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Surprisingly, many people miss this important social media marketing strategy step when writing a social media marketing plan. Although the rules of social media networks are constantly changing, most websites will only let you have a professional page unless you have a personal page. Notice the words “audience” and “tribe” in lieu of “customer.” Your audience might simply enjoy your writing style, and the topics you choose to discuss. Although you should create an active profile across all social networks, when writing your social media marketing plan, create a spreadsheet and note where your tribe and audience members spend most of their time. Keep abreast of new research and development in your business sector, and share it with your connections. When writing your social media marketing plan, you need to consider the people who have no interest in creating Facebook or other social networking profiles.
Lisa Marie Mercer is a widely published writer, whose work includes topics such as travel, skiing, expat lifestyle, fitness and social media.
The average marketer spends more than 11 hours per week on social media, while small business owners typically invest 6 to 10 hours. It costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones, according to Forrest Research.
Having an effective, achievable and actionable social media marketing plan increases your customer engagement and retention rate.
Engaged customers buy 90 percent more frequently, spend 60 percent more per transaction and are five times more likely to indicate you as the only brand they would purchase from in the future.
Social media marketing goals should be SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound. Perform a social media audit before you begin to see how powerful each social network is to your organization. Add a new column, "Our Best Posts," and link to three top-performing posts, and detail why. After all, you want to do more of what works and less of what doesn't to keep your customers engaged! Emma Fitzpatrick is a freelance writer and marketer, whose specialties include content marketing, social marketing and short, snappy writing.
Evolving from a checklist approach to social media to a more effective way to integrate social channels requires a new mindset.
In this phase, define which touch points are most likely to help you reach your social media (and broader business) objectives.
Next, you need to determine at which of these touch points is conversion to your objectives (reputation management, community building, lead generation, etc.) most likely to occur. When mapping out your conversion touch-point plan, define the trigger for each touch point that makes it possible to move on to the next. For example, for companies working in the knowledge sector, SlideShare can serve as a useful converting touch point. Conversation-worthy campaigns: Invest in social campaigns to boost the reach of your social channel activities.
Social advertising: To grab the attention of your audience, you need to advertise your campaigns and content on social channels. Partner up with other major brands: If you have a good relationship with brands that have a large social reach, you can always ask them to share your brand content (or a competition) with their fan base.
Research conducted by InSites Consulting has shown that the average consumer actively interacts with no more than five brands on social media.
The conclusion is obvious: This evolution is raising the bar for companies to be able to engage with consumers on social media.
An editorial calendar: Make sure you know what your content updates will look like at least three months in advance. Creative content: Drawing up the perfect content plan is probably the easiest part of the long road to success on social media channels. Operational conversation management: In this phase, consumer engagement is one of your key objectives. Broad consumer involvement: If you involve your customers in your decision-making flows, they will be more committed to your brand.
Consumer consultants: If you have in-depth questions concerning a new project or product, you should turn to your die-hard fans on social channels and invite them to join a closed community to discuss these topics. Questions and answers: Put meaningful questions to your audience, as we explained in the first bullet point. These four phases are obviously not entirely sequential; there is an overlap between phases 2, 3, and 4.
And of course, I’m looking forward to reading your comments and your feedback in the comment section. Steven Van Belleghem is the author of The Conversation Manager and The Conversation Company. Next to that, he's a Professor at the Vlerick Management School and Managing Partner of InSites Consulting. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Your advice about inviting feedback from customers and turning that feedback into a conversation is a valuable strategy. Charlene Li en Ed Terpening van Altimeter Group hebben recentelijk een kader opgesteld op basis van uitgebreid onderzoek. In deze blog wordt het kader geintroduceerd, maar er is ook een ingekorte toelichting in deze presentatie te vinden. Ze zijn helemaal hip, de modellen waarin een Social Media Strategie in, laten we zeggen, 8 tot 14 stappen wordt beschreven. De Social Media Cycle is ontwikkeld door MarketingMonday en heeft iets weg van het Social Strategy Model van Sjef Kerkhofs.
