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In December 2005, the company issued 5% shares to the public and listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). The name of the company was changed from J& N (Bangladesh) Limited to Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited on January 1, 1980. Its Authorized capital is Taka 400 million and its paid up capital is Taka 232 million.Historical OverviewBerger, the market leader in the Bangladesh paint market is one of the oldest names in the paint Industry and the country’s major specialty paints business with products and ingredients dating back more than 249 years to 1760. Louis Berger and sons grew rapidly with a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship culminating in perfecting the process of making Prussian blue, a deep blue dye- a colour widely used for the uniforms of many European Armies. Production of dyes and pigments evolved into production of paints and coating, which till today, remains the core business of Berger. The company grew rapidly by establishing branches all over the world and through mergers and acquisitions with all other leading paint and coating manufacturing companies.Berger has been involved in the paint business in this part of the world since 1950, when paints were first imported from Berger UK and subsequently from Berger Pakistan.
In 1970, Berger paints Bangladesh limited (BPBL), erstwhile Jenson and Nicholson, had set up its paint factory in Chittagong at an estimated investment of TK 4 million.
The Dada group share was ultimately vested with the government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh after the independence of the country in 1971. In December 2005, the company issued 5% shares to the public and listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).With the entry of Berger paints into Bangladesh market, the country has been able to benefit from more than 249 years of global paint industry experience. Over the decades, Berger has evolved to become the leading paint solutions provider in this country and has diversified into every sphere of the industry-from Decorative Paints to Industrial, Marine and Powder Coatings.Berger is one of the leading companies in the global paint industry.
They offer all kind of painting solution in decorative, industrial or marine segment for both decorative and protective purpose. Berger paint started its sailing into the sea of Bangladesh from pre liberation era, to be precise in 1950.the main business flourished in the post liberation phase.
It sources raw materials from some of the best known names in the world: MITSUI, MOBIL, DUPONT, HOECHST and BASF, to name a few. The superior quality of Berger’s products has been possible because of its advance plants and strictly quality controls equal to the best international standards.
Investment in technology and plant capacity is even more evident from the establishment of Powder Coating and Emulsion plants at the Dhaka factory is an addition to Berger’s capacity, making it the paint giant in Bangladesh.With the strong distribution network, Berger has reached almost every corner of Bangladesh. The nationwide dealer network , supported by seven (8) sales depots strategically located at Dhaka , Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Bogra,  Sylhet, Comilla and Mymensingh has enabled them to strategically cater to all the parts of the country.The product range includes specialized outdoor paints to protect against adverse weather condition.
Berger also provides customer support connecting consumers to technology through specialized Home Decor service giving free technical advice on surface preparation , colour consultancy , special colour scheme etc. To bolster customer satisfaction, Berger launched Illusion-the first designer paint solution.
The company also launched Innova wood Coating and PowerBond adhesive to cater the needs of customers.Due to Berger’s superior product quality and production efficiency with skillful management team and employee Berger has been operating its business productively in Bangladesh. As Berger spends a lot for Research and Development sector, they could be innovative and easily could attract the customer group that they targeted. By understanding the customer need Berger innovated a wide range of its product and expanded the product line according to diverse need. Thus Berger has been remaining in the paint industry in a sustainable manner holding a great market share over their rivals. By broadcasting their effective and well focused advertisements; Berger is also outperforming in the paint industry. Beside these to reach their customers properly Berger has set up Sales offices at different place of this country to make their product available and to ensure a proper distribution channel.

With their support, Berger aim to maximize the potential of their business-through a combination of enhanced quality of product, service, creative marketing, competitive pricing and cost efficiency.The Organogram of Berger Paints Bangladesh LimitedBerger Paints Bangladesh Limited(BPBL) is a Multinational Paint Company. Rakib Ullah Bashar – GM-Budget & Cost control9)      Mr Sabbir Ahmed – Internal Auditor10)  Mr. With this strategic alliance, the furniture industry will get the opportunity to enjoy the European wood coating finish in Bangladesh.This brand will offer the complete range of PU based lacquer coatings for wood and MDF board.
Berger Innova products have all the characteristics of a high performance finish which includes superb film transparency, matt to high gloss finish, excellent protection against household chemicals (water, tea, coffee, etc.), high resistance to scratches and abrasion from daily use. PowerBond is a premier quality water based adhesive that gives the highest bonding strength suitable for furniture industries. This product is lacquer proof and resistant to heat and water, having high coverage which will add value to the related industries.Wall PuttyWall Putty is a water based putty formulated with special binder, which makes the surface stronger. It covers the cracks and unevenness of surfaces and makes the surface smooth and well prepared for top coat applications.ThermolineQuality road marks is one of the very important criteria to meet benchmarking excellence in road safety and smooth movement of traffic. All the members of the department are very supportive to each other; they always try to help the other members if possible. Besides, superior member and subordinates have very good co-ordination.The main problem of the department is that although it is a core department, its member is very few. For this one person here is responsible for multiple types of works, which sometimes may create job dissatisfaction.To improve the current condition of the department it should increase its human resource.
Also they should split different works and create more division, which will help everyone to focus on the specific activity more effectively.Financial AnalysisRatio AnalysisRatio analysis is a good process to measure a company’s overall financial condition.
By comparing several years ratio it can be found whether a company is performing good or bad in a specific side or not. Current ratio, quick ratio, NWC, cash flow to debt, Cash ratio and reserve cash has decreased from 2006. However, in terms of cash conversion cycle and cash turnover BPBL is doing well in 2008 than Last three years.
In terms of net liquid balance it shows that in 2007 BPBL has negative NLB, this maybe caused because they have Tk 150,000,000 notes payable that year and the remaining 3 years BPBL has 0 notes payable except the year 2006 where it has notes payable of Tk 45,000,000. Also, in terms of inventory turnover, Days inventory held they were performing well in 2006. On the other hand in terms of Receivable turn over, days sales outstanding, days payable outstanding, days sales in inventory BPBL’s performance is best in 2007. In 2007 and 2008 it is more or less same, but the situation become slight better in year 2008. BPBL’s long term liability to equity ratio is lower in all the four years, it’s because BPBL usually do not take long term bank loan for financing. Their main long term liabilities are employee’s retirement gratuity and tax equalization reserve.  In terms of current liability to total liability ratio it shows very high percentage, because BPBL’s main liabilities are short term and they sometime take short term bank loan for financing their working capital.
BPBL’s Debt to equity ratio in 2008 is very high compare to other years; it is a big threat for the company.

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