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UPDATE: A new 2015 Version of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic is now available.
Its purpose is to illustrate how incredibly diverse and vibrant the marketing technology ecosystem is.
Many companies could make a case for being in multiple categories, but in the interest of diversity, there are few duplicate entries.
Three notes: First, my own company, ion interactive, is included in the graphic in the landing pages circle (which is part of the testing and optimization sphere, which is part of the broader web site constellation). Great infographic, some estimate that Marketing in the next decade will be bigger spender on Technology that IT groups within companies.
According to our knowledge we define that the marketing automation as, It is the Software solution that designed to simplify the online processes by repeatation of tasks.Can u briefly explain about technologification. Thank you for the monumental piece of work, which you thankfully just had to update this year! A labour of love, no doubt, buddy media and radian6 are now merged to be the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I have been following your infographic for a while now and this the IInd update I am looking at.
Hi Mark – Where is Epsilon in this Landscape – I wanted to explore them as a potential player in the marketing suite for my company? Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that strategy (and for that matter people and culture) trump tools.
You have done an amazing job in putting this together, I took on the task recently in our company to undergo a complete market analysis and I will be using this as a boost in the right direction.
I think our company fits in on this to date, we have been laying low up until now, but we are rapidly growing and find that nobody meets the demand of the market quite like us! Thank you again for the valuable insight into the market, please feel free to reach out to me I would love to chat about this topic with you! Hi Scott, do you have an updated 2013 version of the Marketing Technology Landscape you did back in Sept 2012?
This is such a great overview of the marketing landscape, I’m wondering if anyone (or you Scott) have come across one for the IT Landscape in general?
Bei findet ihr die neuesten und angesagtesten Jobs der Mobile Marketing Szene.
Traineeship in our Marketing Department, you’ll learn in 6 months everything you need to know about inbound and content marketing on the job. These professionals’ duties include ensuring safety regulations for the project being built.

The exquisite professionals at the senior level are more involved into verdict making processes for the organization (private as well government). These are the lower level job titles with professionals having little experience in the field.
It includes over 350 different companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 giants, across 45 different categories, from agile management to video marketing. Under constraints of time and space, there are many companies and categories that weren’t included and that no doubt deserve to be.
As a result, for instance, you could implement analytics solutions from Chartbeat, Clicktale, ClearSaleing, and Compete with almost no overlap in functionality.
Second, the inspiration for this came from the wonderful LUMAscapes produced by LUMA Partners.
I’m confident that in the long run the profession will get over the learning curve of mastering these many technological tools necessary for Marketing. However, I am thinking about some options to make this more systematic and database-driven in the future.
Almost frightening to see all the logos and equally frightening to realize how many I know or use! Without eZ in there you are missing the largest commercial open source web content management development platform. Much appreciated and yes this piece of work will be shared and rightly credited to you as your expertise and altruism deserves to be known on both sides of the pond!
It certainly demonstrates just how many tools and applications there are out there to choose from; a choice that can be quite overwhelming! Nice work and don’t mean to be negative but there are tools and then there is strategy. Local business can’t get straight another piece to the puzzle, which is why we are building this automated system to manage everything in one place, with one entry. Our online marketing software is already supporting hundreds of companies such as Zalando and eDarling nationally and internationally in their marketing activities and provides project management, CRM and controlling in a web-based tool. Civil engineers find work in engineering companies, architectural firms, construction businesses and within all levels of government. They have to handle all the administrative related tasks and lead the entire team effectually.
The professionals at the middle level jobs of the hierarchy of civil engineering jobs are required to work exquisitely under the supervising of senior engineer following their guidelines and order to fulfill the task assigned.
Some of the professional in this level of the hierarchy do not even possess little experience.

The labels in our industry are in flux, as are many of the companies themselves, which are constantly adding new features, acquiring new products, and pivoting to new positions. Where I go broad, they go deep, with several amazing and thorough diagrams of subindustries within marketing.
Possibly a solution to make it more comprehensive (and easy to update when I realize I left someone important out!). But I find it fascinating to get a glimpse of the breadth and depth of marketing software out there. Hier werden Mobile Marketeer, Mobile Analysten, Interface Designer, Community Manager, AdPlanner sowie Online Marketing Experten gesucht und gefunden! You will work closely with our Inbound Marketing Manager who delegates responsible tasks for our international audiences and supports you for a successful implementation of your campaigns. Stellen-Schlagworter: berlin, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, LinkBird, Online Marketing, Trainee und Traineeship. Civil engineers are professionals who plan many types of structures like buildings, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, railway lines, airports, dams, subways, harbors and water and waste treatment system and plants.
Normally the civil engineers specialize in only one area such as environmental, structural, hydraulics, construction, sanitary, transportation or even soil mechanics engineering. These high-level professionals team up with specialized senior architects for designing the entire project.
Majorly they handle particular sections of major civil projects and are required to smoothline the activities of the assigned project. Please, take a look to Equifax value proposition, it could fit in some categories (analytics for sure). Wochentlich erscheint der Mobile Marketing Job Newsletter, in dem alle neuen Stellenangebote mitgeteilt werden. Our common goal is to ensure that you receive all the necessary skills to take over the responsibility for our international audiences in a permanent position following the traineeship.
Civil engineers also carry on environmental studies in order to prevent soil and water contamination during construction.
They have to focus immensely on a great deal of safety while determining the best elements and methods for meticulous type of projects.
Normally the companies ask for at least a bachelor’s degree in the civil engineering for these job titles.

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