De 12 stappen worden beschreven op onze pagina van dit model, maar ook in het te downloaden whitepaper op de website van MarketingMonday. Het creeren van een Social Media Strategie met bijbehorend plan, actiepunten en meetmethode behoeft tijd, focus en inzicht.
Een artikel met bijbehorend model dat voor mij van grote waarde is, is het Social Media Strategic Plan dat op SearchEngineWatch staat beschreven.
Het stappenplan dat hierna gevolgd kan worden is zeer to-the-point en logisch geformuleerd. Bij de meeste organisaties is een merkstrategie wel bekend en is duidelijk welke kant je als organisatie of merk op gaat. Het model geeft de drie fasen weer van binnen naar buiten (klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere weergave). ID-factory omschrijft hier een model dat er sjiek uit ziet en als een leidraad kan dienen om hoger management het belang van Social Media in combinatie met de merkstrategie te duiden.
Er is veel informatie beschikbaar over de elementen die het implementeren van een Social Media Strategie bevat.
In deze stap dien je onderscheid te maken tussen de huidige online en offline groepen die je aantrekt en de gewenste doelgroep die je wilt bereiken. Zoek op Social Media websites, discussiegroepen, fora en blogs naar je organisatie-, merk- of productnaam. Definieer je offline doelgroep en vergelijk deze met de huidige groep die aanwezig is op Social Media netwerken. Om de voortgang met betrekking tot de doelstellingen helder en meetbaar te krijgen, is het mogelijk om je ROI van je Social Media inspanningen te bepalen.
Binnen de uitvoering van je Social Media Strategie kun je kiezen om een of meerdere richtingen op te gaan.
Meld je aan voor de nieuwsbrief van Social Media Modellen met nieuwe modellen, nieuws over deze website en links naar artikelen. The business to business world has been a bit slow to buy into social media marketing, but that's changing quickly. However, the business to business world has been a bit slower to buy into social media marketing, but that's changing quickly in 2014.

As an AdAge survey recently revealed, 80% of B2B marketers plan to increase digital spending next year (up from 67% last year). Whether you're creating short YouTube videos demonstrating how to use products or hosting live Twitter chats, the goal should be to educate buyers. May 19, 2014 by Titus Leave a Comment Any marketer should be able to answer this question any day, any time, anywhere. Mashable suggests that digital teams formulate their messaging based on the brand story, the consumer sentiment and perception and trigger emotional connections with the brand. Smart Insights uses a mix of offline & online, suggesting meetups, events, a consistent content factory and participation in trade competitions (startup competitions, for example).
The Digitia guide to creating your digital strategy – road-map from market to results, with examples and suggestions for each step.
He is showing you step-by-step , how he was able to enroll a combined 110 into his Network Marketing and affiliate companies in less than 10 months. In fact, the act of sitting down and writing your social media marketing plan is often more important than the strategy itself.
A tribe – one of the newer social media buzz words – is a group of people who share similar interests and passions. These posts, which engage the most discussion, show you the topics that your readers find most interesting. That does not mean that they do not want to comment on your site, other blogs and relevant news websites.
She lives in Uruguay, with her husband, where they perform social media management for expats businesses, and for businesses around the world. Plus, 80 percent of your company's future revenue will come from a mere 20 percent of your existing customers, according to Gartner. In one year, these customers deliver three times the value to your brand than others, according to LoyaltyOne.
Channel and content strategy: The first step consists of formulating a clear vision on the role of each of the online touch points. But instead of creating social silos for each of the touch points, you are going for an integrated approach, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. All other social channels should then support traffic generation toward these conversion points. Furthermore, try to keep the lines as short as possible: The more steps that are necessary to reach the touch point where your business goals are realized, the harder it is to achieve high conversion rates. SlideShare is a social network site where people can share presentations (PowerPoint, etc.). Build reach: To increase the return on content creation, it is advisable to build reach in the early phase of your online plan.
