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Back up your entire computer including your operating system, applications and data, not just files and folders to an external hard drive or NAS.
Restore backed up data including your operating system, application and all your data to your existing computer or an entirely separate piece of hardware, or restore specific data as needed. Up to 50% faster than the competition – save time and frustration with the industry’s fastest backup and restore.
Choose only the files or folders you want to restore and get them back right away, without having to restore your entire system. Keep history of up to 10 last system states to roll back to different points in time whenever you need. Millions of businesses and consumers worldwide trust the Acronis AnyData Engine — the most advanced backup technology.
Tip: If you're experiencing trouble downloading this file, please disable any download managers to R-Studio Data Recovery Software you may be using. If you're receiving a 404 File Not Found error, this means the publisher has taken the file offline and has not updated their links with us for R-Studio Data Recovery Software. This page allows you to take a sneak peek of Samsung Galaxy Note III latest software update.

There are two types you can update your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the first method is Firmware Update through over the air or called as OTA update, which usually a notification message will directly sent to you and saying that there is a new update available for download.
According to Samsung you should prepare the following things before performing the software update. You should back-up your important files, including contacts, emails, messages, photos, videos, apps and other stuff. Your device should not been modified, there is a certain circumstances that a modified Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may not accept any official  update anymore or it can accept an update but it might harm your device once the update has made. Note: Below is my personal list of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 software updates and it may not directly reflects from Samsung and any carrier providers, since I am not representing from any mobile phone company. Dedicated to Galaxy Note 3 Update: News, Kies Update, OTA Update, Root Guides, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials. Quickly restore from the cloud or your local storage with no need to reinstall your OS manually, or use any additional tools. It was tested with 22 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. This is only a list that I gathered up altogether, so each and every Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners can see and can take a look forward if their devices is already up to date.  Software Updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may released in stages,  and not everyone can get an update at the same time.

Like I said when during software update process is interrupted there is a possibility that your data stored from your device internal SD card may lose or deleted when a sudden unexpected failure happens. All software updates can take several days and even take months for delivery on some countries.
It will automatically tells you that a new update is available or your software is up to date when there is none yet. Choose the Kies 3 which supports the Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung devices running with 4.3 . A power failures may cause damaged to your device that resulted as we so-called it  soft-bricks, your device may just stuck on Samsung logo or welcome screen and can’t reboot normally.

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