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This list of warning signs your organization’s culture isn’t ready for social media isn’t comprehensive, and I’m not offering a model today for organizing these issues or a prescription for solving them.
If you found a number of these warning signs in your business and you’re trying to get social media incorporated into your organization, call us.
The Brainzooming Group helps make smart organizations more successful by rapidly expanding their strategic options and creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement.
Mike BrownFounder of The Brainzooming Group, and an expert on strategy, creativity, and innovation. Those are all worth a lot Davina – great additions to the list, especially ignoring the red flags! In recent years, SEO has become much more than link building and adding as many keywords as you can possibly can. Like the name suggests Social Media is a communication tool used to interact with your clients on a more personal level, and this what people want, to be able to contact the business or organisation, to put a human face on it and personalise their interactions. Whichever Social Media platform(s) you choose to use for your business, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc, It’s is important to keep them up-to-date with regular and useful content. The most important benefit of Social Media is that it allows you to engage your audience on a personal level, allowing them to get to know you in a way that builds trust in you and your brand. Having designated people to help provide a positive view of your business and mitigating any negative views is extremely important. A good Social Media strategy and campaign requires a good deal of investments of both time and money, but what really counts is the return on this investment (ROI). While an ad in a local paper, or on a local radio has a very fixed geographical boundary and time limit where people will have access to it, with Social Media much like your website, anyone, anywhere, anytime can access your information. Social Media Management is one of the services we provide here at Dash Dot Development, if that is something you are interested in or just need some advice on building your Social Media presence, drop us a line. This entry was posted in Branding, Social Media and tagged Facebook, GooglePlus, Linkedin, ROI, Social Media, Twitter by Sean. For almost a decade, social media networks have been widely used and accessed by millions of people.
For a normal user, websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, are a means to connect to friends and family, wherever each person may be. This has become a relatively cheaper and more convenient option than to try to communicate with others than through landline telephones. Choosing a social media network to subscribe from might be easy for household and casual use, but for businesses, this is matter of concern.
As has already been pointed out, social network sites can be used by businesses to connect to their clients, prospective customers, colleagues and people within the business.
For business owners, before choosing social media network to utilize, there are some points that they have to consider. As these website’s primary purpose is to connect people together, knowing if a bulk of a social network’s members are within your business’ target is an important aspect to look into.
Knowing the stability of your chosen social media network is merely optional, but still an important thing to look into.

The largest companies employ teams of social media experts to market their company and products, but you don’t have to be an expert to promote your home business business online. There is some learning involved, but if you already use Facebook and Twitter then you are already have many of the skills that you will need.
The following steps will lead you through the basics of marketing your home based business through social media. You need to set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for the business itself, rather than a personal page which some people attempt to use. You should then go about making the page as attractive as possible including logos, pictures, important information about your business etc. A YouTube channel might also be a good idea if you’re planning on running video marketing campaigns or you just want to showcase your business. The next step is to make your customers (and potential customers) aware that you have a social media presence. You could also hold a contest with a valuable prize (a promotional tweet contest works really well) and this can increase the social interaction and follower numbers considerably.
Mix up the type of media and use traditional articles, images, video, music and anything else to capture people’s attention. By doing this you will engage with all of your audience and make sure that no one is left behind. It is important to develop a good reputation for customer interaction because other customers will also be following complaints and criticism of your company. Once you have developed these basic skills then you can begin trialling more complex marketing techniques. But based on challenges we’re seeing in developing and implementing social media strategy (let alone getting social media to take hold), seeing any of these warning signs (or “red flags” as we call them) in your organization, indicates you’re in for a struggle to make real, meaningful progress on implementing social media. We’re using the strategic Brainzooming approach in helping organizations successfully deal with all these types of red flags!
When utilised to it’s full potential Social Media can be your most valuable means of advertising, and gaining real-time feedback from your audience.
That means at least one post a week about something relevant to catch the interest of your audience. By replying to your customers questions and concerns and asking for their feedback you can increase the level of customer satisfaction by an order of magnitude. Nothing can help build trust like turning potential negative view in a positive one by quickly addressing concerns via your social media.
Which means people talking about your business or products across your Social Media platforms, and the real goal is to convert these conversations into sales.
Someone typing a search keyword in Twitter on the other side of the world could very easily become part of your audience or if your content goes viral there is no telling how far it will reach.
These websites already have millions of subscribers currently enjoying the features and services available in these networks. It would be a waste of time if you would sign up as your business and find that no one within the network is interested in your business and its product line.

Back when the most popular social network was Friendster, almost everyone signed up in this site.
This is why it is essential for businesses to learn to use social media to market their business and bring in more customers. This might sound like basic advice, but you would be shocked at the amount of businesses that don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Regular updates mean that your users are more likely to be checking in and following along closely. Encourage your users to interact with the content and leave comments and discuss their thoughts. Answer their questions, say thanks for leaving a comment and address any concerns or complaints quickly and politely.
Defining what is relevant content for you can vary widely depending on your audience and can mean the difference between becoming a viral success or being stuck on the starting blocks. Sharing photos and video of what you or your business is getting up to on a more personal level, (like parties or events attended and milestones achieved) will help in creating a strong bond of trust and involve your audience in a more personal way. This will help build your reputation as a trusted and competent business who they would continue to do business with.
By interacting and fortifying the trust you have built with your audience, this will make them more likely to create interest in your products of services and increase your sales.
These, in turn, are a haven for businesses to connect to their clients and market their product line.
But since it closed down, people lost a way to communicate with their friends from different places, until they found another social network. For example you could offer a free sample for everyone that likes your Facebook page or retweets a certain tweet. In the same way, if you delete unfavourable comments then you may get an unwanted reputation. There are many tools like Google alert which you can use to monitor what people are saying about you, helping you find and target the audience you want to promote your business.
Have your social media information as part of your email signature encouraging people to follow you. You would lose a very convenient and cost-effective means of reaching your clients and marketing your clients. There are also other ways to promote your self via paid advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords. The more eyes that you can get your message to, the more potential business for you in the future.

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