The slow approach builds reach over time by investing in quality content that spreads naturally. These are campaigns developed specifically for social media that fits with the DNA of the brand, but has the intention to attract a lot of people to your social platforms in order to build reach. If your own employees don’t follow your content, how can you expect your customers to be interested?
Remember, content planning consists of three layers: big campaigns (very intense), projects (recurring thematic themes), and content updates (small content sparks). To succeed, you need top operational conversation management, which is about listening to what people are saying and reacting when necessary. People are more emotionally involved when they feel they are part of the team and that’s how you create ambassadors.
This makes them feel like they are really part of the team, and essentially you’re hiring employees that are not actually on the payroll. Once your fans start giving you inspiring feedback, be sure to return the favor and keep them in the loop.
Look for content that is both highly relevant to your audience and in line with your business. In our strategy, it’s not that hard to define the necessary actions for the various steps. Showing unexpected, generous gratitude to those who champion your brand can encourage them to do more, and amplify your positive brand persona even further.
It takes some courage…but turning likers into brand ambassadors offers big dividends.
I work in B2B complex sales and am interested in how to then cultivate the ambassadors to influence and become thought-leaders for potential buyers.
Zo is het intern activeren in een te laat stadium opgenomen en wordt je doelgroep pas geanalyseerd nadat je hebt gemonitored en geluisterd. Vaak verschillen de strategische modellen met elkaar in het feit dat het juist erg uitgebreid is (alle stappen worden omschreven), of dat het juist de kern beschrijft en ruimte laat voor eigen invulling. De Cycle heeft echter 12 stappen en een duidelijke onderverdeling in drie fasen, te weten (1) Social Media Strategie, (2) Winstgevende en kostenbesparende communities en (3) Faciliteren en organiseren. En een startpunt: met zoveel verschillende interne en externe elementen (doelgroepen, doelstellingen, afdelingen, beschikbare workforce) kan het opstellen van een strategie een moeilijk te nemen horde zijn. Start met het bepalen van de scope (bedrijf, merk, afdeling), destilleer de Social Media missie vanuit de doelstelling van de betreffende scope die je net hebt gedefinieerd en werk Social Media doelstellingen uit aan de hand van meetbare, concrete KPI’s en bijbehorende meetmethoden. Mikolaj Piskorski van Harvard deed onderzoek naar het succes van sommige bedrijven ten opzichte van andere soortgelijke bedrijven op Social Media.
Social Media is als vakgebied echter veel sneller als het gaat om nieuwe kanalen, mogelijkheden en functionaliteiten. Het is echter geen model om concreet aan de slag te gaan: daarvoor zullen de verschillende elementen, met name die in de buitenste cirkel, verder uitgediept moeten worden. En dan doel ik niet op de lucky webshots of de aggregatietools die als paddestoelen (ook in datzelfde bos overigens) uit de grond schieten. Je moet het implementeren (vervelend woord, maar het dekt wel de lading). Het is iets dat je moet laten bezinken in je organisatie. Veel van die informatie is echter structuurloos gebrabbel over persoonlijke voorkeuren en ervaringen.
Intern weet je dan waar je moet zijn met vragen over het beleid, strategie en voortgang van het implementatietraject. Het overkoepelende doel is, als het goed is, al vastgesteld voordat het implementatietraject van start gaat. Bepaal hiervoor welke middelen je nodig hebt (aantal medewerkers, tijdsbeslag op medewerkers, technische middelen, software, etc.). Vaak wordt gezegd dat de ROI van Social Media niet meetbaar is, net zo min als dat van een billboard langs de snelweg. Zoek ambassadeurs en Key Brand Influencers die je kunnen helpen om je content te distribueren. From General Electric to Maersk, there are a growing number of B2B companies starting to take social seriously in an effort to build brand awareness, to generate leads, and to recruit employees. With a significant percentage of this spending going towards social media marketing, here are a few things every B2B marketer should do.
More specifically, according to Pardot's 2013 State of Demand Generation Report, 72% of product research for a future business purchase begins on Google. Perhaps your core audience aren't avid social media users, but if your content is exceptional, they will find you, remember you, and hopefully work with you. Whether these are people who work within your company or organizations outside your company, work to build them into your social media marketing plan.
