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Our consulting services allow us to get to know you and create Marketing Blueprints designed specifically for your goals and budget.
We research and create Web Presence Management Reports that help us determine how your web site and online presence compares to your competition, and lets you know what steps need to be taken, and in what order, to reach your goals and rise ahead of your competition. Our software analyzes the web pages that currently have a top 10 ranking in the search engine of your choice and compares them with your page.
Our report tells you how the pages have achieved that ranking and how you must change your web pages and the links to your website to obtain a similar ranking. Contact us to schedule a consultation today and start getting more customers and more sales with increased search engine rankings. Free Report: Marketing Your Local Business On The InternetGet New Customers, Boost Your Sales and Profits From The Internet. I had the pleasure of meeting up with RockIt Lab’s founder Alex Wall last week over a beer to talk about neuromarketing, what it is about and her thoughts on a few questions. Women & Leadership - 5 Steps on a Learning Path In continuation of an earlier blog I wrote about the lack of women leaders sharing lessons learned, advice and other topics I’ve been on a journey of looking for information and inspiration. When I first heard Matt Cutts in a G+ hangout say that Google is reconsider the link value for infographics I admit, I was appalled. The 2014 Searchmetrics study "SEO Rank Correlations and Ranking Factors - Google UK" as a white paper and infographic for download: Your must-read SEO Guide! As in previous studies, we used the Spearman Correlation to study the relationships between Google rankings and SEO factors.
Our analysis looked at the presence and frequency of certain factors for each position, then we drew conclusions based on the relevance and development over time of a particular feature. This study comes from investigating a huge amount of data, and striving to present the results in the simplest, clearest way possible. The continuing, growing relationships between good rankings and high quality, relevant content on one hand, and excellent onpage technical architecture & back-links on the other, are highlighted in the results of the study. Social Signals: Wea€™ve seen correlation values for social signals remaining quite stable this year, with the average for each ranking position going up just a little. Our 2014 infographic is even richer than before, and comes complete with crucial SEO tips based upon the core findings of our study.

Enjoy your reading, and please feel free to share this with other marketing and SEO professionals who need to know whata€™s happening in the world of SEO. Ranked Number 1 or 2 in the world for Google for the broad three keyword phrase "hospital bed rental". Ranked Number 13 in the world for Yahoo for the broad three keyword phrase "hospital bed rental".
Their business is very simple: synthetic grass sales and installation for residential hoes and commercial businesses. To prove these results for yourself use the search terms below to verify the position on Bing. The broad term "bay area synthetic grass" is solidly ranked #1 in the world in Google and Bing.
11-10-09 - I've decided to change the domain name of First Page Search Engine Optimization.
First indexing in Google was moderately successful with 30 out of 50 below an SERP of 100 - November 18th of 2009.
Sufficient time has passed to be able to discern increases in ranking for Google, Bing and Yahoo.
With AgentWebRanking you will be able to know your site position or your competitors sites ranking in search engine. Marketers still need to monitor geo-variance across all sectors […] even though some verticals show less variance than others. See the basic strategy to optimizing your digital profile and managing your online reputation. I'm not sharing them to be teachy or preachy, but to acknowledge them as a part of my personal evolution and to share.
Because we are really keen, we analyzed both the correlations and their corresponding mean values in order to get the best take-aways possible from the huge amount of data we look at. Differences in the properties of the URLs result in a correlation, but do not automatically imply a causal relationship between a factor and a ranking. Some of our findings and methods are really quite complex, so if you want to see how we calculated all this, and the explanations for our interpretations, all you have to do is click here: Whata€™s a ranking factor?

Social Signal correlations are high, but ita€™s difficult to see a causal relationship between these and improved rankings.
Content ranks better when ita€™s holistic, longer, includes semantically related terms & keywords, and is enriched with other media such as video and photography. Essentials include strong site architecture, a balanced internal link structure, a quick load time and paying attention to standard meta tags.
A lot of new features have been introduced this year aimed at improving the quality of results, especially when it comes to analyzing the performance of big brands. Agent Web Ranking software let you check out what is happening with your site's position in Google data centers. If you have added new pages and want to know if they have been indexed, checking google data centers during the dance will tell you. August 2012 14:06Miranda Miller berichtet bei Search Engine Watch von einer kurzlich durchgefuhrten Studie von Linkdex, bei der 2000 Keywords auf Schwankungen je nach Standort des Suchenden untersucht wurden. Wea€™ve analyzed millions of data points and used the best interpretive techniques available to give you this guide to how to make your SEO even more relevant in 2015. AgentWebRanking let you check out what is happening with your site's position in Google data centers. Demnach sind 69% der in Top-30-Ergebnissen gelisteten Webseiten nicht bei allen Standorten in den Top 30 zu finden. Search Engine Optimization consultant ( SEO ) are using AgentWebRanking as a google dance checker, google dance ranker, google dance tracker and google dancemaster software. If you check the results from one server to another during the Google update they will differ, and it changes as each Google server is updated, hence the term, Google Dance.

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