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Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. Summer's coming up, and if you go strutting around with an ice cold soda in your hands, everyone will be hoping you'll share it with them. The specially designed twin can twists off the top, allowing you to share it, perhaps making a new friend at the same time. The idea is the brainchild of ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, whose offices in Singapore and France teamed up to create an advertisement starring the can concept.
Two weeks ago Daniel Bakir from the German magazine Stern published an article about money-grubbing businessmen that actually destroy our dream of a better world. The city of New York recently found out that 72% of all Airbnb offers in the last four years have actually been illegally on that platform.
Even though it might be an extreme, the magazine Capital found out that also in cities such as Berlin there are thousands of apartments, which can be rented out by tourists throughout the whole year.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Competing with some of the social networking giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, isn’t the easiest of the tasks. Barring the hashtags and real-time video effects, the Android variant of Klip brings almost the same set of features to the table that have seen the iOS counterpart rake rich accolades in the iTunes App Store. As with almost every social network’s mobile client, Klip for Android also requires you to sign in to the app in order to access all said features.
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In order to capitalize on the sharing experience it’s important to first understand why people share.
To educate others: How often have you seen something incredible on the nightly news and thought, “Wow, Bob has to see that!” then found the YouTube video and forwarded it on?
To get a rise out of someone: We all crave attention and sending a video link to a friend or coworker is often a simple way to shock or entertain a pal.
It’s for a Cause: Mutual of Omaha’s recent “Aha Moments” campaign used the power of video to encourage hundreds of people to submit videos all about their own Aha Moment. With version 1.5, we have added file sharing, so you can send and receive photos or documents while instant messaging or calling your friends and family. We’re listening to our users, and file sharing has been one of the biggest features they’ve been asking for in Skype for Windows 8. With this release, we have also improved performance and stability of the application, focusing specifically on accelerating Skype start up and loading of content.
We are committed and excited to improve and add to Skype for Windows 8, meeting new user needs and improving the overall experience and feature set.  Look for more in our next release. Also why does authentication here through Twitter require privileges to tweet from my account not just identification?
Hi Merike, because of the updates to our blog platform, the RSS feed and commenting mechanics have changed somewhat. When people need to share a video, this is the first site coming to their mind. Although, YouTube policy is very strict, especially copyright issues. Now some creative ad people have attempted to solve that problem with the Coke Social Can, a package that splits in two cans for easy sharing.

While this Social Can looks more like a vehicle for a sweet commercial with lots of whistling and camaraderie, Coca-Cola's not saying if it's a real product that will soon be placed in a vending machine near you.
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Commercial landlords use the sharing platform although they should pay taxes for renting out their apartments. Especially in those big cities where there is a housing shortage, people can get out the most.
In fact, the latest update that the Android variant of Google’s very own social network has received makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest.
New users can sign up for a new Klip account using their Facebook, Twitter or email address. The app requires Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run, and can be downloaded via the link provided below. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
It’s critical when developing your digital strategy to include share functions that allow your audience to pass along your content as simply as possible and this is especially true when it comes video.
Videos were then voted on and the winner won the role in Mutual of Omaha’s next commercial. The platform will not tweet on your behalf unless you’d like to share something on Twitter. I guess until that happens, SKYPE won’t run on computers like Chromebook because Chrome OS is incompatible with Windows.
For example, it prohibits users to upload duplicate, explicit, third-party content without owner’s permission.
Still, if you hear that someone else gets even more money you will for sure raise the price as well. That said, there are certain names that might be not as big as the aforementioned ones, but they certainly hold their own among the users, courtesy of the quality of service that you get from them.
Using various tabs at the bottom, you may sift through your Klips feeds, take a look at the trending videos, search across the Klip network for required content, sneak peek into your personal profile, and most importantly, capture and share your own video recordings or the clips stored on your device. Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. Sharing a good laugh, funny story or tear jerker of a tale is what makes video sharing so compelling. It was wildly entertaining and therefore worthy of sharing, the fact that users interacted with the brand was a bonus. How this is still unfixed is beyond me – every other Windows 8 app (like CNN) can start automatically, but not Skype… and Skype is made by Microsoft!
So if YouTube doesn’t accept your video file, you may upload it to your own site in Flash or HTML5 compatible formats. From politics and science to reality TV and original web-series, we have compiled a sortable table of some of the top YouTube alternatives. If you want to travel around you can make use of platforms such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb.
Take Klip – a simple, yet well-crafted social video sharing service that has its fans scattered all across the globe.
In addition, you may start following a particular Klip user, view all posts shared by them, or block a specific user’s posts from displaying in your feeds.

An interesting aspect of the app is that it lets you preview image thumbnails of the entire video clip by just sliding your finger over the video window.
The power of a good story, no matter what platform it’s delivered in, never goes out of style. If you need your car only twice a week you can give it to someone else for a couple of days.
That is why in San Francisco (where the HQ of Airbnb is located) it is not allowed anymore to rent out an apartment for more than 90 days a year. Given the app’s beautifully laid out, thumbnail-laden interface, it won’t be entirely wrong to cite it as the Pinterest equivalent that is purely dedicated to catering for your shared video clips. There is absolutely no restriction on the number of clips that can be shared, and you have the option to capture clips both from the front-facing as well as rear camera. Videos can be viewed in windowed mode (within the app’s interface), as well as in full screen.
Klip has its official iOS client available in the iTunes App Store, and the popularity of the mobile app can be determined from the fact that it has been named as Apple’s “App Of The Week” in no less than 15 countries! Needless to say, the app can keep you apprised of your friends’ latest activities on the network through real-time status bar notifications.
They are trying to misuse the platforms, because they want to make as much money as possible. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo mostly holds prof-looking videos and has three options for its users: a basic account with limitations and two paid ones with advanced options and bigger space. Your wish is now granted, as the official Klip Video Sharing Android app has just recently hit the Google Play Store. Here people broadcast themselves playing or talking about games while others watch them either live or via archived footage. You can also broadcaast or archive your gameplay, chat with other gamers and join various gaming comminities.
Here are more options open to Turbo subscribers:Unlike Turbo users, free ones can store their live videos on Twitch for 14 days only. Although LiveLeak is majorly oriented to politics, war, and other world events, users are free to post any content they want if it doesn’t violate the website policy.
Once signed in to Veoh, you can upload videos of any length and embed them on your site or blog. Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community for you to participate in.
You may get in touch with other people, rate your favorite videos, leave comments and discuss the videos in channels and forums.6. The website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality. If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20,000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. media
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