Human-to-human marketing is really nothing new, but it does force us to remember that at the core of all social media marketing we are quite simply people talking to people. They also look at platform choice based on customer research, focusing on the places where users seek information or buy the product you are selling. Although these points may appear to be free or low cost, you must take into consideration the time invested in both researching and in creating quality content for each channel & relationships with the said influencers.
From their point of view, the CMO must create the right capabilities and activate them to run successful campaigns.
Not including the 10’s of thousands of dollars created in affiliate marketing as well. The strategy-writing process forces you to develop and define your brand identity, identify your most likely client base and determine the best way to connect with them, and creating a social media marketing plan sample is important “Connect” is the buzz word that delineates the difference between traditional and social media marketing. Once you make personal connections with people, you can refer them to your professional page without feeling like a spammer when creating a social media marketing plan.
Neither your tribe nor your audience might not start out as potential clients, but they might have friends who require your services.

Many free services allow you to track visitor traffic, determine where it came from, and the amount of time visitors spend on your page.
Put them in a new column, "Others' Best Posts," to discover new content and post formats for your brand, too. To provide some guidance, we would like to share our approach on how to make effective use of social media channels in order to spread content. Apart from defining the goals and content of each of the individual channels, this phase is also about deciding how those channels interrelate. To succeed in this approach, you need three things: good content, a fixed rhythm, and a lot of patience. But even once these followers are on board, the challenge is to convince them to stay with you through all of your content efforts (see step 3, below).
Train and facilitate employees to become active ambassadors for your social channel activities. While the threshold to get a consumer to follow your brand is very low, it takes a huge effort to keep your audience members engaged once they have indicated their interest. Let them know what you did with the feedback and why certain remarks were used and others were not.
In real life, though, we need to be flexible enough to adapt to consumer needs at a moment’s notice. Together with his team, he’s helping companies get a grip on the current consumers through branding, advertising and conversations. Dat heeft implicaties voor het besturen van een organisatie, het creeren van een beleid en het monitoren van de uitvoering.
Deze bouwstenen zijn niet zeer verrassend, het gaat uiteindelijk om je mensen, het beleid, het proces en de uitvoering. ID-factory heeft een model ontwikkeld dat beschrijft hoe je in drie stappen van merkstrategie, via Social Media strategie, naar Social Media activatie. Deze dienen bepaald te worden alvorens er over een strategie op Social Media gebied nagedacht kan worden (stap 2).
Nee, ik constateer juist alle modellen, theorieen, frameworks en inzichten die uit alle windrichtingen ontstaan. Bepaalde factoren, zoals grootte, leeftijd van de medewerkers, dynamiek van de omgeving en de markt (het Vijfkrachtenmodel van Porter is ook hier toepasbaar) bepalen de snelheid en het gemak waarmee een Social Media Strategie opgesteld en geimplementeerd kan worden.
Maar zorg ook voor een meer inhoudelijke uitwerking door gebruik te maken van een marktbenaderingstrategie zoals weergegeven in de Social Media Piramide; bepaal op welke manier je de verschillende kanalen (of zelfs platformen) gaat benaderen; monitoren en luisteren, reageren of creeren?
Bepaal daarnaast de kanalen die je wilt gaan gebruiken (welke soorten Social Media) en de platformen waar je actief op wilt zijn (de specifieke Social Media websites). Toch zijn er methoden om je statistieken te vertalen naar engagement, invloed en uiteindelijk (gewenste) acties. Of het nu stevig op de Strategie-agenda staat, of zelfs onderdeel wordt van de overkoepelende organisatiestrategie, houd er nu en in de toekomst rekening mee dat het een belangrijke plaats inneemt.
