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NetObjects Fusion Essentials Free Web Design Software is one of the leading web design tools on the market today. View and edit template from your local desktop, make & publish web site on any hosting. Publish to your own folder on desktop with html, image and xml files, then upload all files to your web server easily.
WebPlus X5 is a brilliant website design tool dedicated to the needs of businesses, organizations, and home users.
Even after you get up and running, WebPlus X5 continues to amaze, astound, and benefit you by providing tools to help you maintain your site in tiptop shape. Lupke Brother Does this offer include the High Impact eMail 5 Platinum package, like the deal on your website? First, is the free hosting for an unlimited number of sites -- I am a freelance designer but with only a few web clients. Second, how does your product compare to Muse, Adobe's newest entry into the non-programmer's web design arena? I am SO open to using something else than Muse because Muse has almost driven me crazy in regard to forms.
From experience, Webplus X5 is up there with the best when it comes to designing Web sites without the need for loads of training on html, java, flash etc. I meant to ask before, though, if I didn't, whether -- in lieu of using your available free hosting -- can the site be exported and hosted elsewhere?
I know I'm asking a lot of questions but do hope that answers will be forthcoming so that I can make a decision before the deal goes away.
It gives an idea but it is frustrating that the number of disabled functions is quite high.
I imagine Serif is afraid people will abuse a fully functional trial to "quickly" make a real site without paying for the software. I think I will still go forward and buy the programme, because the (video) tutorials I have seen are very clear and helpful and there seems to be lots of support around.
If you do need any help with this however we have a dedicated customer support service team, contactable over the phone or online.
We offer ‘starter editions’ as an alternative as customer feed-back indicted that although they have limited features the lack of time limit allows the customer to explore all potential features at their leisure. Dareen A Bridge May be not on this particular offer, but if you buy direct from Serif they do give a money back guarantee if you do not like the package. Michael K I was considering this program a while back and as I often do with software, I look for reviews before making a commitment.
A deal breaker for me is not to have the ability to have EVERYTHING stored locally on my hard drive or a host of my choosing. I hope I have phrased this clearly enough so the intent as well as the words I've used in expressing my concerns are clearly understood in the answer to be given by Serif.
When reading about the features and functions Serif advertises the ability add code for log-in and counters (etc) - they call this "Smart Objects", code that results in data needing to be retained. If you use a "Smart Object" you have to go on-line with Serif to register it - that is register the html page you develop! It simply makes no sense to buy an un-code desktop webdev package that is not fully a home-base product, especially with so many good ones out there (occasionally on Bits). A related point is more of a UK problem, Serif puts an earlier edition on a CD and then have skilled "hard sell" marketeers with your ear --- while you wait to have them register --- (tricky, eh) . When researching, keep in mind that Top-10 sites are often shills for their adverstisers, so unless you know the site, Avanquest or Serif at #1 means little.
There are many websites that sell website templates that can be pulled in to Dreamweaver and edited. I don't see an answer from Serif yet on the point so we'll have to wait and see what they say. Hi MB, We don't have an answer back yet from Serif so we'll see what they say in response. Saying that, the software is excellent - pretty much a desktop publishing package approach that produces a very professional looking website. I use serifs webplusx5 for some sites, artisteer for others and there are still some sites done with wysiwyg6 (I didn't upgrade).

