two to three days to write a well researched article with well-ordered ideas, and that reads smoothly. This article discusses 11 daily rituals involved with running a freelance website copywriting or advertising copywriting business (other than writing).
When you submit a copywriting proposal, you’re marketing your skills, your solution, your work ethic, your customer service, your commitment, and your experience. If you’re doing it right, you should be using your tracking and planning tools several times a day.
Even if you only have a few clients, you NEED a proper accounts package like MYOB or Quicken (they both offer small business versions). If I maintain this pace, I’ll be almost but not quite half-finished my first draft when the world ends in 2012. Being the sole breadwinner for my family, I need to win enough bread each week to keep the mutineers at bay. That’s why, in the copy on my own website, I say, “When it’s quality copy, you can feel the difference. I wrote it like this because the client wanted to describe his restaurant without specifically categorizing it with any particular region. And it’s not overbalanced by the insertion of an “and”, which might have seemed tempting with a list of three.
Without the brevity, the headline wouldn’t have been able to achieve this as effectively, because I’d have been forced to explicitly relate the two elements. And the omission not only gives you more real estate to play with, it also gives you the opportunity to be a little more creative, and to sound a little ‘more cleverer’.
Used appropriately, incomplete (grammatically incorrect) sentences can convey certainty and confidence. We didn’t just decide that hotels need specialist Internet marketing expertise, and that this requirement needed to be serviced more capably and professionally (although all of that was certainly true).
By openly acknowledging that the promised outcomes would be no walk in the park, I brought the audience one step closer to trust. A promise that is Cedar Creek Estate – Brisbane’s finest executive acreage estate.” Nearly every word in this paragraph is emotive, right down to the repetition of “a promise” (it IS real estate, after all!).

They have to get their head around your offering, your customer, your target reader, the purpose of your blog, the purpose of the post and the fundamental message of the post. What’s more, if you’re touting that sort of rubbish in places like Twitter and Google+, you’ll quickly lose all credibility, and stand no chance of developing a following. I’ve seen otherwise noteworthy businesses complain that blogging is obviously an overhyped fad when their blog fails after six months of outsourced posts from tired uni students at $20 a pop. Including appropriate key words for search engine optimization can be at least another hour or two of work. In fact, when you sit down at the end of the day and think about what you’ve done, the percentage of time spent writing is surprisingly low. Basically, you’re justifying your price, and differentiating yourself from your competition. In fact, about a third of clients need to be prompted at least once before they’ll get back to you with their changes.
Try to track how day-to-day language is changing (what buzz words to use, what buzz words to avoid, what rules are being overlooked in spoken English, what sounds make a positive impression on people, etc.). The national bread lottery provides occasional relief, but the best source of bread is still a steady full-time job. Having to submit a piece of writing by close of business Wednesday would make me feel very uncomfortable indeed. After all, Braveheart aside, the world of copywriting is a terrifying place where only the bold and courageous walk. And so can your audience.” Just as the foundation of trust is elemental, so, too, is the reader’s awareness of it. And let’s face it; people connect with people far more easily than they connect with websites.
Had I given it three, we’d have had two lists of three items, and the sentence would have been too methodical, too formulaic, too lulling.
But take a look at how the copy would read if it were grammatically correct: “But we judge that entirely from the perspective of your target visitor.
Then they have to research and understand the details, plan the post, write numerous headlines and choose the one that’s most engaging, then write the post and optimize it for search. It’s not uncommon for a one-day writing job to take a full month to reach sign-off – or longer.
TIP: A good way to track copywriting projects is to use a job (and contact) tracking database.
Always organise the meeting with plenty of notice, confirm the day before the meeting, be on time, summarise the meeting, and provide a call to action.
Know the difference between writing for the web versus writing for print versus writing for search engines (see Copywriting & SEO Articles for some relevant articles). And given that the market for draft chapters of unfinished first novels is a tad slow at the moment, I can’t afford to give up my day job just yet. So anything we copywriters can do to emulate the interpersonal experience has to be a good thing. Similarly, introducing the diamond, in the body copy, as simply “A world first” is emphatic. We don’t do this by guessing, but by testing – repeatable, scientific usability testing.” It’s only a slight difference, but the grammatically correct version definitely doesn’t have the same zing! Blogging outsourcing works best for people who are busy with their own respective professions but would still like to publish regular blog posts on their business blogs for the sake of generating brand awareness and also to generate traffic.
Some clients will put the copy review on the backburner for months (just another reason to request a deposit before commencement of work)! It provides impact, and also offsets the coupling of sentence one and the rhythmic list of sentence three. Without the brevity, I might have written, “The Swana is a world-first diamond…” But why muddy the waters? We recognized that hotels need specialist Internet marketing expertise, and that this requirement needed to be serviced more capably and professionally. If you want to publish small posts every day on your topic and this job can be done by another person I don’t think there is anything wrong in it. If you know how long past jobs have taken you, you’ll be much more confident and accurate in your estimates.
As a result, freelance advertising copywriters and website copywriters spend a lot of time chasing reviews. The Internet is your saviour, but always run any information by your client before publishing.
Sentence three then counteracts that brevity and also balances the combination of sentences one and two.
That’s because it’s the longest (seven syllables), so it doesn’t stop the reader from recognizing that she’s reading a list. Until now…” Without the story, this may have read as follows: “Every diamond is three-and-a-half billion years in the making. You need to know how much time you spend not writing (as you should try to cover as much of this as possible). When you’re quoting on a job, try to figure out how much detail the client will be able to supply.
Intense heat and unimaginable pressure, 150km beneath the earth’s surface, combine to form…” Yuck! Even if someone is comfortable, knowing a language doesn’t mean you can write well in it. You need to have a feel for what the client is prepared to pay (are they a big or small company, how highly do they seem to value copy, etc.).
And always record which clients take a long time, so you can be prepared when discussing deadlines on the next job.
It’s a good idea to average around an hour a day to thinking about and implementing marketing strategy. This is a good technique as it gets them thinking about your requirements while at the same time giving you some idea how much time you’ll spend researching.

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