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The other important component of a strategic plan is an environmental scan, which reveals potential threats of the company as well as strengths. The other part of strategic planning is strategy implementation, which involves using the company resources to ensure that its objectives are achieved. Make your plan logical and be sure that it matches your business’ strengths and market-place opportunities – it will make all the decision making so much easier.
All this analysis, examination and planning may seem boring, irrelevant or cumbersome but it will allow you to worker smarter and not harder, and will really, truly increase the likelihood of your business not only surviving, but also thriving and prospering.   How important is that?
Thank you for your comments and suggestions during the GSU Diversity Strategic Planning process.
Georgia State University’s Diversity Strategic Plan sets forth a course of action that advances the University into the ranks of great public research universities. A strategic plan includes having a mission statement that describes the vision of the company. Strategic formulation is another important part of planning strategically which seeks to enable the company to attain much needed profits and to be superior to its competitors.
Analysis can help your organisation achieve goals Incredible People Coaching specialises in supporting teams, at organisational or workgroup level, with their strategic and business planning process.
With the guidance if the vision the company states its objectives as part of strategic planning process.
The last part of strategic planning is evaluation since for a plan to be successful it has to be monitored. Sometimes a new answer to any of these questions can dramatically change the direction of your business and your life. The GSU Diversity Strategic Planning Committee updated the Plan based on many of your comments and suggestions. We must become leaders in leveraging every aspect of campus diversity among our constituent groups: students, faculty and staff. The Final Draft was overwhelmingly voted out of the Diversity Strategic Planning Committee, revised by the University Senate’s Planning and Development (P&D) Ad Hoc committee on Diversity Strategic Planning and unanimously passed by the University Senate on October 27, 2011. Never be satisfied with the first answer.For example, railroads defined themselves as being in the business of moving people and freight by rail.
By ignoring the other avenues of transportation that were developing, such as trucks, buses, ships, and airplanes, many railroads went out of business.Many Internet companies defined themselves as providers of free information geared toward attracting as many eyeballs as possible. In reality, the Internet is a communication and distribution channel that must be focused on selling products or services and making a profit, like any other business.

We tailor a planning process to suit, and can assist in planning sessions  be it a one hour mini-session, a two day workshop or a full planning process  over several weeks. This failure to accurately define the business has led to the loss of many billions of investment dollars and market capitalization.Define your business in terms of the effect your products or services have on the life or work of other people or organizations.
We offer a range of planning and workshop techniques including brainstorming,  mind-mapping, SWOT and environmental analysis, risk assessment, open space, nominal group technique and others. If you would like to know more about our strategic planning support services contact Natalie today on 0417 916 415 or email us. Is it an intelligent strategy to continue in your current line of business, or should you be looking at changing in some way?What business should you be in? Look at yourself, your talents, your abilities, your ambitions, your energies, and especially your heart’s desire to determine the business you should be in, the work you should be doing sometime in the future.What business could you be in? If you were to dramatically change your level of knowledge or skills, your products or services, your industries or markets, what business could you be in if you really wanted to be?
Your primary job at work is to make sure that you are satisfying his or her essential needs. Do you know what they are?You can define a customer as anyone who depends on you for his or her success and anyone you depend on for your success. Everyone around you whom you help, or who helps you, is a customer in some way.Who is your external customer, the customer who uses what you produce? Your ability to accurately identify the external customer whose satisfaction determines your success in your career is critical to every element of strategic planning.What does your customer value? How does your product change or improve his or her life and workThe twenty-first century has been called the Age of the Customer. Your ability to identify and satisfy your key customers is a critical determinant of your success and your rewards in life.Who will your customer be in the future if current trends continue?
How could you upgrade your knowledge and skills and your ability to satisfy that customer?Fire Your CustomersAre there any customers in your business, whom, knowing what you now know, you wouldn’t start working with again today?
Answering this question honestly is an essential part of liberating yourself and your company from some of the decisions of the past.Many companies today are analyzing and identifying the qualities and characteristics of their very best customers. By doing this, they can focus more of their time and attention on their highest-value customers and on acquiring more customers like them. He determined that 20 percent of his customers contributed 80 percent of his sales volume and 80 percent of his profits. One by one, he handed them off to other companies in his industry whom he felt could serve them better.

What is your personal competitive advantage over the other people in your field?This is a vital question in personal strategic planning.
You will be truly successful only to the degree that you become excellent at the most important part of your work. One of your chief responsibilities in life is to select the area of excellence that can have the greatest positive impact on your career and your income, and then throw your whole heart into becoming very, very good in that one area.In Competing for the Future, Gary Hamel points out that the top companies are those that project forward five years and then identify the core competencies they will need at that time to dominate their industries.
They then implement a development plan to ensure that they have those core competencies in place when the future arrives.You should follow this strategy as well. What are the core competencies you will need to be in the top 10 percent of your field three to five years from now?
Invariably, one of these steps is the constraint or chokepoint that determines the speed at which you complete the process and achieve your goalFor example, between your home and your office, there may be a stretch of road or freeway that sometimes is extremely crowded. But if that stretch is jammed, this can be the major bottleneck that determines how fast you cover the entire distance.If your goal is to double your income, the first thing to do is identify the different steps you must take to get from the income you have today to the income you want.
If you want to spend more time with your family or friends, why aren’t you doing it already?
Often, forcing yourself to develop the answers to these questions will enable you to see the critical constraint that is holding you back.Here is an important point.
I would contend that fully 80 percent of all the constraints that are holding you back from achieving your most desired goals are inside you.
Fully 80 percent of the reasons that your company is not achieving its goals are inside the company, in some way. Fully 80 percent of the reasons that you are not making more money or increasing your free time are within yourself.
Your major constraints usually lie within your own habits, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, skills, and abilities.When you want to accomplish great things, you always start with yourself and work out from there.
Strategic PlanningIf you are intrigued by the potential of strategy innovation for your company, be aware that you will not get it from your current strategic planning process.

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