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Reviews should be a huge part of your company’s marketing strategy, but how do you get your customers to write positively? As the Internet becomes more interactive, companies are increasingly finding that interacting with their potential customer base, existing customer base, admirers, and fans online is one of the best ways to not only stay relevant but to grow their overall brands.   Many companies struggle to figure out a way to turn this tide of consumers, who have a demonstrated desire to interact online, into a wave of positive reviews for their company. The absolute best way to increase the number of reviews being left about your product or service is to ask.  Some marketing websites may caution against this, but don’t listen to them. Besides asking that reviews of your company be posted on other websites, you can use your own blog to encourage your customers to review your products and services. Often times those who write reviews on the Internet are pleasantly surprised when a representative of the company replies.  This gives them the ability to reengage with your company, which can be quite productive. One of the best ways to assure people continue to review your product or service is to thank them after they post a review online. By using your Facebook or Google+ page you can encourage a whole new set of reviewers to weigh in and share their experiences with your company. Director of Marketing for SweetIQ, inveterate traveler, writer, reader and general enjoyer of patios, mountains and people of all sorts. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. We’ve all heard that proper planning prevents poor performance, and nowhere is this more true than in the world of business. The article looks at three essential elements that go to make up a successful strategic planning approach. The second tip given in the article is to understand your customer better than your competitors. Pantheon UK are marketing experts, whose bespoke campaigns are tailor made for each individual client. Latest!Pantheon UK Reveal How to Boost Conversion RatesThere is one factor above all others that counts when it comes to the world of business: sales. Pantheon UK’s 3 Tips for Setting Better GoalsFor an entrepreneur, setting and achieving solid goals will make the difference between success and failure every time. Pantheon UK’s 5 Tips for Nurturing TalentThe biggest asset that any business has is the people who work there. Quick life Lesson!Once upon a time, a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant and he got it.

Bringing your offline market online is going to be pertinent for the success of your business.
If you are unfamiliar with how exactly to build a website there are tons of business that will do this for you. The down side to outsourcing is on some sites you are limited in what you can and can not do on their platform.
The last and final thing you need when bringing your offline business online is a social media presence.
With this presence make sure you are constantly engaging followers through status, images and videos. To wrap it up , the 3 Key elements for a good website strategy are to have a website, a blog and social media presence. Kids Make Money Blogging–looking for ways to teach your children financial responsibility? Today’s customer knows that a good review is invaluable to a company, and so long as you provide them with world class service, they won’t be annoyed at your asking for a review.
By writing thought provoking content, you exponentially increase the chances that your readers will desire to comment on the piece, and these comments can serve as de facto reviews.   For example, a travel company could write a blog about one of the fabulous excursion options available, and those who have taken such excursions will naturally want to chime in and relate their experiences. The best way to deal with such people is to publicly acknowledge their concerns, and advise them that you will be happy to resolve their matter in private. They specialise in customer acquisition and increasing brand awareness, for businesses in all sectors, across the United Kingdom.
More sales will lead to greater turnover, which in turn can mean greater profitability and company growth.
More than anything it’s important to make the workplace somewhere that people can grow and learn in a positive environment. More and more people are shifting to online reviews about companies and reading other peoples opinions on your company.
Maybe on you company website you might not announce Becky’s new promotion, however on your blog this could be something the company can share to its consumer base. If you are hosting your own domain WordPress allows you to upload its dashboard to your site with some web hosting companies.
It allows for photos and video to be posted directly into your target audience’s field of attention.

Social media can help you understand what your target consumers are really thinking, and what they’re looking for. She has never excelled at a formal education environment but perhaps that’s because she hasn’t yet given it a try.
The non tech savvy individual now has the option to outsource its website design and functionality for someone else to maintain and handle. If you chose to go with host gator use the promo code SirenasWorld to get your hosting for just a .01.
Imagine following your local companies blog , reading about Becky’s promotion and then going in for a product you need and congratulating Becky while you are there. MySpace is making somewhat of a comeback but since the Facebook explosion it is just not the same.
And soliciting reviews over social media can be as easy as sharing a beautiful photo and asking “Who has been here? It’s always helpful to get an independent point of view from people who have a distance from the product itself.
Direct, face to face, research can also bring a real understanding of your target consumers. Seeking the opinions of consumers can not only help to refine your product, it can provide the basis for a successful marketing campaign. I then graduated to a self hosted blog, hosted by host gator and using a WordPress platform.
With a properly executed social media program your company can make soliciting reviews more like opening a conversation. This is the holy grail of asking for reviews, and it is available to savvy companies which know how to properly use social media.

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