There are plenty of examples in the digital space of junior employees (some senior too!) or interns who lack the skills and experience to build and protect your company's reputation online. It's a great place to establish yourself (or company) as a thought leader and to connect with potential sales leads. This means participating on Google+, which can positively affect your search rankings, is increasingly becoming a priority. With a solid plan in place, some creative ideas lined up, and the right team and partners at the helm, every B2B company has the chance to shine bright in this space. While this straight-forward approach works for experienced marketers, I’ve found that people who have little or no practice require a bit more explaining on each point of the matter, focusing especially on strategies, tools and channels. If, in the future, they do need your product or services, they will be more likely to turn to someone they know.
Jot down ideas that will trigger discussion, and arrange online webinars, podcasts  and chats.
Once you create a Disqus identity, your comments on other sites are stored, with a link back to your business website and social media profiles. This means competing for the attention of your own followers with big love brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Disney. Where the previous steps focused on winning people’s hearts through great content, in this phase, the challenge is to create ambassadors — people who will promote your brand to their friends and family. Use your content to ask people’s opinion on all things related to your company, and remember to thank them for the input they provide. Once fans start using the utility apps, it is a great way for them to talk about your brand through the application.
Once a certain stage is reached, phases 2, 3, and 4 become iterative steps in an eternal loop designed to build reach and create more ambassadors. De niet-succesvolle bedrijven extrapoleren hun huidige strategie op een digitale manier, terwijl de succesvolle bedrijven Social Media als een nieuwe manier van communiceren benaderen.
Het model is dus niet toepasbaar op elk willekeurig bedrijf, maar met name om het digitale, gericht op het leveren van bepaalde diensten. De laatste stap is activatie en gebeurt door onder andere communitymanagement, Social Advertising, Social Media Monitoring en een evaluatie.
Afhankelijk van de invulling van al deze factoren, zou je misschien meer kunnen spreken van een cultuuromslag.
Het is goed om alle elementen en de bijbehorende importantie eens te analyseren en gestructureerd weer te geven.
Leid je medewerkers op en zorg voor een intern Social Media beleid als andere medewerkers ook betrokken worden (dit geeft houvast aan je eigen project, maar geeft ook handvatten aan andere medewerkers in de organisatie). Houd regelmatig check-ups om het verloop bij te houden en vergelijk de resultaten constant met de gestelde doelstellingen. Het instellen van een Conversation Manager of een Social Media Manager zal binnen afzienbare tijd een commodity worden. The person posting on your behalf should always know your plan, know your voice, and know how to effectively escalate issues that get out of hand. Then, they focus on engagement calendars and consistency of the communication to create digital habits.
Everything, from the colors you use, your font style and your content establishes “Brand You.” This is a key step in creating a social media marketing plan. If your business specialty does not appear in the column, you need to change your strategy. If people like what you say, you might inspire them, and make it easy for them, to patronize your business.
There is an overload of content, so you need to make sure that yours stands out in every detail. In dit artikel zal ik de vorming en implementatie van een Social Media Strategie beschrijven. Zeer recentelijk heeft Social Media expert Jeremiah Owyang een interessant model voor het bepalen van de plaats van Social Media in je organisatie. This free social media policy generator is a quick way to figure out what type of policies you should have in place for your social media team and beyond. With image-based social media marketing on the rise, investing time on platforms such as Pinterest might make sense for your company.
If you’ve never written a plan, search the Internet for a social media marketing plan sample or a social media marketing plan template.
In an age when everyone is concerned with privacy, while criticizing businesses for their lack of transparency, a Disqus profile shows that you have nothing to hide.
After all, people joined Facebook to keep up with the lives of their friends, and not to be exposed to branded content the entire time. Vanuit eigen inzicht maar ook, met name, geaggregeerd vanuit meerdere Engels- en Nederlandstalige bronnen met allemaal een andere insteek, maar wel met een herkenbare rode draad. Je kunt hierbij gebruik maken van een Plan-Do-Check-Act cyclus om dit leerproces direct in werking te stellen.
Deze keuze hangt af van hoe je jezelf positioneert (is je bedrijfsnaam bekend of wordt je herkend aan de producten die je maakt of diensten die je levert?). Remember, not every platform is right for every business, and in this case, every industry.

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