Even though this would go through their server, all it is -- to the best of my understanding -- is a "travel-through" and no differemt than how any other third-party forms service handles forms for their users, at least as far as I'm aware. That said, I am open to suggestions of other "visual" web design softwares, as long as they give me good form development features. So if anyone has any specific suggestions of software programs I should compare to WebPlus before I purchase, please speak up now.
I was previously planning to go with Adobe Muse (despite the monthly subscription they require to use it) until I had trouble with their forms functions -- or rather, lack thereof -- and they have responded with basically silence, no matter how many times people have brought this up. What that Amazon review talks about are things like blogs, polls, resource bookers and other add-ons that require a database.
We're here to answer any queries you have, but just remember that this special offer on Bits Du Jour really is incredible value and it's only availible for 24 hours so make sure you decide before it runs out! Darren Farmer Interesting conversion about Smart Object - I've just purchased this via a direct offer from Serif. I don't mind my data being on Serif's servers as long as I don't have to pay extra for the priviledge! Serif host the data for as long as you own the product, but you don’t have to pay for this or use the free webhosting package included with the download to get the functionality of the ‘smart objects’.
For someone who wants to remain a "designer" and not really a "programmer," this probably doesn't translate into a whole lot of fun. Many thanks for your detailed response to my question concerning what is hosted on Serif servers etc and I now am clear on the position as well as being much reassured. There are many websites that sell website multiple page templates that can be pulled in to Dreamweaver and edited. ShopFactorys website templates not only look great, they are also extraordinarily easy to customize to match your business requirements.Without any programming you can quickly change website colors and images to your liking. If you have your own Facebook pages, then adding your own store becomes a breeze with ShopFactory. We started more than 20 years ago to help people succeed, who want to sell their products online.So they can build themselves a secure future as online sellers. ShopFactory has been continuously developed and improved for more than 20 years, based on the feedback from our most successful customers. A host of easy to use features and tools help you create a powerful professional online website: complete with integrated store and shopping cart. A true drag-and-drop website builder with numerous easy-to-use tools and components that allow you to build sites quickly and easily.Plain and simple, NetObjects Fusion Essentials is different. It can be used to build responsive website that can be viewable in almost all desktop browsers, mobile and tablet devices. A4Desk also comes with a built-in form for you to easily define page title and add meta tags . Still, it would be nice to be able to host all their sites, not just to choose one of them. I like the idea of non-programming design because I am primarily a designer, not a programmer.
The look, choices, lists, checkboxes and field parameters and adaptable and all sorts of forms are possible. I have a reseller hosting biz where I host the several sites I deal with, where they do not have to show up as subdomains, and I would kind of like to host there. I, like Bruno in his question above, hoped to download and try the software, like every other Bits du Jour offer I've ever purchased.
And, as Bruno mentioned, there are tons of ‘how to’ tutorials and help forums to guide you.
Also because all our software is so reasonably priced we find that it offers less risk with purchase, free trial versions are more necessary for more expensive software packages that are just as powerful as ours! I asked the same person in customer service, that assured me the product did not require any interface to Serif to develop and use, if the product had these capabilities which I was assured that it did. The points made earlier regarding serif's 'smart objects' are exactly right - you don't have full control over where the files are kept. If you want to keep more control but retain the ease of website creating, you should consider looking at wysiwyg8 for $45. So I'm looking for an alternative to coding in Dreamweaver and an alternative to Muse as far as a visual design software.

What you create with it is your own and you don’t need to be connected to Serif (or even the internet) to design a website. Like other services that require a database, our Smart Objects have to store the information somewhere so, because most people don’t know how to set up their own database, we make it easy for them by automatically setting one up on our servers.
But you want many more than that!ShopFactory has an extensive order management interface so you can manage even a large number of orders efficiently and quickly. Automatic color adjustments and built in image resizing and cropping ensure you always get the best results.
Let your store automatically calculate delivery charges based on your own fees or those of the many integrated service providers. But if you do, then selling around the world becomes easier with ShopFactory.Create stores in 30+ languages - or set up a single store with multiple languages and currencies.
Most HTML editors provide you a design-preview interface, but without some web knowledge, you end up lost and frustrated. The data can be processed and emailed for free, or the form can be associated with a remote script.
I develop off-line in a remote area of Thailand and only go on-line when I am ready to upload a site. If you get an offer at a ridiculously low price, it means the next version is a few weeks away from launch! I need to be able to have full form functions, not just a contact form -- and, to be fair, there ARE ways to create third-party forms in Muse, but 4 out of 5 times, the pages iimplode when you upload them to a server other than Adobe's Business Catalyst, which I do not want to use.
For instance, you can link to a poll that you have created using Survey Monkey or a blog you’ve created using wordpress. Sent a message to Serif to ask for assistance, but no reply - which does not encourage me to buy the software. Printing multiple address labels, invoices and picking list or the ability to export orders into your accounting system are just some of the many functions available to you. Just click on the Add store to Facebook button on ShopFactory Central, enter your Facebook details and your store will automatically become part of your Facebook site. Forms can be built entirely from scratch using basic form objects, or using popular preset collections of buttons and fields, or using ready-made forms, and a Wizard can guide the process. Do you not intend to make it available for limited time download, per Bits du Jour's usual practice? Forms (and other built-in gadgets like blogs, hit counters, polls etc.) are processed free of charge by Serif servers, and they’ll work even if the main site they’re on is hosted elsewhere. I also told them BEFORE I purchased I wanted a product that had no requirement for me to be "married" to the product developer! You cannot control your own data, you cannot maintain your own data - the data you collect is at Serif! A big plus is the community with it's fast and brilliant help for beginners and advanced users. The tutorials on the link I gave earlier will get you up and running quickly with web plus. This level of customisation runs throughout WebPlusX5- including: graphic design, photo editing, button design, navbar design, forms, member areas, e-commerce, analytics and SEO. Because over 20 years of customer feedback have proven one thing to be true again and again: To build long lasting success as online seller you must own your customers. Add photo galleries, forms, rollover images, scrolling text, Flash, and even e-commerce to create a sophisticated site quickly and easily.
NetObjects Fuson Essentials is the ideal choice for designers who don’t know HTML, business owners who need a web site, or anyone who wants create web site for personal use.
You CANNOT develop code or host your internet site without being attached to Serif if you use a "Smart Object". Let me repeat; No counters, No commerce, No "anything" that results in data being stored without a "marriage" to Serif!

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