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I have pretty much no use for anything other than raid 0 but it was still an interesting read.
Admittedly if I have a choice again I would have picked the Areca after seeing the numbers.
That said can you please talk more to the differences performance wise between SATA and SAS?
How do these cards compare with using the 6x SATA 2 connections on my motherboard, a couple of cheap $30 2 port SATA card (eg StarTEch PEXSAT32 2-Port PCI Express SATA 6 Gbps) and software RAID 6? I have more CPU that I can use (core i5) and want to use cheap 2 or 3 TB 7200 rpm SATA drives because I want lots of storage rather than maximum speed. Great review, however I would have liked to see more details around raid configuration for each card. 19 Nov 2014 … Two 1TB drives paired together in a striped RAID 0 configuration, for example, will be recognized as a single, 2TB volume.
16 Feb 2012 … Almost all have redundancy to offer some data protection, while RAID 0 is built purely for speed. Accelerez la vitesse de votre ordinateur en repartissant vos donnees sur deux disques durs grace au RAID 0. It is possible to combine the advantages (and disadvantages) of RAID 0 and RAID 1 in one single system. 1) Introduction: Recently I went out and bought myself a second hard drive with the purpose of setting myself up a performance raid (raid0). Depending on the configuration of your RAID array, these RAID modes provide 20-30% fewer usable IOPS than a RAID 0 configuration. 24 Jan 2015 … Hello everyone, I am a newby on mac and i was wondering what my options are. Actually, this is not really a RAID, because it does not provide data backup, but the name RAID 0 for this type of system has become the norm. 13 May 2015 … You will create the RAID0 volumes with the above configuration settings using these steps. Je pense que tu aurais du installer windows sur l #39;un de tes deux hdd, et monter ton raid 0 apres depuis ton bureau.
Be able to set up a new storage volume with RAID … accommodated into the RAID 5 configuration.
RAID 0 is the fastest, RAID 1 is the safest, and RAID 5 is a great combination of safe and fast. 24 Dec 2012 … RAID 0 is a method used to increase hard disk performance, by setting up multiple hard disks to work as a single virtual disk. Over the last couple of months I’ve been using a hack to allow software RAID 5 on Windows XP. For example, let’s say I have three 500gb hard drives in a RAID 5 and two 250gb hard drives in a RAID 1.
Now give the computer a name, this is the name that will identify the computer on the local netowork. Once the divider is dragged the whole way to the top, the partition editor should look like the screen shot below.

Once all the RAID devices are setup it’s time to format them and combine them if there is more than one RAID device.
Now give the file system a type, from my research I’ve found that ext4 performs best in most cases. Congratulations, the installation is complete, click the close button and restart the system. If the computer already has Windows XP Pro installed on it, then just make sure that it is upgraded to Service Pack 3 and has all of the available updates installed.
The first step to create the RAID array is to go to the start menu and right click My Computer and select Manage (the My Computer icon may also be on the Desktop).
After the disks have been converted to Dynamic Disks, right click on any one of them and select New Volume. To share your array's contents across a local network go to Share Windows XP Files with Linux, OS X or Another Windows Machine on the Local Network. I think i prefer this type of article over the longer type with actual benchmarks thrown in (not for gpu or cpu reviews though). I bought the 6805 and always wondered why RAID-10 was not as fast as I thought it should be.
I understand the reliability argument, however I wonder if for my purposes I would not be better served by using cheaper SATA disks over SAS disks? I realize I am quickly priced out of an enterprise solution in this arena, but have seen at least a couple cheaper options online such as the Sans Digital TR8M+B. Atto RAID Adapters are on par and I think the only other one out there, why are they not compared in this review? A RAID controller capable of splitting data on different sizes parts, so the largest parts go to the fastest drives, and the shorter ones to the slower drives.
You really get what you pay for with these cards, poor performance and even poorer support. Mini-White … This document details the steps needed to set up RAID 0 and RAID 1 disk configurations on HP. Go to my article on simple RAID level explanations to find out the differences between the different levels or RAID. Also, remember to remove the Fedora Live CD so the computer boots to the hard drive and not the CD. This information will help the Fedora community understand what hardware people most commonly use. Keep an eye out for my upcoming article on how to share a data over a local network with Windows XP and Mac OS X. Is it possible to partition them in such a way that I can install the OS and use the remaining space for RAID 1? First, type in the number of the Windows install thata€™s going to have the RAID and hit enter. Eject the Windowsa€™s XP install CD from the CD drive, restart the computer and move onto the next step. Make sure to backup data before performing this step.) Once in Disk Management right click on one of the disks that is going to be used in the RAID array and click Convert to Dynamic Disk.

If you want to prevent the RAID array from being disabled by future updates or service packs do not update your Windows install. Don't usually see RAID 0 for expensive SAS RAID Controllers, and more RAID 10 configurations than RAID 5. Once the computer boots to the CD a screen like this should pop up.After the automatic boot screen a progress bar should appear at the bottom of the screen. I will try my best to answer any question or resolve any problems encountered in the comments for this post. Even if only one RAID array is being used it is important to make sure to put it in a LVM to ensure future expandability. Lastly, verify that the size is maxed out, it should already be maxed out by default but it can’t hurt to take a look. Also, in the near future I will show how to setup e-mail notifications in the event of a drive failure and will also show how to expand RAID arrays. After the correct Windows install is selected the Recovery Console will ask for the account password, if there is an account password type it in and hit enter. In this step, click one of the disks that is going to be in the array and click the add button. The second missing feature is the ability to make different RAID setups appear as one drive. Also, I’ve found that Linux has support for software RAID 6 and RAID 10, a nice bonus if users are looking for increased fault tolerance or increased speed. The amount and size of hard drives needed to achieve the desired setup needs to be figured out. The first step is to drag the divider (it’s the 3 little dots directly above the pointer in the screen shot below) the whole way to the top. Once Windows XP Pro is installed make sure to install all of the updates and install Service Pack 3.
Once the files are in their proper directory put the XP Pro Install CD into the CD drive and reboot the computer. When deciding how many hard drives will be needed keep in mind that one hard drive of 10gb or more will be needed to accommodate the OS. Note that I have not tried to install Fedora or setup a software RAID on a PowerPC, but I imagine it should work the same as if being installed on a regular PC. Scroll down the list and make sure no drive that is going to be used in the RAID array is checked. If there are any questions ask them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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