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Take a breath and know that it can be embraced and used in your marketing in small, slow steps!
For sheer mass and constant engagement and interaction, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and others. People rely more and more on their computers and even more on their mobile devices to search for information and make their purchasing decisions.
InSight Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company, providing consulting services from planning to completion.
We then contact you and give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. Often, businesses will start off with the best intentions of maximizing their social media presence but find that it is time consuming and hard to find someone to manage it all.  That is where I come in!
A lot of kids are using social media these days, and even if that isn’t surprising to you, it may be surprising to you just how many of them are using it and just how much.
The handy infographic below takes a look at the social media use of teens and tweens: What platforms are they using and how much?
Be aware of privacy settings, parental controls, and have an open conversation with kids about what is appropriate on social media to help keep them safe!
It might be worth noting that much of this info comes from a skewed audience: teen girls on fashion sites. What do you think about teachers who ‘friend’ students on Facebook, and then use these pages to express disgust with the education system, political, or union bargaining issues openly on the same page? Social Media Writer Content Writing Services for Social Media Marketers, Bloggers and Webmasters.

If you are looking for somebody to write superb articles, blog posts, magazine and newspaper content, reports or eBooks on the pressing social media issues of the day, you have come to the right place. My writing is tailored exactly to your needs and is relevant to your brand and your customers.
My specialist social media knowledge means that, after discussing with you what your requirements are, I can be relied upon to create unique, compelling and informative copy which you can use as an e-course or on your website, newsletters or blog. Get in touch right away to find out more, ask any questions or concerns you may have, and to order some work. Unlike your company’s website that has a secure way to get into the “back end” and make changes, a social media site allows users to take some control. It’s important to know about these sites, monitor the reviews and respond when you can identify the person. This includes strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, search engine optimization SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations, community outreach and fundraising. With over 26 years of marketing and sales experience, InSight Marketing Solutions provides marketing consulting services, including strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations and fundraising. Leveraging these popular social media tools in the classroom is a no-brainer: everything from Twitter and Facebook all the way to Instagram have found their way into lesson plans across the globe.
Kids are not responsible enough to be on these websites nor are most people in the world all you have to do is look at all the blogging with harassment, prejudice, narcissism in most forums.
It is a great marketing tool for keeping your “brand” in front of existing Customers, for retention, and being in front of potential new Customers. Because that’s where the customers of all ages are spending their time and getting their information.

InSight Marketing Solutions works with businesses of all sizes nationally, regionally and in the Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton. While you’re running your business, InSight Marketing Solutions will help market your business.
We provide an array of affordable social media management packages to help you grow your fan base and engage with your audience. I will not friend any current students on facebook and let my students know that once they are in high school if they would like to request me to be their friend I am fine with that.
No laws were put into place when they made the internet or these social networks and I believe this is our biggest downfall.
I do not use facebook as a platform for expressing disgust with the education system, politics, or union issues. Now we have terrorists posting pics and trying to recruit through the internet (this is scary people and serious).People committing suicide to get attention. I’m very careful about what I post because I know there are young minds that might be impressionable to the views of a former teacher. No child under the age of 16 should even have a cell phone let alone a Twitter acct or even Facebook. I have written the government about getting laws put into place for the internet and social networks and I got a letter back saying there was nothing they could do about it.

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